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  2. On windows 10 I have the back up and restore (windows 7) setting on and configures to backup every day. Problem is right now I have the backup drive encrypted with bitlocker and if I forget to unlock it before the backup runs it fails the backup obviously. Wouldn't really be an issue but every time it fails to backup the system it completely resets the backup and restore settings saying I've never had it set up in the first place. This happens often and I'm not always there to see the error so often I have it not being backed up for a couple of days at a time. I tried googling to fix this bug but I can't find anything to fix it. Trying not to reset my computer again as some software keys won't let me reinstall if I tried as the key will already be used on "another machine". Any solutions?
  3. UberInferno

    Need help with MSI P67A-C45 (B3) board

    Nothing worked, I noticed tho it spikes up to x40 randomly, and i checked whether it turbos 1 core or all, and its all.
  4. CastleCrusher

    Factory Unlocked Phone Sim locked

    @Brink2Three Thanks for the response, I've always thought that if I have my SIM card and a phone that supports my network, I'd be good to go. I've been using the same sim card from 2 different smartphones with no issue, but I'm gonna try and call customer service and ask if they can unlock my SIM or better yet get a new one. Thanks.
  5. Oalei

    How to change paste and clean the GPU

    I have face wipe tissue and a Sutra clothes. OK I could get the Acne pads pretty easy.
  6. TheBees86

    Is this a good choice?

    That laptops is guaranteed better than your ultrabook, but I think that for photo and video editing and such it might be better to go with something with an i7 and discrete graphics. It doesn't have to be a gaming laptop to get good quality, but this model of Matebook is not the highest-end device. What is your price range? Region?
  7. GoodBytes

    If Linux supported all games and software would you switch?

    I use Linux daily at work (Ubuntu and CentOS, RedHat), and I can tell you, that using Linux you very much still need to use the Terminal daily. And it like, at the very best, like using Windows XP, with select few features from modern windows. And despite the fact that we are in 2019, it still has no idea what high-DPI scaling is. Sure, it can double pixels (yay?!), but not actual scaling system. Font rendering is as blurry as ever. 99% of the workplace do great efforts to avoid development under Linux just for that main fact alone, let alone the rest. They'll use their Mac or Windows system. And it is very nice to be in a work environment where the people are highly knowledgeable on Linux, but don't play the denial game like it is the case online. You act like there is no hardware support problem with late Linux based OS, but the reality is that it is very much there. Heck, even AMD "excellent" (or so they say) GPU drivers, doesn't even support any system with switchable graphics with no plan in sight to bring support. Same for Nvidia, just to mention one example. Everything in the Linux world are workarounds, patches, and complicated to get things to work. Each thing are weekend projects. On select hardware configuration you have tearing everywhere, even when playing videos. The basic things like hardware echo cancelation feature that all sound card/chips support under OSX and Windows is a rarity under Linux. All you have are, once again, software workarounds that don't work properly. This reminds me, high audio quality support. If you use onboard chip audio, and occasionally play videos online like on YouTube, and want sound alerts, then yea, it is fine. But if you enjoy audio, if enjoy music, or seek excellent audio experiences. Linux doesn't have driver’s audio solutions. Already getting 96KHz is winning the lottery. You want 192KHz? Sorry. Here is the source code, have fun! Printers!!!! Yes, you know when you want to do real work! Nope sorry! Limited support. Digitize Pen? Nope. Convertible device? Nope! Touch support that does more than basic mouse emulation? Nope, unless you have hardware specific touch screen for Linux based OS that you use. I know you’ll show me: “Look at this it works!” But I am not looking if it works or not... I am looking that it works properly, having the cursor or whatever I move vibrate all over the place, and not have a smart guess system to know here you finger wanted to land, is what is needed. and lots more... Remote desktop? Use SSH.. so Terminal! All remote protocol under Linux only support large screen refreshes, even full screen ones only. So higher your resolution and less fancy your internet upload speed where your host is, let alone download speed on client end, the more painful it is. See with RDP, what so cool about it, is that it works with the OS. It doesn't do workarounds to get things working. It works in tandem, it knows when a message box has appeared or disappeared, it knows the content behind it, even if it is a video playing, and only that section of the screen, the dialog box overlays the client side, and stop refreshing what's behind. Click OK, boom, disappears instantly and the behind content is instantly displayed. Linux has no reliable, rapid, easy to use, backup and restore solution, nor have file/folder version history. If you screw up as a user... say... sudo rm -rf *, there is no undo. Get your OS disk, cross your fingers you have a recent full backup of the system. Linux drivers aren't separate from the kernel. Under modern Windows, if your GPU drivers, you have the inconvenience of a flashing screen while Windows restarts the driver. Under Linux... Kernel panic. This applies to more than just GPU drivers. It doesn't help that Linux has no concept of file locks. The, once again, workaround, is to create a file, where if it exists the software that wants to lock it, knows it should be locked, and avoid doing things, until the file is gone. The problem with this, is that it only works for that software, as this is not a system thing, nor even a standard, not to mention any security system to block this. Anyway, I can continue...
  8. smilevi

    i7 9700k + rtx 2080 ti what display

    Thats really tough, @Wictorian.. You really didn't set a budget, you play some shooters which require good framerate, so 4k won't be the best idea, but you play other "not-too-framerate-required" games as well. I think you could buy a 144hz, 1ms monitor and have it last you a long time. Now, if you want to run triple, like stretched the games onto all three monitors, it will drop framerate quite a bit. Just do 144 devided 3. That's how much fps you will get, but it also depends on your gaming rig. (PC) The ASUS PG279Q would be a good triple setup, but it, obviously, is overpriced. (IMO) I recommend you trying to find a 144HZ, lower than 3MS response, you choose the resolution (1080p, 1440p, etc) & an IPS panel for good color.
  9. Mick Naughty

