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  2. No. GDPR came into effect 1 year ago, and the only large fine so far has been the €50 million one against Google.
  3. Well James D'amore is no longer employed by Google...
  4. spent all day setting up my website, currently its 5.50am and I just corrupted mysql db. 

  5. None of that works to stop online tracking, even if it worked (DHCP usually gives you the same IP address, for example). People may remember the tech stories long ago about the "super cookie", and how it hid in everything…that still happens, though fortunately less people have flash/java/silverlight/etc installed and active than before. However, even more importantly, impressions are fingerprinted, so even after you wipe cookies and log out of everything, they still know it is you and just put it all back. You can test yours and read more about it here: https://panopticlick.eff.org and scrolling down to the fingerprint section.
  6. Will be used for gaming and want something with a sturdy wire
  7. Has it actually been used before? also has it had really much of an effect on the company as a whole?
  8. Hopefully that fixes it. My other friend's ryzen build I had to update the BIOS to get it stable because they added support for the latest windows OS build
  9. Salazar

    Internet data usage/Network issue?

    Yes its gets renewed every month, what's weird besides them not stating the limit publicly, they didn't notify me nor gimme a warning in the dashboard that I exceeded a limit or Im using my actual data for Youtube. And they didn't reply to my email yet as well!
  10. Spotty

    Loud PSU Startup Fan Noise

    Try using Sleep rather than Shut Down and see if that helps.
  11. Specs - MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Intel i7 6700k Corsair Vengeance 32GB Corsair 540 Case just bought 5 NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000 PWM fans and a NH-D15 cpu cooler from noctua. My front fans on my Header2 are rising to 1700rpm or so then cutting to 1350rpm or so. They’re on a y splitter, but so are my two top fans on Header3. When plugged in individually to the header they work fine, when plugged into the splitter individually they work fine, I swapped the splitter and repeated all the test and same exact results. Fans just rising and falling. As soon as I unplug one the other works fine. I’m unsure of what to do next. I don’t know much about voltage fans and PWM and all that. A side question related to my ignorance, I can’t get the proper working ones below 1300rpm without them cutting completely and it’s kinda loud. Did I make a huge mistake buying the 3000rpm industrial models?
  12. Anyone out there? Any thoughts? Anyone? Help... me.....................
  13. I wonder if I have any packaged gravy left...

    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      Gravy comes in packages over there???

  14. Building a list of people who "opt out" isn't ever effective, as somebody who doesn't care will eventually use the list as known valid information to target. This is why Do Not Track for phones works for legitimate US companies, but is a giant target for out of country scams (which often run through various Caller ID hacks/spoofs or through VoIP distribution to be local to the caller's number). Targeted advertisements, such as "browser has an IP from within X state" or "people connected through this group of cell towers", are fine and don't build data on you (though it is temporarily available data that is currently tracked as well). Targeted advertisements, such as "show to people over 40" when you're logged into FaceBook or Google after giving them your birthdate, are fine and don't build further data on you (though "don't show me targeted advertisements" should be an option on a platform like those). Tracking, on the other hand, is different. Tracking is when they say "person x visited y website and clicked on things relating to z topic" and "same person x was also in location y using cell service z" and a database is built about everything about you, where you go when, what you buy where, and not just what you've handed over already (such as the birthdate above). There's actually a few early famous tracking bits related to Target predicting pregnancy and targeting new mom adverts to people before they even knew they were pregnant…and that was just based on one store's information via rewards card, not the vastly larger amount of tracked information that a google, facebook, or one of the online data brokers have for you.
  15. Jest a gamer 27

    No System Reserved Partition on new windows install

    Does it affect any games?
  16. Ravendarat

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    I ordered all my fittings and blocks today to do my Core p5 build, pretty excited to get going after seeing yours
  17. It's scary to think that huge companies that have a direct effect on internet free speech have so many people who subscribe to extreme political views. Hopefully, these articles are over-exaggerated for the sake of clicks.
  18. FirstMateCapnJamesMchord

    Experiences with non-techies

    I have a bland one. I've had someone ask me for help when their flash drive would not work on their mac and it was formatted to NTFS.
  19. Jest a gamer 27

    No System Reserved Partition on new windows install

    It boots normally (everytime), so am I good?
  20. inb4 everyone gets onboard other than Epic.
  21. SenpaiKaplan

    Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??

    More RAM never hurts. I personally could use 32. On 16. It depends on what you do, really.
  22. Hello friendly People, I'm a cheap guy and already had two 4gb 2400 Ripjaws V total of 8GB on dual channel . . today, I'm less cheap and can afford another two 8GB stick of the same frequency as the previous ones. I have four slots and want to keep my existing Two 4GB, can i install the two 8GB alongside the two 4GB ram on dual channel like so (4GB + 8GB) and (4GB + 8GB). Pls send help!, The Bangawking
  23. GDPR rules allow for fines of up to 4% of a company's global annual revenue. In 2018, Google's global revenue was $136.22 billion USD. So, GDPR allows for a fine of up to $5.448 billion USD.
  24. Levent

    No System Reserved Partition on new windows install

    reboot and see if it boots back normally. If it doesnt, use the W10 install media that you used to install the OS for repairs.
  25. LienusLateTips

    Scrapyard wars

    Worst value PC. This needs to happen.
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