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  2. Hiya!

    Changing OS to lineage OS

    From my experience it's yes and no. if it doesn't refuse to install in the installation process then yes you can but there is a chance that you will run into issues. There are tons of custom rom for your phone and changing your os can help but it won't dramatically increase the performance. So manage your expectations.
  3. JZStudios

    DRM free question

    Uhh... what? That's a direct contradiction... "You don't have to log in to authenticate" --> "You had to verify you actually purchased the game" How does one verify a digital purchase without authentication? GOG Galaxy is still ENTIRELY optional. Why people think it's required is beyond me. And the GOG/Galaxy account doesn't verify what you have, it just gives you access to your library.
  4. dgsddfgdfhgs

    I7 6700T

    neither. consider a NEW r5 1600 ~$120 / $60 mobo
  5. Thanks for the insight. Much appreciated!
  6. bintang

    NEW PSU Tier List

    i saw on your sig that you has a cx550m paired with vega 64, is it working just fine?? if yes then what's the point buying higher tier psu (other than silent) when mediocre one works just fine for a vega 64(one of the most power hungry gpu)??
  7. Specs: Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A CPU: Intel i5-9600k Graphics Card: Asus Dual GTX 1070 RAM: Corsair LPX Vengeance 3200Mhz (2x8GB) SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB HD: WD Black 2TB 7200RPM USB Devices: USB Keyboard: Das Keyboard 4 Professional USB Mouse: Logitech G502 External HD: LaCie Hard Disk 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive (off) USB Hub: Dell S2719DGF (populated with below) USB Hub: Sabrent Premium 7 Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub with 5V/4A Power Adapter (Empty) USB Webcam: Logitech HD Webcam C310 This is my current setup, and the problem that I'm experiencing is that when the Dell USB Hub is plugged in, my keyboard and mouse are not powering on properly until a few seconds after the system boots into Windows. Once in Windows everything works properly. I have tried unplugging everything from the Dell USB Hub, and various configurations of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports for all devices. I have tried all combinations of Fast Boot, XHCI Hand Off, and Legacy USB both enabled and disabled. It is definitely just this one USB Hub, and I'm assuming that at power on it is overloading the available power. I know the obvious workaround is to just unplug the Dell USB Hub when I want to go into BIOs, but I would rather find a way to just make it work. Has anyone else seen anything like this, and have you been able to get it to work properly?
  8. Proceeds to buy £342 phone and Amazon is just like gimme £1. xD


    I do know why it is doing that but it still is funny lol.



  9. FreezingNomad

    Bottlenecking with I5-3330

    Will it actually bottleneck with my ancient processor?
  10. now that they have a permanent CEO, hopefully that means that have a set path and vision to achieve instead of going through multiple temps and multiple pulls in different directions.
  11. FreezingNomad

    Bottlenecking with I5-3330

    Well GTX 1060 might be cheaper in your country but it's the same as GTX 1660 in our country...
  12. PCIe psu cables refer to the 8-pin and 6+2 pin power cables that plug into a gpu to provide extra power to the card. Check the specification web page for your model gpu to determine the exact needs. The ROG STRIX-GTX1080-O8G-GAMING model requires 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe power connections. There is a fair bit of non-visible space in the case to store unused cable lengths.
  13. norvad

    Authentication fail #9

    Yes I've tried the Bridge and Tool too, applications can't find the phone. I do not have anything it I'll try anything that might help
  14. What's the best place to buy an iPhone 7 Plus?

    I'm thinking Swappa, but is there another spot?

  15. memebenchmark doesn't represents reality. IRL both drives offer similar speeds, it's not like you're comparing an ATA66 to a SATA3 here
  16. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Bottlenecking with I5-3330

    go ahead with 1660, ideal card for 1080p
  17. _Syn_

    Authentication fail #9

    Which application did you use? https://www.lg.com/us/support/cell-phones This one can reformat your phone, never used LG Bridge, I've used LG Mobile Support Tool and I know that one worked great, but anyway be aware that you might lose all the data on your phone, I actually forgot but I'm pretty sure it removes everything Might wanna go into Download Mode so you don't have to boot into the OS, and download LG drivers for that to work properly
  18. Oalei

    I7 6700T

    @LienusLateTips @aisle9 hey i can get a i3 6100 H110 8gb for around 125usd or i7 3770 16gb Z77 around 250usd (probably can bargain a little bit more) in IDR is 2.3M or 3.5M
  19. aezakmi

    Bottlenecking with I5-3330

    inb4 the "get a 570" wave of comments 1060 is cheaper and won't bottleneck it a lot
  20. Meor Fadzli

    Changing OS to lineage OS

    LTT just uploaded the video changing the OS of an old lg g3 to lineage OS. I have an old Asus Zenfone GO model (ZB551KL). Is it okay if I switch to lineage OS? Will I get some sort of performance boost? Because from my understanding lineageOS is light and like base android right. And on lineageOS website there is no specific one for my model, but the zenfone 2 is close to my phones spec, is it possible to use these? If I can crack some extra performance from this phone I can delay my phone upgrade as Ill need the money for something else. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you! these 2 are very close to my model. https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/Z00D https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/Z008
  21. ravenshrike

    [SPOILERS] Avenger: Endgame discussion

    How did Cpt. Marvel manage ruin the movie, let me count the ways. Obviously spoilers like it says in the title. Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers 1) The completely moronic Deus Ex Machina that was her coming across the ship that is thousands of light years away from anything important. 2) The completely irrelevant team up of women since in Binary Form nothing should have been able to harm her since she just swiss-cheesed a fucking space dreadnought. 3) Her sudden complete inability to go supersonic or even an appreciable fraction thereof in atmosphere, thus giving Thanos the reaction time to smack her out of the air and destroy the McGuffin to transport the McGuffin holding the stones back to their requisite times. 4) Her sudden susceptibility to being smacked out of the air even though 2 seconds ago she swiss-cheesed a fucking space dreadnought. 5) Her complete inability to harm Thanos even though she just swiss-cheesed a fucking space dreadnought. Oh, and it requires all the others to hold a gigantic fucking idiot ball since they should have recalled her the moment that they started to seriously entertain the time travel idea.
  22. So I'm planning to buy a new GPU. Which is the brand new GTX 1660. The problem is, will it bottleneck with the i5-3330 processor? which I have currently... or should I consider another option?
  23. PunnyJames

    New builder who dis?

    @brob Oh, that is so much better. Thank you very much!
  24. aezakmi

    Razer is bad they say, get something else they said.

    my $2 mouse can beat both 11 yrs and counting.
  25. XenosTech

    iPhone XR Dominates the iPhone Market

    Shit, just looking at my pixel 2 xl and LG V10 is like night and day. Even my mother wanted my pixel after spending an hour watching netflix on it and she's had an iphone 6 and now has a note 5.
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