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  2. valdyrgramr

    do any headsets work properly on windows 10 at all?

    I'm talking about the way it's advertised is a gimmick/lie.
  3. Dinesh1

    anybody knew when 1650ti will be released

    only 4k 30 hz available
  4. MatthiasLundgaard

    Stuttering hard in all games - please help.

    Nothing seems to take up the perfomance. no program making the % go up except for the game it self. Any sugestions guys? by the way thanks for trying so far!
  5. richardmajor86

    New phone

    I would advise against an iPhone 7, they’re too old now. You want the newest phone you can afford, so maybe get a newer android, or spend a bit more and get an iPhone 8 or ideally a XR
  6. Totally Average Gameplay

    RX 580, but this one was hardly known

    I didn't get it. Pardon?
  7. Chevy_Monsenhor

    Question about compatibility

    Its a good upgrade, i'd recommend it. You know, i got an RTX2070 through RMA and to this day i haven't played a single title with ray tracing
  8. Dinesh1

    anybody knew when 1650ti will be released

    only 30hz i use latest cable
  9. malaysia pc parts especially kits are hard to come by unlike other countries
  10. Totally Average Gameplay

    RX 580, but this one was hardly known

    So, what do you think of this card if you've ever had this?
  11. Bearmann

    Help Me Confirming The Best Fit

    I don't know what a NH-D12A is. Your case will only take a 105mm cooler. The L9 x 65 is only 84 TDP. The L9A is only 95 TDP. The Dark Rock TF is too tall at 131mm. Can you get the Cryorig C1 which is rated for 140 TDP? It seems to be your best bet. Here are the coolers that will fit your case: https://pcpartpicker.com/products/cpu-cooler/#H=14000000,105000000&sort=price
  12. OK so B350 Motherboard or compatible with the 2000 Ryzen problem is to make the CPU work you will need to update your bios to minimum F20 to make every CPU work with 2000 it risky to update but shouldn't be a problem in less your power went out. the new F25 will need the latest chipset driver for the bios update check your motherboard manufacturer website for the bios update
  13. The Golden Pro

    Gtx 1060 or Gtx 1050ti ?

    Okay, what do you guys think I should get for my gaming pc a GTX 1060 3GB or a GTX 1050TI 4GB. I know that the GTX 1060 will do like 20 to 25 FPS more than the GTX 1050TI in the game Fortnite but can you guys please tell me your opinion on which GPU I should really get for my build. My build budget is under £450 $580. Here is an Amazon list of my current build idea: https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/2N75VJEQBJ3OK?ref_=wl_share Also, I linked the GPU's as a hyperlink.
  14. Princess Cadence

    anybody knew when 1650ti will be released

    HDMI 2.0? Can you show what your Nvidia control panel shows for resolutions?
  15. lukesterboy

    Memory stuck at 800Mhz

    Tried re seating ram, and reset bios and disabled xmp. Can only get it to run 2133mhz dual channel, no higher. Each stick works fine on its own at 3000mhz. And each stick works fine in both dimms on its own.
  16. Happycowdance

    Question about compatibility

    raytracing with a 2060 is gonna be iffy
  17. tomorrows the day wish me luck
  18. RejZoR

    Tesla Full Self-Driving Video

    My main worry is who's gonna be responsible when people get run over, cars get hit, people drive off cliffs or into water with the autopilot... Will Tesla take the blame, will insurance deal with it, will they blame the owner of Tesla, who? This particularly applies to situations where Tesla might cause the accident with a manual driven car. Who wants to bet the narrative will go along the lines of "machines are never wrong, it must have been a human error in the manually driven car". And how to disprove that unless you have camera in your car.
  19. 7Hertz

    RX 580, but this one was hardly known

    Userbase is rather young seemingly.
  20. Rip, I couldnt revive the iMeme. RIP iMeme 2014-2019

  21. Totally Average Gameplay

    RX 580, but this one was hardly known

    In here, they are well known as amd's a4 6th gen
  22. Mozillas experimental "Fenix" browser for Android looks very interesting. I think the UI might take some time to get used to, but I can see it growing on me. 

    It's very experimental and early stage though so don't use it and expect a stable and well performing browser. 


    Download link for the latest nightly build here:



    Download whichever version suits your device. It is probably aarch64.apk

  23. Jurrunio

    RX 580, but this one was hardly known

    HIS was a big name alongside Sapphire, they havent done so well in recent years though and quit many markets. I have heard of some HIS cards sharing origins with XFX cards.
  24. samzap

    New CPU

    any cheaper coolers? I'd be fine with buying the Dark Rock 4 but now that i have to buy another motherboard and a cooler is putting me over budget a bit. I was looking at the Cooler master 212 Evo or the 212X or should i get a cheaper motherboard and get a better cooler? @Princess Cadence
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