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  2. Stefan Payne

    Cerny announces new PS5 Details

    ...and here the Results with Single Channel: https://www.planet3dnow.de/vbulletin/threads/433138-Athlon-5350-vs-Athlon-200GE?p=5235972&viewfull=1#post5235972 Here a user who has both: https://www.planet3dnow.de/vbulletin/threads/433138-Athlon-5350-vs-Athlon-200GE?p=5235966#post5235966 So looks at around double the Performance with Ryzen. And also the higher frequency. Keep in mind that Ryzen is very efficient up to 3GHz or so. So the frequency might be double the Original PS4 Chip as well (1,6GHz -> 3,2GHz), maybe even 4GHz.
  3. InsaneLike

    Dual Channel wont work

    I tested the rams on my friends pc he has asrock taichi and they work fine there what could be the issue on my mobo
  4. leadeater

    Dr Su will present Zen 2 and Navi at Computex 2019 (May 27th)

    There's a lot of QS and ES CPUs sold on ebay, after product release and after a decent amount of time. If you're willing they are actually a good buy. More on to the point, with so many of them in existence going to motherboard makers, system integrators like HP/Dell/Lenovo etc detailed information getting to the hands of competitors at some point before release should really be expected. I also don't doubt they get ES samples some way or indirect access to them it's just a matter of when/how soon to make that access matter in a short term sense to counter a new product launch. There's also the common knowledge aspect which the companies are working under the same technological restrictions of things like fab technologies so what's achievable is generally understood and it can come down to how far one company expects the other to push towards the maximum or balance the product to fit within desired parameters like die area for cost and yield reasons. Take Nvidia Volta GV100 for example, that's a product where the absolute maximum of every aspect was undertaken. AMD knows the maximum reticle size TSMC (or any fab really) can do and they know enough about Nvidia's architecture to know in advance the core makeup of such a product but when did they know Nvidia was targeting maximum possible? Probably fairly early since TSMC had to do some rather large customizations that would be hard to keep completely under wraps in a shared fab facility, people talk.
  5. Herman Mcpootis

    Singaporeans look over here tolong, tolong.

    the front panel is just solid with a small portion of it being mesh, so i wouldn't count on it being able to move air in all that much.
  6. GoldenLag

    ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe II X299

    just fyi if you are looking at skylake X. you probably dont want it, there are literally better products for you for cheaper. either in the form of the 9900k and the Threadrippers.
  7. GameGlitz

    What cables r these

    So where I have to connect the four pin cable
  8. I would like to know where can I download more RAM Ok jk, Ive ryzen 5 2600 and 2133mhz RAM OC to 2400, and want to switch them selling the ones I own, 3200mhz is considerably more expensive than 3000mhz and I hope I can OC mine from 3000 to 3200, so 3200 is out of the question. This one is the one Ive planed on buying, what do you think, its compatible with my build? https://www.amazon.es/Corsair-Vengeance-LPX-Memoria-Rendimiento/dp/B01EI5Z2T6/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_es_ES=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&keywords=ram%2B3000mhz&qid=1555755449&s=computers&sr=1-3&th=1 Its 3000mhz CL15 from Corsair, dont know much about RAMs so need advice, are they good? Also I can get them for 85€ on Amazon without taxes, selling mine at 70€ (Ive a buyer already) My build: Ryzen 5 2600 4,15ghz B450 Aorus Pro GTX 1070 16 gb RAM OC 2400mhz CL14
  9. MajorFoley

    CD limits

    Cannot believe i am asking this question, so parents friends wants his music put on CD's (apparently car doesnt have a USB plug) and i said i'd do it while they are down. So i got some 700MB discs with about 80 min length time and using imgburn. When i go to create the disc with files that get to about 76 minutes (close to 100% according to imgburn) but the files themselves are around 300mb, Imgburn says its about 807MB while burning! This normal?
  10. GoldenLag

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    actually last time i checked there is a powerpc ASIC that does raytracing really well. though that isnt consumerfacing. im specificly reffering to the ammount of implementation it has. and the performance drop from it. DLSS is just not good at all. Raytracing is fine, DLSS is just not ever worth it. for the time being, i wouldnt bother paying for raytracing. hardware isnt ready yet.
  11. NewGamePlayer81

    Singaporeans look over here tolong, tolong.

    It looks nice on the outside and cheap but my boyfriend worried its a hot box.
  12. Skiiwee29

    What cables r these

    Generally if the case is an RGB case, it likely will have a controller built in. Looking at the case design and information on Corsairs website, seems the case does NOT have a built in controller and would require you to use your motherboards RGB software.
  13. Herman Mcpootis

    Singaporeans look over here tolong, tolong.

    no idea on that.
  14. LukeSavenije

    ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe II X299

    i haven't seen boards that won't turn on without 2x8 connectors. except if you're running something really high end in it, you probably won't need that much power
  15. No problem, any time. By the way, you might want to try out Balena Etcher instead of using Rufus: https://www.balena.io/etcher/
  16. They're regular EPS connectors. It is unclear if the mobo will work if you only have one connected and not both. I have the same configuration on a X299 TUF mark 2, and got a Corsair HX1000i which does have two EPS power outputs. I'd aim to find a PSU that has the two connectors, which will probably be limited to higher end models.
  17. Herman Mcpootis

    Singaporeans look over here tolong, tolong.

    https://www.techspot.com/review/1781-geforce-rtx-2060-mega-benchmark/page2.html yeah, it'll play games at 1440p just fine.
  18. NewGamePlayer81

    Singaporeans look over here tolong, tolong.

