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  2. BleachedFur

    cpu temps read cooler with a higher cpu

    Mounting pressure and silicon lottery. I have a Xeon E5 1650 v2 that idles around 38 to 40c. I had a different physical chip of the same model yet that idled in the high 20s. Just depends on the silicon, looks like you got a good bin. Overclock the snot out of it.
  3. RoseLuck462

    Retirement Help

    Make sure you get an HSA healthplan and max that out every year.
  4. Herman Mcpootis

    Cheap pc build project

    what's your budget for the upgrade?
  5. Indeed, I have no problem with a 3.5mm dongle (I mean, it's still annoying, but a compromise I can live with), assuming I have 2x data ports. Also, every single smartphone has a DAC/Amp in it already. Every single one. Bluetooth headphones are duplicating that circuitry, and in situations where you don't actually need portability - it's a waste.
  6. LuckyAsFox

    Asus ez flash Freezing

    Tried a different USB port and flash drive. Still same problem. I have made another post due to other problems with the motherboard.
  7. Schnoz

    Experiences with non-techies

    Peasant. I used duct tape to build my entire GPU by myself /s
  8. Ever since I changed my motherboard to this Asus b450-I mini itx I freeze as soon as I log into Windows 10, and freeze sometimes at the bios splash screen. I tried different drives, sata ports, and sata cables. Since this, all started happening since I changed my motherboard I thought maybe the bios is causing the freezing in the bios splash screen so I tried to update my bios. Welp that didn't work because it froze as soon as I pressed "read this file" I download windows 8.1 on a drive and surprisingly. It didn't freeze anymore. So, some driver with the motherboard and Windows 10 aren't getting along because winodws 8.1 works fine and something might be wrong with the bios too. Does anyone know how to fix these issues?
  9. Thickness is the reason.
  10. SafyreLostTooManyAccounts

    Help choosing Linux distros?

    Step 1. Get Pop!_OS Step 2. Install Cinnamon Step 3. Change to the Cinnamon desktop (if you do not know how, Google it.)
  11. dalekphalm

    Retirement Help

    Retirement is what you make it. If you don't want to spend retirement "doing nothing", then don't. Basically just make sure to plan for the amount of money needed to live whatever lifestyle you want. If that means having a hobby, such as building and selling PC's, sure. Or maybe run a small part time business (technically building and selling PC's can fall under this category, but I mean in a more general sense). Or maybe you want to travel. I don't know. But the point is, sooner or later, you're either not going to want to keep working, or you won't be capable of it. Some people never truly retire, they just move to reduced hours or easier work. What you make of retirement is 100% up to you. But you damn well better financially plan for it, none the less
  12. SafyreLostTooManyAccounts

    What does your desktop look like?

    See I am so good with tech I accidentally deleted Bash so I am stuck on dumb windows until I 1. Fix my screen and 2. Get Pop!_OS again as my other flash drive has Ubuntu
  13. SafyreLostTooManyAccounts

    Which distro is best with my AMD card?

    Pop!_OS is just better imo regardless of driver compatibility
  14. Jurrunio

    good oc

    that's annoying because I dont play any of these games. Some games are more stressful than even benchmarks you know. FFXV and Metro Exodus are the most difficult to run high GPU core frequencies among a dozen games I've tested.
  15. Electabyss

    Upgrading CPU

    ok that sounds close to what i do, the main reason why im even upgrading is because i play and record games like csgo, payday 2, and planing on 7 days to die but all of them run smoothly until i get flash banged, or if my friend wanders to far away. It only happens when there is a tiny amount more of load.
  16. TubsAlwaysWins

    Trouble getting serial connection to work (Bad serial cable?)

    Hmmm Ill try it on a different computer. Thanks!
  17. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Nvidia GTX 1650 available RIGHT NOW; $149

    without an "official" driver Nvida can claim all initial benchmarks and testing are invalid... lol this card is only for new budget builders who either wants a new card or a 2yrs old card and being told nvidia is better at gaming over amd... TBH, I felt the gtx1650 has catch up rather faster than I thought (while ignoring the launch price), ~10% slower than rx570 at 1080p is just ~6fps, which isnt anything to worry about. this will be an ideal solid 1080p 30fps for quite some time
  18. DeaconFrost

    Upgrading CPU

    I upgraded from an i7-7700K to a Ryzen7 2700X...mainly because the pricing was so good at my local MicroCenter. I'm using the stock cooler, and haven't regretted the decision. I do everything from play games, rip/edit video, and run several VMs for learning Linux.
  19. suchamoneypit

    cpu temps read cooler with a higher cpu

    Could just come down to thermal paste and mounting pressure differences. You happen to remember what the differences in their temperatures are at 100% CPU load? Looked up the specs of those CPUs and they are rated at the same TDP at 130W (power draw).
  20. hardlygone

    Will this air cooler block the memory? please help

    yes rgb would be great ... without rgb is just fine but i want somthing not blocking the hall view of ram and i can install all 4 rams . Amazon - newegg I'm using Cooler master MasterCase 500m , the budget is not consider a problem. for now i'm not gonna overclock it to 5ghz i think 4.5ghz is good for me and may be after 3 month I'll overlock it to 5ghz with an AIO or whatever .
  21. BigRom

    Experiences with non-techies

    NVLink SLI bridges and nonsense are for scrubs, true men of culture use duct tape and super-glue for SLI
  22. @Sylvie05 guess who is making a rainmeter skin 😎



  23. Mick Naughty

    good oc

    Unigine benchmarks and the games I play. Bf1, pubg and cod bo4 at the time.
  24. Electabyss

    Upgrading CPU

    Wow i cant believe i did not look at the ryzen 7 i think that would fit really well thank you.
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