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  2. So I have a dual socket 2011 e-atx/ssi eeb mobo from intel and am using it with a phanteks enthooo primo. but, there are no holes for the top standoffs. while the ones on the bottom line up fine, i managed the get the top right to just about fit, bit there are no more holes or standoffs that line up despite the case supposedly being compatible. I dont think the mobo is supposed to hold steady just on the sturdy ness of the IO plate on the left and a single mounting screw on the right corner. is there any fix that doesnt involve drilling a hole into the case? i dont own a drill. I do however have plenty of mounting screws and the plastic tabs. as well as standoffs. do help
  3. back from London!


    and tired...


    but so happy to have a good bed and wifi again...

  4. LukeNeverShaves

    Need solution for proprietary CPU heatsink mount

    Gotcha. Will probably hit up home depot tonight and see what I can get for it. Was not excited about having to try and acquire a case or starting over with a new board.
  5. Slurs Gang

    The Kitchen.

    You should participate in Gordon Ramsey's Master Chef show or making a Youtube channel about cooking content. I can put meats onto the grill or pan but the meat will come out completely dark. Sometimes, the pan will caught on fire.
  6. max668

    GPU temperatures

    Replied Up above forgot to quote you
  7. max668

    GPU temperatures

    I also did a test when I had only 1 card installed and it was the same I have a small case ( my PCU was bigger then I expected so I had to install it fan up )
  8. TetraSky

    The Kitchen.

    Induction is quite nice though... It heats up fast, no risk of blowing your house up if anything ever goes wrong and doesn't get hot to the touch if you open it by mistake...
  9. Hyper_panda369


    I saw a wasp went to get the spary came back and it has gone how do i find it and get rid of it
  10. SlimMcRogers

    Clusters PC

    Ive had this thought. Can you make a gaming cluster pc? I dont know if you can or how it would work. I feel like you could build the best pc ever if its possible, and if it is, could you make a video about it on ltt.
  11. I just read through some of my old status updates, found one I posted The Day before my life changed drastically. . .

  12. Derkoli

    Rate the Photo Above you

    Love the almost showcase style of the second photo, and the insight and shadow of the grille in the top right, also the 1st photo feels very nostalgic in a way. (excuse the awkwardness of my third photo lol)
  13. Don’t say stay out of it I’m talking like when I go on days out or travelling and there’s no shade like can a human get used to sun or not? Cuz ever since I’ve hated the sun I simply just cannot bear it I get so angry and I just can’t I hate it and idk why? I even if it’s not hot sun it don’t really give me like blister or sunburns so I don’t think I’m allergic
  14. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    You had me wet at Bigfoot. I'd kill to get another nice 19.2GB TS like I had before mine died. Thing was a beaut.
  15. Trik'Stari

    The Kitchen.

    I love to cook. I have some recipes of my own, but I have yet to write them down.
  16. seoz

    Black screen on iPhone 8

    When did you start to notice this happen? Is your phone charged up at all?
  17. i think it is the differ betwent hard ware limit likg a gig coneciton and sofware limit like thre is no 150 or 300 or 500 only 100 a gig or more in network equement
  18. Slurs Gang

    The Kitchen.

    Do you cook bro?
  19. TetraSky

    Linus Fixes Click Bait Titles

    It didn't sound sarcastic to me. They themselves had issues actually finding content they had made before, exactly because of their terrible naming scheme. This made them realize there was an issue. While not every titles will be fixed, we can hope to maybe have a dash +product name, in the title from now on in most videos instead of a pure clickbait/opinion that doesn't tell us anything.
  20. Ah, yes. Posting on a forum is the act of being worked up. You confuse satirical verbosity for irateness. Otherwise judging by your post count you must be on the edge of self-combustion. Especially considering the usual tone in your posts of which you've nailed the consistency to a point where a German engineer would be proud. Even just your last paragraph. You're basically the personification of denatonium benzoate. That was my cue to exit
  21. So does anyone else have anymore ideas
  22. Captain Chaos

    CMD and TWRP

    I had to edit step 3 a bit. I noticed you mentioned finding an Android 8.1 ROM based on Lineage OS, the one I linked to was in fact a 7.1.2 ROM (that I'm running on my own J3). Feel free to use the ROM you found. I know the one that I linked to works, so it's a good backup option if yours gives you any trouble.
  23. dalekphalm

    Homelab start up questions/help on ESXi

    I'd just get the 9208 and pocket the rest, if it were me. Keep in mind you don't specifically need to use that card. You can often save some money with an OEM branded one like the IBM m1015 or the Dell H200 - though with these, you'll need to flash them. I opted to get the 9207 specifically so that I wouldn't have to deal with flashing the card.
  24. BogdanS

    Blackmagic Studio Camera

    1. How can i search for the lenses support minimum? 2. For audio recorder i am getting this ? Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB Sorry if i dont make any sense, but i dont have any ideea on what is better for my company as i live in a small city and everybody who i asked, wanted to rip me off at prices (300% more ) 3. I am getting a web presenter (Blackmagic Web Presenter) 4. And ofc 2 servers Do you have discord or something like that so we can chat there ?
  25. Trik'Stari

    The Kitchen.

    As a follow-up contribution, I can highly recommend this stainless steel skillet. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00421AYK4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I was skeptical because of the rather low price for a multi-clad skillet, but it has done remarkably well for me. I did have some difficult adjusting to it, coming off of an older disc based stainless steel skillet, but I would also add that at the same time I am adjusting to going from years of using an electric range, to using gas for the first time ever. Gas range = best. Electric fucking sucks.
  26. Slurs Gang

    The Kitchen.

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