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  2. TheDelphiDude

    Trouble getting serial connection to work (Bad serial cable?)

    Does it work on another computer or an older build of Windows 10? There are several devices that stopped working under Windows 10 after a major update, exhibiting the same issue you have, ie, a connecting sound followed by several disconnecting sounds, and the device showing up as "..." under safely remove hardware. I have Mio Spirit LM 495 SatNav system, which used to work under 10, until I upgraded to 1709 (could have been 1703), and it stopped working with the same issue as you're having: https://service.mio.com/M0100/DownLoad_Faq_130466_Rest of Europe_English.html Chances are the cable is fine, but your OS doesn't want to play nice.
  3. p4t0_l0giC

    Can i replace this part with some normal wire?

    you think I could leave it just with one ? Or it is not recommended for longer time? because everything works normally, but ofcourse it would be better if the fan was sitting tight. I think i will buy som wire and try to make this part by myself, the only think i was wondering if this out the box is covered with some special thermal functionality
  4. Md. Rizvi Ahmed Safin

    16k Resolution Gaming Rig.......

    Now Rtx Gpu are available why not try to upgrade the 16k resolution gaming rig ?
  5. Constantin

    Can i replace this part with some normal wire?

    I use myself those, they are quite good.. Why would you want to replace them?
  6. Bouzoo

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    This is one of the goals of foldable phones though. If you can have 1 device that does both jobs perfectly, then that is a better UX than always carrying 2 separate devices. Also in the long run, at some point in the future, it will probably be cheaper as well. This is more of a public concept than a launch ready device. This is the same when people complained way back on phones that had camera, headphone jack, etc. Why would you use those when you have much better dedicated devices? We saw how that turned out. People want simplicity.
  7. dnakruf

    Buying cards used for Mining.

    I have never dealt with ASUS customer support or RMA so if something ever happens to the card I do not know to what extend ASUS would be of help. As stated before, if you can take the card for a test run for a day. I assume that won't be a problem since the owner of the card is your friend. A GPU is a GPU, if it isn't wrecked it can run games without any problems is what I would say drawing conclusions from my exp ^^
  8. MorbidNature

    Using fans in a uncoventional way

    So I'm trying to "supercharge" a wine cooler's cooling - it uses a pretty crappy fan (which I'm hoping I can replace) but I want to see if i can add more fan and get it even cooler, not trying to hit 0 C but it would be nice to hit single digits (right now the lowest is 13C). I'm pretty skeptical of the wine cooler's ability to power a stronger fan not to mention additional fans so i want to power it externally (USB would be nice but im open for suggestions). I've seen Kyle's video of the DIY USB cooler, which is nice but i was hoping find a simpler/easier solution and maybe cheaper - buying all the stuff like the multimeter, Soldering Iron Kit adds up to around 60 bucks (plus the fans themselves). The reason i'm trying to supercharge it is for keep film (as in film in cameras) - Both used and unused film is better kept as cold as possible (within reason), and my GF is getting pretty ticked off about the film taking space in our fridge P.S don't worry about the tape I just added it just to reduce the noise since the fan was rattling slightly, once ill start the "upgrade" ill put on some proper rubber bumpers
  9. p4t0_l0giC

    Can i replace this part with some normal wire?

    Maybe a strange question but will the ziptie not melt from the warm from the cooler?
  10. Ya it's pretty well setup but a decent price. Not perfect but will easily be loud enough to cause hearing damage. Biggest issue is that your a bit short on airspace. Subs say they need 1ft, box is only .96 and you have to deduct the displacement of the subs since you cant mount them inverted. Not a huge deal with a sealed box. Amps put out 1200w@2ohms, subs need 1000w. I think there is a typo on the page as one spot says 4ohm DvC but the other spots say 2ohm dvc for the subs. You Absolutely need the 2ohm or your gonna be seriously short on power. That 1/0 cable probably won't fit in the amps terminal so I would order a reducing terminal for it. I assume you have an aftermarket deck or are using a loc since that amp doesn't accept high level inputs.
  11. TheDelphiDude