    Have you used the techware nova m3? Is the case good?
  19. NewGamePlayer81

    Singaporeans look over here tolong, tolong.

    Can the 2060 handle the games at 1440?
  20. No, I didn't. In general: Overclocking and Small Form Factor builds don't go well together, regardless of the Plattform. The Reason for that is the limited space on the Motherboard for VRM and Heatsinking. And also the limited Space inside the Cases that limits the max. Size of the Heatsink as well. Regardless, Ryzen isn't a good overclocker anyway. You might get a couple of hundred MHz out of the cores for Multi Threaded applications but lose the single thread boost. For example my Ryzen 7 1700X boosts up to 3,9GHz with lower thread count applications.
  21. LukeSavenije

    Buying this system tonight in singapore

    similar... decent, but a little louder
  22. Hello I need some help I'am looking af the mainboard asus PRIME X299-DELUXE II. and I can see there are 2 * 8-pin ProCool Connectors. Anybody who know that they are for and how importarnt, If I dont overclock my computer. Does the type of cable come whit the mainboard or the PSU or is it som extra cable I have to buy? with best regards SirBond
  23. Labeled

    What GPU to buy for mining

    if ROI isn't an issue, why go for a budget GPU? Depending on your area, reselling a used GPU won't always be easy. This is pretty true, especially if you're just looking at a 1660 or 580, with either of those cards you won't get 1 ethereum coin(174usd) in 1 year. with the difficulty scaling up over time, unless you just have money to throw at it, even with free power I don't think you'll be profitable.
  24. NewGamePlayer81

    Buying this system tonight in singapore

    Galax RTX 2080 8gb white 1-click oc
  25. Radium_Angel

    A Bay Day at Work

    Quivering with fear, legs shaking uncontrollably, I sat on the damp cement floor. My breath came in ragged gasps and I felt certain I’d made enough noise to give my location away. The mop may have quieted the door slamming, but my gasping would give me away. Worse, the chemical odors where making me dizzy and nauseous. I heard something slid by the door outside and my body when rigid, breath halted in mid-take. I swear I could imagine it outside, pausing, sniffing the air, senses alert for the flesh inside. An eternity passed and with a huff, it moved away. I looked around wildly, desperately searching for salvation within this closet. While I didn’t find god, I did find a shelf loaded with cleaning chemicals, among them bleach and ammonia. Here again my mind slipped to the past, this time plucking out something useful: The bleach decomposes to form hydrochloric acid, which reacts with ammonia to form toxic chloramine fumes: First the hydrochloric acid is formed: NaOCl → NaOH + HOCl HOCl → HCl + O And then the ammonia and chlorine gas react to form chloramine, which is released as a vapor: NaOCl + 2HCl → Cl2 + NaCl + H2O 2NH3 + Cl2 → 2NH2Cl If ammonia is present in excess, toxic and potentially explosive liquid hydrazine may be formed. While impure hydrazine tends not to explode, it's still toxic, plus it can boil and spray hot toxic liquid. 2NH3 + NaOCl → N2H4 + NaCl + H2O An excerpt from my one and only chemistry class taken at the University. I had harboured fantasies about working in a laboratory, creating strange and wonderful new things. That class cured me of that notion, but the study of bleach and ammonia mixed together always stayed with me. Everything I needed was contained here in the closet, the only question was, could I use it properly without killing myself in the process? Well here again we get back to the start of my story. That one decision, life or death. Make a bomb and use it, or hide here and be found out (and probably be eaten, though I was doing my best not to think about that.) The other creatures had wandered off, but I knew I wasn’t in the clear. That first beast still lurked out there, no doubt waiting for me to find another way out of the building. Well that I was, but I’d be ready for him. Carefully I got off the floor and started collecting what I’d need. First off, I’d needed a glass container. The bottles were all plastic, but I found a nearly empty fifth of booze, neatly tucked away. Just the thing I needed. I took a hard swallow of the rotgut, for courage I told myself, and poured the rest out. In went the bleach and ammonia. I could see the vapors forming already. Quickly I capped the bottle, and tried to take a deep breath to clear my head. Looking around one last time, I grabbed the mop and held it in my left hand. Hey, you never know if it will come in handy. Bottle between my legs, I used my free hand to open the door and peer out, my body shaking with nerves, booze and overwhelming terror.
  26. Bartholomew

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    Very true (i do care about power, but i assume thats a typo) It wasnt about the general point but more the formulation using the whole collection of people (as in population earth). Imagine saying "people just want red cars"; a bit of an overstatement, thats all. Thats not what you said. You said "raytracing is mediocre", which is just a function. If raytracing was 0 cost (computing power wise), all cards/games would have it, since it looks more real (regardless of one would ever notice it in play, im not claiming that) and since it looks "more real / accurate"; various partys and engine are in the race to get it. Thats a completely different topic than the pros and cons of rtx acceleration or even dlss which totally unrelated. If op doest care about it, its (raytracing, regardless of rtx or amd or nvidia, hw or software), raytracing is "useless", if op wants it its "great", if op doesnt care its indeed "mediocre". But just broadly stating that, regardless of cost, brand, technology etc. Etc a function is "mediocre" makes no sense. If wanting to relate it to rtx, since currently rtx is the only hw acceleration available, rtx is "the best" (no matter how slow, pricy or whatever it is). The 2060 being the lowest rtx carrying card, makes it "the worst" neither of which are mediocre (this is all more "tongue in cheek", so dont take too seriously) Good job btw providing op with more insights / angles / info hopefully whatever will be bought will be enjoyed like any new card should
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