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  2. I mostly mod with some free time nowdays, especially ARMA, you can smash an i9 with that application.
  3. I've been asking myself an interesting question and here it is: Is it possible to have two ISO-mounts on a DVD (DVD+R, double-layered, Verbatim) and to choose which one to install? I wanted to have a Windows 7 and 8.1 ISO on the same DVD and the choice, which on to install. Is that even possible?
  4. Oalei

    AMD Codenames

    idk anything dude, i only know how to break stuff and re construct it pls (playing lego).
  5. Enten

    Is it worth Raiding 5200RPM drives?

    Decisions decisions... is raiding m.2 nvme drives also worth it? The 2TB 660p is crazy cheap at $150 occasionally.
  6. I don't think there is any precedent for this type of return, but I kind of doubt it will go through. I mean, installing the patches are kind of optional, and they are not even distributed by Intel. It's kind of like if you bought a VW car, then it was discovered that the breaks functions worse in really cold climates. So as a "fix" Volkswagen makes the car go slower in cold climates. Now people are pissed that their cars are slower, so they turn to the manufacturer of the breaks and complain and demand money. Personally, I think the one distributing the updates (Volkswagen in my analogy) would be the ones communicating and dealing with customers, and then VW would act as a proxy to the break manufacturer. In this case it would be either Microsoft (distributor of the updates), the laptop manufacturer or the store handling the customer directly, not Intel. Not only that, the patches affects AMD processors too. So anything that would happen to Intel would be applicable to AMD too in terms of laws and lawsuits. I want people to keep that in mind when talking about how they want to sue Intel. Remember, Intel and AMD are sitting in the same boat right now. Both have had patches which reduces performance but fixes vulnerabilities applied to them. On top of that, patches for products reduce performance all the time. I think it would open up a very, very big can of worms if any patch which reduces performance all of a sudden started counting as false advertising retroactively. Pretty much all hardware and software which gets security patches will fluctuate in performance to some degree.
  7. well there is infinite possibilites tbh. If a 8C at 6GHZ have the same power consumption as 7 2700X than it would change the whole market. well i dont know everything that lisa su said, with that said 8C a mid range than double that is High range chip in my brain. Well we could just wait its around the corner. you do know that @Turtle Rig is very hype for Zen 2
  8. So i did few test with with my ram just 2 c if ram can cause stutter in few games. And turns out old stick is having some issue and i can't tell what but in few games newer 8gb kingstone hyperx fury is perfoming much better then my old kingstone hyperx genesis in single slot by 10 fps. And i can't figure out why is that also if i should keep on using old one with new, or just keep new single 8gb. Is there like any ram benchmark test?
  9. No no, I never said max is 8 core, and if I did I apologize. I initially said Ryzen 3000 will go up to 16 core, then someone down played it that it will be or start at 8 cores. I was the one confessing how its gonna go up to 16 cores. But at end of the day neither of us know anything until July.
  10. mikeybal

    Anyone know how to fix this problem?

    I have all the drivers and I just took my card out then reinstalled.
  11. GoldenLag

    Which Blower GPU?

    had a doublecheck on the case. its not as small as i hoped it was. a fanset in front and exhaust is prefferable.
  12. Mr. horse

    How screwed is my work.

    I have done that, they just don't care about things that way. To be honest when we have a breach or attack the loss is rather small, usually just lost of time. We have very little in the way of intellectual property aside form typical paper work/forums. The only real problem would be if it hit payroll/HR with a key logger and SSNs got out. But given how things are structured the blame would be on HR. The same can be said for out CC systems, if they get hit it would fall on the CC processing company as we do not handle any of the data and its their equipment so if you stay PCI they can't come back on us. Pretty much I been here long enough that I find every way to work around these blunders.
  13. comander

    What to get my girlfriend for a 5 year anniversary?

    Neither of us is looking to get married. She's also westernized enough that she doesn't relate to recent immigrants and her French is better than her Chinese.
  14. GoldenLag

    AMD Codenames

    glofo....... as in Global Foundries....... the semi-conductor company that was once part of AMD.
  15. geo3

    What artisan mousepad should i get

    Novelkeys has a bunch of nice designs. https://novelkeys.xyz/collections/deskpads
  16. LukeSavenije

    Which Blower GPU?

    hm... https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/cKhKHx/sapphire-radeon-rx-vega-56-2gb-pulse-video-card-11276-02-40g
  17. GoldenLag

    Which Blower GPU?

    ITX aswell. overpressure would make sure it vents properly. i would recommend investing in proper fans, but its not strictly neccesary.
  18. There's no chance they are gonna support PCIe 4 on the old boards. They were having trouble getting the new x570 boards to support PCIe 4 properly and that's not even what caused the chipset to need a fan. (Gonna be NVMe RAID on PCIe 4.0 drives that can saturate the bandwidth fully)
  19. It's practically common sense. There's enough room to add another die and Lisa Su already said the 8 cores compared to the 9900k at CES was a mid range chip.. What's a high end chip, 8 cores at 6ghz? There's more evidence pointing to more than 8 cores then there's evidence pointing the other way.. There is a chance there may not be more than 8 cores but Turtle is going around saying the max is 8 cores which is just wrong to say at the least. I'm simply correcting that.
  20. Esus

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    Go to school > Come home and waste time (Playing games/Watching netflix) > Sleep > Repeat yes, my life has literally no meaning. Though I should probably start doing something productive.
  21. Oalei

    AMD Codenames

    well send that guy a message for me, i wont thank that person but this person who showed it to me (JK tell that person i say thank you).
  22. Luca V

    Transfering laptop HDD to PC.

    Thanks for all the responses, got it all working fine. Much appreciated.
  23. RIP

    My Amazfit Bip T_T


  24. LukeSavenije

    Which Blower GPU?

    i mean... i wouldn't do a 590 https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/bfdxFT/msi-radeon-rx-vega-56-8gb-air-boost-video-card-rx-vega-56-air-boost-8g-oc itx tho... probably not
  25. MeatFeastMan


    I'd choose neither. I'd get a vega 64 with a freesync panel. You don't need a 2080 for 1080p unless you want crazy framerates in assassins creed odyssey. Other than that horribly built game, vega 64 is perfect for 1080p 144hz. It also gives you a little bit of space for another 2 or 3 years to maintain 144hz. The RTX 2070 costs an arm and a leg for pretty minimal performance gains over vega 64 and rtx 2060.
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