    Hard Drive unrecognized after booting from a flash drive

    Since the harddisk shows up in device management I assume it's also recognized in the BIOS. My guess is that either your harddisk no longer has a partition which is recognized by Windows, or there is no longer a drive letter assigned to it. Press windows key + R, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter. If a popup asks you to initialize a disk, click cancel, and close disk management. You'll need to use a recovery tool to get back your files. On the bottom pane there is a grid with harddisks and partitions. There should be one which is listed as disk x, with a list of partition(s) next to it. If there is a partition that has no drive letter (something like NewVolume rather than NewVolume (H:)), click the partition, then right click, and click "change driveletter and paths". Click "Add...", select a drive letter and click Ok. If all else goes well, you should have your files back. However, if Windows pops up with a message stating that the partition with the drive letter you just assigned needs formatting, click cancel. This too means you'll need a recovery tool to get back your files.
  12. blue2kid3

    Games to play with my (very non gamery) girlfriend

    Stop thinking about co-op a bit and give her a game she might just enjoy. You're probably going to be waaaaay better than her at about anything and that's intimidating. My advice let her play a story game that's not difficult. What sank my girlfriend in is I "left" my PS3 at her house and I told her to check out Catherine. She beat it in a day and asked for Catherine 2 so I gave her heavy rain ect. She owns a switch and a pc now after 2 years of gaming.
  13. Skiiwee29

    Can i replace this part with some normal wire?

    Yes, you can make your own with a coat hanger or sturdy wire. It may take a little bit of time/finesse to get it to fit right, but doable for sure.
  14. emosun

    Can i replace this part with some normal wire?

    use a small ziptie
  15. Rolph

    Buying cards used for Mining.

    Asus rog strix 1070 ti. Currently using msi geforce 960 and some old cpu want an upgrade at last lol.
  16. Hello, i have strange issue, just to make it simple i will show you guys on a picture which part i didnt get in the box. Its about the wire that holds the fan on the cooler, i did only get one that fits on the outside fan. Because this cooler have two fans, one in the middle and one outside that pushes warm outside. Right now i just have fan on the one wire so it kinds of falls down if you know what I mean, but the question is: Can I just buy normal wire and form it like the other one? Or is this wire kind of special with thermal fuctions? Or could I just leave it with one wire from the box on the top of the fan? Thanks for help
  17. Skiiwee29

    bsod when starting unreal engine games

    Give us your full system specs. Generally its likely a memory issue if I had to guess. I would go download Memtest86 and run it and see if it returns any errors after a few hours of running.
  18. Bananasplit_00

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    Still exited for the day when I can get a folding phone that's usable folded up and good for video unfolded. The Huawei thing may look big but it's to me a pos as it's a freaking square which destroys the meaning of these devices to me. I want a phone and then I want a tablet sized screen for video content and I want that to fit in my pocket. Nobody seems to be making that yet but the fold is the closest so far I have seen
  19. dnakruf

    Buying cards used for Mining.

    I suggest you try stresstests like Furmark and also some Triple A title games. Try to see both synthetic and real-life performance of the card. What brand is the card ?
  20. Amazon product description: "Extreme Roomy Internal Space: Room for up to a 280mm radiator in front, 120mm radiator in the rear. 3 Sided Tempered Glass. Gamers are allowed to install upto to 174mm High CPU Cooler and up to 375 mm Long Liquid-cooling Radiator on Top and Front" TL;DR Yes N.B: I find your lack of airflow disturbing
  21. Rolph

    Buying cards used for Mining.

    As far as I know it does have a warranty, but not sure if he still has the box for it, not sure if it can be returned without it or changed if it fails. It is clean, the rig was mainly used in his home, we actually set them up together. I have seen it mining, haven't seen it actually used for gaming or anything besides mining. What software do you suggest using for stress testing? Or do you mean just run some games on it?
  22. dnakruf

    Mini ITX Case choice

    Thank you very much!
  23. Phill104

    5.25 or 3.5 USB 3 card reader

    I agree in some ways. Currently I use SD, microSD and CF on a daily basis. From a manufacturer point of view I can understand why they include all.
  24. Beer_Nontitju

    Mini ITX Case choice

    This is just my guess, so take my comment with a grain of salt: The Core V1 may have a lot of holes on the front panel, but it's not mesh. In fact, I think that it might be a similar case to the Q500L, which has a lot of holes - but combined they only cover 20% of the total surface area of the front panel. With that said, I think there may be almost no difference between the two cases you presented. So, I'm inclined to tell you that you may very well purchase the F1 Suppressor. Then again, it's just my personal opinion. Good luck!
  25. The Netherlands was PAL, yes. But France was SECAM so you can't make blanket statements about the EU.
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