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  2. Pascal...

    WAN Show Nubbit Gang

    The WAN logo is missing and a dickbutt should always be hidden somewhere.
  3. jstudrawa

    New pc having fps problems

    Are you saying in Task Manager you are using 13.4 GB of RAM? Post a screenshot. If you are, then you're fine. Rust says it needs 16 GB of RAM cuz that's the next step after 8GB. It's not saying it's going to USE all 16GB, just for you to have it.
  4. Stefan Payne

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Yes, exactly. And to show you one extreme example of Censorshit, that really pissed off gamers, something @Sauron might also look into, is the WiiU Game "Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE". Its a pretty good game in general, but the part with the photographs just made no sense in the Western Version because it wasn't what it should be. In the Original its about "Gravure Pictures", in the English Translated it was something different... Another Thing: for the Western release they had to record hundreds of lines for the censorshit, also the Age of the protagonists were changed as well... But you can see a bit about that here: https://kotaku.com/all-the-racy-stuff-changed-for-tokyo-mirage-sessions-we-1783052483 (Pictures don't seem to work here)... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-06-28-fans-create-mod-that-restores-censored-content-for-tokyo-mirage-sessions Here a Video: Was also overseen by Nintendo of America.
  5. fasauceome

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    Lolwut? No GTX isn't better than Vega for gaming.
  6. Gegger

    GPU Driver Help

    The link I sent is MSI's website but they say it's AMD drivers.
  7. Choink

    New pc having fps problems

    Around the same anywhere from 85-110 depending on where u are or what ur looking and I'm getting exactly that. But my last question would be, my pc says I can only use 13.4 of my 16gb of ram and rust requires 16gb of ram so is there a way I can fix this
  8. Charlie Cullen

    Audio Interface stuttering Mic/Speakers under CPU loud

    I can't plug it into a different loop as it's a USB interface so doesn't have separate power. What would cause my pc to be ungrounded? The only thing that steered me away from a grounding issue is that's stuttering like my pc isn't keeping up as oppose to interference.
  9. MrMG

    laptop for pragramming

    I would also recommend a SSD just for the Quality of Life that comes with it. The whole OS and all the IDEs become a lot more responsive.
  10. Most people should already be aware of how crap MSI customer support is anyways, I don't feel like this should have happened in the first place.
  11. Turtle Rig

    Computer doesn't boot after resetting bios

    Crap sorry to hear this. So you don't even get a POST uh ? This leads me to believe its the motherboard, but I maybe wrong.
  12. So recently I had been having power issues in my house, brownouts etc. I did a lot of research and asked a bunch of professionals including speaking directly and the consensus was that good PSU's are very good at protecting components with bulk caps etc to protect undervolting/overvolting and that a UPS wouldn't be necessary. Nevertheless I faced huge input latency issues after a series of power issues in my house. It felt like V-sync was enabled on my cursor in applications and did every possible fix. There was no signs of hardware failure or other issues, frame rates were fine and synthetic benchmarks were OK. I decided to upgrade CPU, MOBO and RAM and low and behold the input latency issues went away in games and applications. The other day I had a power issue again with light flickering. The input latency has started again, feels like there is 20+ms being added to my mouse, not in control of it and fighting it's movement. I don't understand how it could cause this issue without obvious hardware damage. Is there some sort of circuit that fried that is taking longer for the inputs to register?
  13. Derkoli

    Audio Interface stuttering Mic/Speakers under CPU loud

    Is the pc grounded? Also for the audio interface try plugging it into a different ground loop to the pc.
  14. jstudrawa

    New pc having fps problems

    Could very well be, What are people getting in Subnautica with similar specs and settings?
  15. Choink

    New pc having fps problems

    I was planning on getting a 144hz monitor that looked nicer than mine but maybe your right the only other weird thing I experienced was that I play this game wete u can do a cpu stress test and it ranks your cpu from 1-450 my old cpu got 158 and it was a i7 7700hq but my ryzen 7 2700 only got 193 so that worried me, it's a old game so I thought maybe it doesn't make use of the extra cores since my old cpu put had 4 and my new has 8. What would you say
  16. Turtle Rig

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    You will enjoy 60fps with barely any dips. How will it fair 2 or 3 years from now, no one knows. As DX12 becomes the norm then the 1660 will run it fine but expect some dips, but that is what freesync is for. Also Im assuming your running at 1080p.
  17. VegetableStu

    NVMe Install?

    if your motherboard already has an NVMe-capable m.2 slot you should already do fine. just install it, and let windows deploy the drivers after booting.
  18. Choink

    New pc having fps problems

    I was planning on getting a 144hz monitor that looked nicer than mine but maybe your right the only other weird thing I experienced was that I play this game wete u can do a cpu stress test and it ranks your cpu from 1-450 my old cpu got 158 and it was a i7 7700hq but my ryzen 7 2700 only got 193 so that worried me, it's a old game so I thought maybe it doesn't make use of the extra cores since my old put had 4 and my new has 8. What would you say
  19. lmao, colorful's gaming line is 

    "Carrier Vessel Nuclear" 

  20. IAmAndre

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    What's that? Also I'm gaming at 1080p 60 FPS, and not all my games are recent. Like I'm still playing the original Dishonored and Watch Dog games. Therefore I don't need the game to run at crazy high frame rates so would capping the frame rate at 60 reduce power consumption? I also saw that the Vega has a "balanced" power profile. Would it help to use it?
  21. rice guru