    27inch, 144hz, 1440p with freesync

    Acer xG270HU I assume you have sigs turned off.
  10. Sorenson

    Dual Monitor set up with a 1050ti

    You can also run the second display off your integrated graphics If your cpu has it. You just plug the display into the motherboard and enable integrated graphics in your bios. You can also set how much ram you want to allocate to the IGPU there.
  11. Try this : triple 1440p 144hrz QHD Assassin's creed, doing the store's accounting, uploading new product videos and editing. Believe me the Ryzen 2700 sweats
  12. Ive recently upgraded to SP120 RGB fans for my h100i cooler and plugged them into the splitter coming from the H100i (i did notice that the stock h100i fans are 4 pin and my new ones are 3 pin but i heard elsewhere it doesnt matter they will still change speed) but ive tried changing the speed of them via icue how i could before i changed fans and they dont change speed... Anyone have any idea?
  13. BogdanS

    Blackmagic Studio Camera

    1 location, i wont carry it around; Just to record 1 person speaking at all times. So a bulky one is alright. In the business plan i wrote 4k studio camera, so if you can find me something better for those money from sony or panasonic it would be great
  14. Totally agree. I tend to only ever go quad if it comes in something I got cheap and can do minimum upgrades before selling or giving away.
  15. Stefan Payne

    Radeon VII vs 2080 ti

    How? What are the Problems?? Why?! Why? What are you saying? Because of nVidia stuff inside that nVidia themselves replaces with other ways to do stuff?? As is the RTX 2070, 2080 and ti versions... And what "Errors" are you talking about? The rediculous prices that nVidia demands for their RTX Lineup that allowed the Release of the Radeon 7??
  16. irfankamil

    is freesync on 144hz monitor worth it?

    I usually find stuff online. Yeah could use some suggestions with these specs (144hz 1440p 27in freesync).
  17. If FarCry is near and dear to your heart, then no fewer than 8 threads. GamersNexus reported a while back that the 6-core / 6 thread 9600K suffered from significant microstuttering in FC5, which has frankly turned me off from suggesting the 9600K, and its ilk, to PC gamers in my circles.
  18. GKnight71

    Dual Monitor set up with a 1050ti

    1050ti is a decent card, i have a dual monitor setup on my second pc running a 1050 and it works fine, it does also depend on your cpu tho
  19. Bearmann

    Help reviewing this build:

    So you still need CPU, cooler, and MB? You're getting a fantastic system, and and a great price too, IMO. Double checking for you: The be quiet! - Dark Base 700 White Edition ATX Mid Tower Case supports video cards up to 430mm long, but video cards over 286mm may block drive bays. Since the Asus - GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB Video Card is 300.5mm long, some drive bays may not be usable.
  20. Mbowen

    I need help pricing my pc.

    i7-6700 - $200 16 GB G.Skill 2133 - $60 AsRock B150 Gaming Motherboard - $70 Gtx 1060 6GB - $150 500GB SSD - $50 (depends on model. Samsung and WD sell for more) 3TB Hard Drive - $45 (Drive color matters here) EVGA 650 watt Semi Modular - $35 Total: $610 Prices taken from latest Reddit sales (less than a week old) (Local prices I tend to charge 15% more on craigslist and they still sell. However, local sales through Reddit tend to be cheaper because of no shipping)
  21. orze

    dead keys on keyboard replacing

    i dont mind on the feel being different as the keys that died are T F and N so use in them isnt big enough to make me care for a minor different feel. i just wonder if i need to get a 5 pin as u said or is 3 pin good for the ultiamte?
  22. Nocte

    is freesync on 144hz monitor worth it?

    I know how it works. Does it justify the need to choose a different screen size in the case of OP? No, not in my opinion. Refresh rate is high enough to keep providing a smooth experience when it dips below a certain refresh rate. You notice the dips only if they are big enough, in which case it's more a problem of stuttering, and you would notice it with or without FreeSync.
  23. in this day and age its more or less a crime to buy a quadcore if you have the budget to buy a 6 core CPU. especially 4c/4t which have started to struggle a bit
  24. It's certainly nothing special, hard to find info on this bad boy
  25. While trying to troubleshoot some issues with my new PC, I noticed 2 things were off - Speccy believes I have 1333MHz RAM while Windows knows I have 2666MHz (minor) But Speccy was displaying my CPU temp as 73c (idle) while MSI was 24c, I'm assuming the MSI report is more accurate but why is this happening?
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