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  2. Ive recently upgraded to SP120 RGB fans for my h100i cooler and plugged them into the splitter coming from the H100i (i did notice that the stock h100i fans are 4 pin and my new ones are 3 pin but i heard elsewhere it doesnt matter they will still change speed) but ive tried changing the speed of them via icue how i could before i changed fans and they dont change speed... Anyone have any idea?
  3. Try this : triple 1440p 144hrz QHD Assassin's creed, doing the store's accounting, uploading new product videos and editing. Believe me the Ryzen 2700 sweats
  4. BogdanS

    Blackmagic Studio Camera

    1 location, i wont carry it around; Just to record 1 person speaking at all times. So a bulky one is alright. In the business plan i wrote 4k studio camera, so if you can find me something better for those money from sony or panasonic it would be great
  5. Totally agree. I tend to only ever go quad if it comes in something I got cheap and can do minimum upgrades before selling or giving away.
  6. Stefan Payne

    Radeon VII vs 2080 ti

    How? What are the Problems?? Why?! Why? What are you saying? Because of nVidia stuff inside that nVidia themselves replaces with other ways to do stuff?? As is the RTX 2070, 2080 and ti versions... And what "Errors" are you talking about? The rediculous prices that nVidia demands for their RTX Lineup that allowed the Release of the Radeon 7??
  7. irfankamil

    is freesync on 144hz monitor worth it?

    I usually find stuff online. Yeah could use some suggestions with these specs (144hz 1440p 27in freesync).
  8. If FarCry is near and dear to your heart, then no fewer than 8 threads. GamersNexus reported a while back that the 6-core / 6 thread 9600K suffered from significant microstuttering in FC5, which has frankly turned me off from suggesting the 9600K, and its ilk, to PC gamers in my circles.
  9. GKnight71

    Dual Monitor set up with a 1050ti

    1050ti is a decent card, i have a dual monitor setup on my second pc running a 1050 and it works fine, it does also depend on your cpu tho
  10. Bearmann

    Help reviewing this build:

    So you still need CPU, cooler, and MB? You're getting a fantastic system, and and a great price too, IMO.
  11. Mbowen

    I need help pricing my pc.

    i7-6700 - $200 16 GB G.Skill 2133 - $60 AsRock B150 Gaming Motherboard - $70 Gtx 1060 6GB - $150 500GB SSD - $50 (depends on model. Samsung and WD sell for more) 3TB Hard Drive - $45 (Drive color matters here) EVGA 650 watt Semi Modular - $35 Total: $610 Prices taken from latest Reddit sales (less than a week old) (Local prices I tend to charge 15% more on craigslist and they still sell. However, local sales through Reddit tend to be cheaper because of no shipping)
  12. orze

    dead keys on keyboard replacing

    i dont mind on the feel being different as the keys that died are T F and N so use in them isnt big enough to make me care for a minor different feel. i just wonder if i need to get a 5 pin as u said or is 3 pin good for the ultiamte?
  13. Nocte

    is freesync on 144hz monitor worth it?

    I know how it works. Does it justify the need to choose a different screen size in the case of OP? No, not in my opinion. Refresh rate is high enough to keep providing a smooth experience when it dips below a certain refresh rate. You notice the dips only if they are big enough, in which case it's more a problem of stuttering, and you would notice it with or without FreeSync.
  14. in this day and age its more or less a crime to buy a quadcore if you have the budget to buy a 6 core CPU. especially 4c/4t which have started to struggle a bit
  15. It's certainly nothing special, hard to find info on this bad boy
  16. While trying to troubleshoot some issues with my new PC, I noticed 2 things were off - Speccy believes I have 1333MHz RAM while Windows knows I have 2666MHz (minor) But Speccy was displaying my CPU temp as 73c (idle) while MSI was 24c, I'm assuming the MSI report is more accurate but why is this happening?
  17. I remember Steam removing a picture i took in Metro where she has her tits out.. but this is way beyond that, plus if parents had any common sense their children would be well looked after properly, so now because parents are shit at parenting others must suffer?
  18. Lian Li 011 Dynamic... So go 360 rad or high end air cooler.
  19. ELSknutson

    Which case?

    I think I would go with the corsair but its a tuff call
  20. Hello I´ve been looking at a Huawei Mateboom D 14" laptop sporting these specs: Intel core i5-8250U 8gb ddr3 ram 256 gb ssd intel uhd 630 graphics 1920x1080 ips display My question is if this laptop is good enougb to run programs like adobe photoshop and sony vegas pro for simple video editing. My current laptop, an Acer ultrabook from 2015 is struggling with these tasks and the touchscreen is onlu 1366x768 so I kinda need an upgrade. the design and asthetics of the matebook lineup is really appealing to me and the price of this specific model is also very near my budget at the moment. I guess I can ask a salesman at a shop to install the programs to see if the laptop struggles with these tasks or if if performes well. Just wanted to ask if anyone in here has experience with simulair programs and this particluair laptop or simulair models.
  21. Yes, for 1080p 60fps it doesn't really matter, at the moment but don't forget gaming and workwise. Unless you're a pure gamer whichwouldn't even go less then1440p 144hrz at no less then 120fps. In the months of systems I've build rarely gamers come in for budget parts unless they are just starting to game.
  22. MadmanRB

    How to change paste and clean the GPU

    Well keep in mind the main reason why i recommend coffee filters is due to them not having any lint and or dust particles associated with them. If you need alternatives... well acne pads are a good choice. And yes paper towels are a good option too if you really need something most households have just make sure that they are strong paper towels known for rigidity. Microfiber cloths are also good. If the only thing you have is toilet paper.... yeah dont use that.
  23. Puffing

    Help reviewing this build:

    Lol yep I did
  24. GKnight71

    Will this case led fans work with my MoBo?

    Hard to tell, the mobo only looks like it has 3 fan headers, you can buy fan controllers tho and that case probably has one built in, not sure tho
  25. Stefan Payne

    Radeon VII vs 2080 ti

    Driver Optimizations mostly.
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