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  2. Phentos

    Internet Browser Popularity Poll

    Longtime Chrome user here, though with Chrome's advantages having less weight these days, I've been looking into Firefox or Vivaldi as alternatives. When Chrome was announced to possibly have some kind of update that would break pretty much all adblockers I almost switched. But the update was pulled... for now.
  3. Aryan_

    My computer doesn't detect my GPU!

    Yes you are right!
  4. SHG_Marsh

    Premier Pro help

    The clips are in Stretched. (I don't know the exact ratio) his intro is in 1080.
  5. duncannah

    Internet Browser Popularity Poll

    Google Chrome. http://gs.statcounter.com/browser-market-share/desktop/worldwide
  6. Why can't Current NVME drives hit 3.8Gb/s speeds?
  7. Captain Chaos

    Upgrading from 500W to 850W worth it?

    For a consumer-level CPU and a single GPU, anything above 650W is completely useless. Even with overclocking you're very unlikely to ever draw more than 500W. If you really want to spend extra on a good PSU, look for something that has good efficiency (80+ platinum or titanium) and a nice long warranty.
  8. Well I mean I was looking at the Corsair RMX850w - doesn’t really seem cheapo, but if you reckon 650 is enough, I’m still probably gonna go with 850 for $30ish more.
  9. VegetableStu

    Premier Pro help

    are you working in 720p? or is the aspect ratio off? or the fortnite clips in 4k?
  10. JustAnotherTechGuy99

    Internet Browser Popularity Poll

    Hello all, We have all heard the stigma of Internet browsers and such so IGNORING all sides of the debate lets go to brass tax. What is the most popular browser on Earth? Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Midori, Opera what ever it is have your say and lets make it official. What will be crowned 'King of the Browsers'? Thank you all. Sincerely, JATG
  11. LogicalDrm

    Help with Google Authenticator

    There's no such thing as magic token. You need to assign another device to each service. I did this just week ago when I formatted my phone. Moved all major accounts to tablet and removed 2FA from any service I didn't need it for 1-2 days the moving process might take. Have you tried all backup codes? Like maybe you already used the one you have tried already.
  12. Vejnemojnen

    Upgrading from 500W to 850W worth it?

    Often forgotten, but worth thinking over: Most modern systems consume very little wattages while idle. It would make no sense to get so huge power output PSU, that the idle - browsing power requirement would be below 20% load. It would not be that efficient. Also there is this test, where the displayed values are for the actual power DRAWN from the wall-socket-plug, so, the actual power requirement for the systems in fact, even lower. Even a 1080Ti (FE) system needs to draw ~300W under gaming. I generally recommend, that under full stress, the load on PSU should be around 70%. So I guess a 650w would even permit OC-ing the components. And I don't think that a 2080ti really needs to tweak in order to offer fine performance... : o)
  13. kelvinhall05

    Some issues with gaming on Manjaro

    Yeah, I might try installing Catalyst. Are you 100% sure that it's supported? I don't want a repeat of last time (not that it was your fault, but I just don't want to reinstall again) I'm pretty sure I'm using generic drivers are installed:
  14. VegetableStu

    The AMAZING Feature Apple is KILLING - 3D Touch

    i set my phone to have the assistivetouch circle that does the following: single tap: accessibility menu double tap: lock long press: control panel 3D touch: display accommodations (reduce white point) the main thing is not many app devs make use of 3D touch, maybe because not all the phones of the current supported iOS version have them or whatever. but the point of additional touch vectors are similar to having redundant ways, for users to use whatever method that feels best to them. although I feel like Apple meant it to be a bit of a focused kind of thing, since they seem to only use them for previews and whatnot. Chrome for iOS did the right thing. long-press brings up submenus, but 3D touch brings them up quicker, without having to deal if the input was a tap or a long-press. if Apple feels like the popular disuse of 3D touch should be grounds for dropping the feature in-hardware, I'll stop considering their phones past the XS generation. EDIT: also how are they going to deal that long-pressing an item in the home screen is meant for picking them up to reposition, while leaving actions and previews out by removing 3D touch?
  15. orlando690

    Cheapest Mobo I can get. Criteria:

    Thanks for letting me know about the mobo that would have been such a waste of money. Have any idea on what prices I can expect on the new x570 mobos and is there another model of mobos that are cheaper coming out?
  16. SHG_Marsh

    Premier Pro help

  17. TempestCatto

    Premier Pro help

    If that's the way he recorded it, there's likely nothing you can do.
  18. Captain Chaos

    Will changing thermal paste decrease my temps.

    That's a LOT of money for a 7700HQ and a 1050Ti. You could have bought several other laptops for that, and have enough left for a nice car. I assume you meant 1500 USD, or 1.5K
  19. If you send them the log files it'll help to fix whatever problem you could be having. It worked on my DDR3 build out in the garage with Micron.
  20. If you can find 3200 CL14 or 3600 CL16 that would most likely be Samsung B-die which is a very nice upgrade to overclockability and stability with high RAM speeds on Ryzen. I'd go with something branded. I really like the Logitech stuff, G Pro wired or G305 wireless mouse (I have small hands), and a G610 (can be had with red/brown/blue switches). Not RGB, but good value and quality. But most importantly, I'd have the user try out all the models in the store and have him select what fits his hands the best. I never liked surround for gaming, and I really dislike it for music. I've never experienced a game that implemented surround sound well, and I think most games' implementation of sound placement is good enough with stereo speakers or a good headset. It's not outright terrible but I dislike the looks haha I haven't tried these fans but the CM fans I have tried were far from great, lots of noise, not a lot of performance.
  21. LukeSavenije

    i5 9600k CPU compatibility

    no it only works with 300 series boards
  22. SHG_Marsh

    Premier Pro help

    I am editing this video for this guy and he sent me an intro in 1080 but his fortnite clips are in stretched res. How can I make this look good because at the moment the clips looks zooms in.
  23. Vejnemojnen

    Upgrading from 500W to 850W worth it?

    then get 650w. 850 is waaay overkill. With 650w, you can still unleash your GPU&CPU. I don't know your options, but here the most popular PSU-s for 650-watt are Bitfenix WhisperM, Formula Gold; BeQuiet! Straight Power& PurePower11; Corsair TX or RMX series and occasionally SuperFlower Leadex Gold-Platina. The 600-650w should be plenty, even with OC. I'd rather buy a 550-600w PSU from top-notch offerings, than a cheapo-solution 850w.
  24. I didn't say micron was bad, I was saying 3200 CL 14 is best speeds for Ryzen. I was just mentioning it was samsung b-die for $95 because from G.skill or Corsair that's close to $200.
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