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  2. Skylon

    Every 1650 review...

    Me: Gee the 1650 finally released, I guess I should watch the reviews to see if its worth getting over a 1050ti since its a similar price or if a cheaper rx 550/560 / 750ti is actually better as a 75w option for my budget oem build with crappy psu. Every YouTube reviewer: (first 25 minutes of video) "The 1650 is 10% slower than the 570 they didn't give us press drivers, nvidia is teh bad". Me: Ok... *keeps watching* Every YouTube reviewer: (last 2 seconds of video) "also there are 75w versions but thats a niche so no one cares" Me: Ok, I guess I'll read the comments Almost every Youtube commenter: Well just buy a 570 and a new PSU. Oh it won't fit just get a new case! Proprietary connections? Oh well just throw your computer in the trash and then buy a new case psu mobo processor ram and a 570 its a much better deal!
  3. iKingRPG

    3930k as a low power NAS?

    Yeah sure. Under clock and under volt it (however that works i know nothing about that) but what I do know is even a low power pc from 15 years ago or a raspberry pi can be used as a local NAS for files and basic media.
  4. Mira Yurizaki

    Is It Possible to Connect Multiple CPUs To Act As One?

    Combining processing power is doable through clustered computing as mentioned. But not combining resources like RAM and such because of the differences in speed that computers communicate with each other. If you're doing this cheaply, for example, the bottleneck will be the network speed operating at 1Gbps. For all intents and purposes, if a computer wants data from another's RAM, its effective speed "RAM speed" if you will is 1 Gbps, which is a far cry from the ~17 GB/sec (or ~136 Gbps) that DDR4-2166 operates at.
  5. Pixel5

    Weird stuff

    you can still buy marketplace products that dont ship with prime and waste something extra on the shipping.
  6. I bought a Honor 7X about 7 months ago, and since it was under $200 and there are better budgets, i am having trouble selling it. If i were to install something like Lineage OS or root it or something like that, should that help?
  7. dDave64

    What to look for in a projector.

    If you have not bought a projector yet then here’s my advice (for you or anyone that reads this at a later date.) Get DLP or LCOS (Sony calls this SXRD). I’d avoid LCD/LED projectors if you can, they just aren’t as good. I agree that you wouldn’t want to try for a 4k in that price range, the pixel shift technology is not as good as true 4K. I got a barely used Sony HW30ES on eBay a few years ago for $600. Really nice 1080p full HD projector. I put it in my parents house in a completely dark room. They have a 92” screen. If you look on eBay I’m sure you can find something good too. Brands I would recommend for home theater projectors -SONY -JVC -Panasonic -Marantz (though, I don’t think they make them anymore) Brands I wouldn’t recommend BenQ Optoma Optavision (this company is actually a scam) Philips Infocus LG brands I probably wouldn’t use for home theater but I like. NEC Christie Barco Sanyo Epson kind of falls in the middle for me. They are not my preference but they’re also not terrible. What are you looking to do on the projector? Movies? TV? Games? You are likely looking for at least 3000 ANSI lumens, full hd, and DLP or SXRD (if sony) Keep in mind any mounting hardware you may need as well.
  8. Der_Krampus

    Windows 10 Pro for Workstations - Sharing Drive

    Nope not part of a domain I have a old Domain server, however its not used anymore as it doesn't work with windows 7+ and not part of a workgroup because that has been removed from 1803 and beyond. windows-10-homegroup-removed
  9. Mr.Meerkat

    Weird stuff

    Not if you have prime
  10. Electronics Wizardy

    3930k as a low power NAS?

    Don't bother turning off cores, hyper threading or turbo. Just leave c states on and the unused cores will be turned off when not needed. Why not measure power usage?
  11. Pixel5

    New server

    beside what has been asked, do you have a connection that is able to handle this kind of files transfers? depending on what kind of video you want to upload and how many people should access it at the same time even 100mbit/s upload might not be enough.
  12. LukeSavenije

    Favorite Linux Distro and Why?

    the only i use in linux is mint I'd recommend Ubuntu for most tho
  13. Princess Cadence

    Is It Possible to Connect Multiple CPUs To Act As One?

    Only specific CPUs on specific motherboards like these Now connect multiple stand alones PCs like one? nope.
  14. SolarNova

    3930k as a low power NAS?

    you'd have to undervolt and underclock it for it be consider a low power system.
  15. Redrooster

    Good Looking $100 Case?

    That's what i think I'm going to get... now i just have to decide what color...
  16. So, I have a X79 Sabertooth and a I7 3930k laying arround and I am thinking about building a NAS server (a small one) with this parts, but The 3930k is a Power hungry processor, what I want to know is if I tune the BIOS to Power saving (only 2 cores, turbo boost off, hyper threading off) and all of that, The 3930k Will be a viable option for a low consumption NAS server?
  17. Any recommendations on where to find lightly used office PC's?
  18. Imagine Pop!_OS like a slightly more up-to-date version of Ubuntu (technically, it's based off of Ubuntu, that is it is an Ubuntu derivative), especially, as he said, when it comes to drivers.
  19. SpookyCitrus

    First Build

    The X470 Pro Carbon has tons of issues some of which I've personally dealt with while fixing a friends computer. It didn't even work with the 2700x for some people until MSI fixed it, and a majority of the MSI AM4 boards issues have been fairly serious, Incompatibility issues even though it's the right chipset, DOA boards, firmware updates causing issues with the CPU's, it's mostly fixed through bios updates but AM4 has been one of the worst launches for MSI boards, it's all over a lot of the forums. I love MSI and have used tons of their boards in the past but after having to deal with the issues I have with the X470 Pro Carbon and learning about the issues the entire line of AM4 MSI boards have had I just cant recommend them for this particular chipset. The only one out of the MSI AM4 line that apparently hasn't had any issues is the Tomahawk.
  20. Haha, i want to so badly, cause i find it fun overclocking my GPU. But as said earlier, even tho i did ton of research on the CPU overclocking subject, it still scares me a little haha. Dont know why
  21. Electronics Wizardy

    Is It Possible to Connect Multiple CPUs To Act As One?

    Is there a task you want to speed up? You can setup clustering, but you need programs support and it won;t appear and work as one system.
  22. As far as I have seen... both from time to time depends. More often than not it works just fine but I ran into 2 things that needed ports but I made them so I fixed that lmao
  23. 7Hertz

    New trend? This this and that.. in 20xx...

    Agree, they communicate that they need their heads punching in hard.
  24. Not in the way you're thinking about no. With some very expensive equipment and fiber interconnects and custom software, you can do something similar and have everything act as a distributed unit for special tasks.
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