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  2. Tristerin

    Is my AIO working

    Did you use thermal paste (though even the coldplate alone shouldn't allow for this high of temps) Your Motherboard has fan headers, iirc these are 4pin (Im not at home atm) and your motherboard may have a CPU PUMP/WATER/something header next to the CPU Fan header. Or do you only have 1 CPU fan header (should still work I would think)
  3. Surreals

    Desperate help mob new build

    Yeah it should of clicked when I took it apart And over clockers had the radiator facing down
  4. Been wantint to upgrade my pc but dont have a lot of money as i am a student so i was wondering if this would be a good upgrade or if i would need to gop with something a little more powerful my pc specs are as follows Ryzen 3 1300X 8GB RAM RX 460 2GB B350 motherboard 500W PSU
  5. Mavis Beacon

    What Keyboard should I buy

    Admittedly I have not testing it for "gaming"; my recommendation is geared more towards the adults on this site. I assume there are at least some people out there who have real work to get done. Nonetheless, I did acknowledge in my original thread that I would have appreciated the overpriced RGB keyboards more in my youth.
  6. BelgianNoise

    Case and RGB Fans

    normal ATX. idd forgot to mention budget. around 80-90 max. less is always nice. For the fans. They can be cheapos, purely estethic.
  7. WoodenMarker

    Budget socket am3 cooler?

    What cpu, ram, and case are you using?
  8. Fredrup

    Next Upgrade?

    Thank you everyone for your help. Not going to buy any parts for the PC, may get a monitor cause then it would just be more beautiful Thank you
  9. Better get used to it. There are too many people who think Steam is as best as it can get. And they are all keeping Gaben's small thing up so he doesn't kick he's devs into action of making client better. I've been on Steam from its early days, and under the hood its pretty much same. They may have added features and polished UI. But its still slow to load things, has unexpected crashes and other annoyances.
  10. Jurrunio

    Desperate help mob new build

    you should definitely try. Even NZXT places the fan on top of the radiator, though now that I think of it the fan could be placed above the mountings on the case for the radiator.
  11. That's just the screen using power. Everything else may eat up more. Like for example Discord has taken up 7.1% out of 19% for the day.
  12. seon123

    Case and RGB Fans

    Do you have a budget, form factor, and components that need to fit?
  13. Votivee

    Fair IT Intern Hourly Rate

    I will be getting paid directly through the company. Totally agree with you that my rate should depend on experience/schooling, which is why I made this thread. I'm not sure where I stand pay-wise with a completed degree and a year away from my second one. Thanks for sharing your pay rates, I'll probably stick with my original guess of $14/$15 after looking at your numbers.
  14. Tiago8v

    New build, when?

    I'm afraid of the lack on durability... idk. 4.6 is way too low With oc we can get what? 4.8 tops?
  15. So lately I have been looking into getting a cheap android phone while I wait for about 6-8 months until I can buy a flagship phone. The budget I have right now is somewhere around 160-250 USD to get a new phone. I'm currently coming from an iPhone SE on metroPCS (T-Mobile) , it's been a good phone and all but its size factor and battery is starting to get to me. Since I am a student, I spend the majority of my free time on my phone on youtube and social media. But it has gotten to a point where its small screen and obsolete battery has become a large nuisance for me. Right now I am looking for a phone in the specified price range above and that has at least a 1080p screen, good to great battery, promising specs, 32-64gb of storage, type-c is optional but definitely a headphone jack. I read some stuff about the Moto G6 but It seems like it comes off as a very fragile phone with acceptable battery life. And then there's the Xiaomi Mi A2, it seemed good so far but it does not have a headphone jack which I am very skeptical about since I use wired headphones. Anyways, I'm just looking for some recommendations on a phone I can get. Any recommendations?
  16. Surreals

    Desperate help mob new build

    Yeah I get you man so need the radiator the other way? I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to build the thing its stressful for a first time
  17. floofer

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    I don't think it's pointless. These studies highlight where there is a lack of women representation - nothing more should really be gained from this data, but it can be promotional to highlight these statistics. Women do not think differently, but their thinking is affected differently in small ways. Thats fair, and why I changed the title.
  18. JZStudios

    FREE Games of the Day #1 April 24th, 2019

    It's a 2gb. But again, considering how basic the geometry and texture resolution is, even with semi-dynamic lighting there's no reason for it to be in the 20s. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on UE3 and UE4 redux with high res photogrammetry and lighting, The Witcher 3 on high-ultra including hairworks and texture+dynamic lighting mods, Dying Light with hordes of 3D characters and more dynamic lighting, Dirt Rally with intensive FX and smoke/dust, PCars 2 with more dynamic day/night cycles, full weather system, and dynamic headlights for each vehicle, BeamNG with a full physics simulation, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, etc. all run at significantly higher framerates than a 2.5D sidescroller. And it's not even Trine. Not to mention that at the very least I play Dirt Rally, BeamNG, and Project Cars on triple monitors. Unreal is by default a horrendously poorly optimized engine, but Ethan Carter managed to pull it off for the most part. All I'm saying is the final product can't be that poorly optimized to literally run worse than The Witcher 3 with hairworks.
  19. ldmendes7

    1440p 24” IPS @ 144hz

    Thanks for the quick reply’s. The reason I want to squeeze the 1440p into 24 inches is because I currently have a 4k 27inch and 1440p 27 inches looks disgusting to me after 4k so 1440p in 24 inches has a more similar pixel density. I really want 144hz for gaming and I’d rather not spend $1000 on a 4k@144hz. And I can’t stand the poor colours on a TN. So I guess I’m stuck for now
  20. Majinhoju

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    I agree. My wife and I would play the exact same games and she would be the one getting creepy and offensive message at the end of the round from angry players.
  21. Tiago8v

    New build, when?

    Yeah... Intel way to do things...
  22. Measles cases at an all time high! 


    Total Measles cases: 695

    Total US Population: ~350mil. 


    Total percentage age of people infected: 0.000001985714286% 



    1. Silentprototipe


      Compare it to last years numbers and thats a worrying concern in percentages 

  23. Monkey Dust

    ideas for living on a budget

    That would be a spacious flat (appartment) in London A UK/Dutch centric suggestion, canal boat. Bigger than a van, and you can operate one while drunk.
  24. Thanks for your reply, According to that the s10e's battery should be good for 14,7 hours of SOT which sounds... great but i guess it wont last that long My phone usage is somewhat the same every day soo do you use it somewhat similar to my style ? that would be a great source for my "real world" day to day usage
  25. Tiago8v

    New build, when?

    Images attached...
  26. BelgianNoise

    Case and RGB Fans

    So i am going to make a PC for a 10y old. The thing he wants is RGB and forknight I am looking for a case with a flat glass front so you can see the RGB in there u know. ofc a glass sidepanel has to be there too. And for the fans, idk. I guess fans with LEDs in the loop are nice in such a case. Can you guys link me some? (case and fans if no nice ones are included) Open for other design choices.
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