    Open-back wireless headphones/headset

    Yes they are nice upgrade over those 2 if you like the way the pc37x fit you will like the HD 58x and 6xx. If you are gaming I would recommend to grab the 58x. It's better than the 6xx for gaming
  22. Hello everybody, And hey Linus, this would make a great video. Lets start: Backstory: As my previous and only post 3 months (January) ago suggests, I need a new Laptop, at least I thought so, but I realised, I don't. What I really need and want is a powerful system to game with. I already have this system. At home with a Ryzen 1700X and a gtx1060. Ok it is not THE most powerful system, but it is more than enough for me. So I already have a laptop. It is an old Pavilion g6 with a core i5, a radeon 7000M graphics and I added a 64gb ssd (had it lying around and didn't want to buy a new one). Since then it boots fast and office stuff, surfing etc is possible without a problem. Back to december 2018. That was the first time, I tried to connect my steam libary to my laptop. This works great with the Steam integrated streaming option but only if you are connected in the same Network. Then I found remotr, which is basically what I want since you log in with your main pc and than your receiving device and voilá it actually works but that would be too easy, a lot of different networks at work or at the campus blocked this and even with some open networks and bad routers you can run into issues. So what I tried next was to use my main-pc as a VPN with port forwarding. However, this f**ked my system up (exactly on 24th of decemeber) and windows decided that my account needs a totally new password. I was unable to figure out a solution so I just saved all the data on a different setup and reinstalled Windows. Nevermind, now I know better. I am searching for a laptop since then, but honestly I don't want to spend roughly 600 bucks on a cheap one if I already have the hardware (and the internet connection) to do what I wanted to do in the first place: Build my own streaming platform. My main-pc should be connected to my laptop and than stream games to it. The easiest way to work around seem to be using hamachi and moonlight, however, since I hate networking, I can't get it running. Here is what I tried: The main pc is connected to my router. But, thanks to the shit cable connection in my house, this router is a sim router which has a simcard right in it. (huawei b528s-23a) I don't know if you ever worked with one of these but I always have problems with my NAT type and so on. (However the internet connection is great with a ping in cs:go always at around 15-20 and download speeds in steam at roughly 5-7MB/s.) I connected the laptop on the same type of router, with a different sim card, and then connected both devices in hamachi. This gives me a relayed tunnel connection. So I of course googled the situation and there are many different solutions (I didn't tried out yet) BUT I found out, that even if I would be able to get hamachi running on this exact setup with those routers, this won't prob. work any longer when I switch to other internet connections like the one on my campus (which seem to have very strict preferences, I can't even access steam itself. It uses, like many universities, the eduroam network). I am not entirely sure if this is actually true, maybe theres a workaround? So I got back to my original thought of just setting up a VPN network for my router that I can connect to with my laptop. In theory I would use my router as a gateway(?) / VPN(?) for my laptop wherever I am. Then I would be(?) in the same network as my main-pc therefore I would be able to even use the build in stream option by steam(?). And I have no freaking idea how to do this. Last time (as you maybe read in the background) I f**ked up my main-pc, by trying to use the pc itself as the VPN connection, which lead to windows giving my administrator a new password, that I couldn't figure out. This time I would just like to use the router itself to work as a VPN, but I am not sure if this is possible with this kind of router (since the router itself would have to support VPN options). Yeah that are my thoughts so far. At the end all I need is a direct connection from my laptop to my network that my main-pc is in. If you have different ideas or approaches to get to this goal they would be highly appreciated!
  23. Stefan Payne

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Gamers are not very political correct and don't want any censorship. One of the best examples in the recent years is Battlefield 5, wich totally tanked because of the direction it was going. Do you have any proof of that? Especially if you look at where Sony Interactive Entertainment is Located. And you think about it. Its just the usual SJW-Puretanian bullshit, that's void of all data. Also there is a Video from Jeremy H. about that, where Sony outright claims that its because of "Metoo" and "Gamergate", or at least that was written in the Article cited by Jeremy. Also what about the two young girls kissing in the upcoming Last of Us 2?? That seems a bit hypocritical...
  24. jstudrawa

    New pc having fps problems

    You're confusing me. You get almost 80 on High, but only 80 on Low? I honestly think you're fine, within an acceptable margin of that video's performance based on what you said in your first post. Also, you only have a 60Hz monitor, so anything over that is wasted. Keep your drivers updated too.
  25. Pro Hustler

    Samsung 970 Evo or Corsair MP510

    Samsung 860 EVO is regarded as one of the SSDs with the highest write speed up to 520 MB/s. Your current estimate to have a 1Tb won't last in terms of storage space. In my opinion, EVO variants don't generally show up impressive processing capability. Maybe only for gamers and not for regular use. Have a swift through tekhattan's comparison to get a quick overview of what extent does EVO 860 really work fine. There are a lot more choices than the two mentioned (Corsair MP510 is a decent choice though). I'd suggest going through their performance rating and value rating to see if it corresponds well for the apt price point. Is there a reason why you've put up 970 EVO in your list?
  26. IAmAndre

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    Actually I have the following options: Vega 56 for €260 1660 Ti + €20 Steam credit card for €310 1660 Ti + 250GB SSD for €340 1660 for €230 I am leaning towards the 1660 but what do you think? Is it the best value, especially for someone who likes to keep the same hardware for years?
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