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  2. alatron978

    High ping after OC?

    Its not dangerous or anything, its just way to much. You could easily hit 4.5ghz-4.6ghz with that voltage with cache at 4.4ghz.
  3. Fair enough. Just saying, I'm not the manliest of men, I wish I was stronger and taller, and I wish I could get some treatment to help me love myself better. Or should that be love myself more? At this point am I being serious, or just making masturbation puns?
  4. I'll spell it out for you three. ^ Shit like this contributes to the 40% suicide rate. Congrats on passing 5th grade biology! That doesn't make you the Expert on people's bodies. Also, Stefan, nobody is "glorifying" gender dysphoria. They're accepting that it's a thing that people have and would rather not be an asshole to people, because, again, that contributes heavily to the 40% suicide rate. LKD's identity doesn't have much to do with the topic at hand, though, so perhaps let's drop this here before the mods come in.
  5. Maybe not *LOVE* the reality, but come to terms and cope with it.
  6. RedBoyRyanYT

    High ping after OC?

    Hey everyone, I managed to fix it. Dumbass me didn’t think to just wipe my ssd lol. Thanks for the help!
  7. RedBoyRyanYT

    High ping after OC?

    It’s on water. So.
  8. So you're saying that we need to treat them and help them accept, embrace, and even love the reality? *GASP*
  9. My hypothesis is that suffers of gender dysphoria attempt suicide if they can't maintain their delusion and can't cope with the objectively measurable reality.
  10. alatron978

    Which oc to use daily

    Is this under cpu + fpu, cpu, fpu, cpu + fpu + cache? what is selected in aida 64?
  11. Not because of "lack of acceptance", but as far as I know, Gender Dysphoria also often comes with other issues like a strong depression. Another thing: It is observed more often in Autistic people, who also might be easy to influence. The only conclusion I can reach is: We need more studies, research, without any political bullshit inside! I don't care what you believe but we need to look into it from a scientific perspective, not a political one. We can only help them, if we know what the issue is. But what is the issue? We do not know. BUT one thing is certain: The glorification we do right now does more harm than good. Ever heard about Rapid onset gender dysphoria?
  12. wolfmcbeard

    Optiplex 7010 mini tower upgrades.

    It was from the amazon post, I found out after looking up cpu specs on Intel's site and just never edited the post, my bad. Seems like an ok upgrade for the future, so far I've had so much better performance over my old pc that I don't mind the i5 for now. It also has a 3570 not 3470, so either I messed up, or the seller did. So far, it seems to be a standard (Dell branded) psu. From the info I vaguely recall when I looked up stuff about the computer on Dell's site, the supply ought to be good enough for a 1050.
  13. Maddtwisted

    Which oc to use daily

    It’s under max load in aida64 at that temp
  14. Saksham


    so the earphones that have the LL feature will not work with my laptop then? that sucks.... that was the whole reason to buy them
  15. Maddtwisted

    Which oc to use daily

    Max load in aida64
  16. Maddtwisted

    Which oc to use daily

    Max load in aida64
  17. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because we try to enact symptoms upon them that might treat the underlying issue, rather than directly treating the issue. Unless there's some genetics at work, in which case I have no idea what might be done.
  18. ammar_code

    FloatPlane Related

    If I want to create a video platform similar to FloatPlane or YouTube but mostly like FloatPlane, what will I need to know if I want to do it from scratch. What languages would I need to know? Thanks
  19. alatron978

    High ping after OC?

    That is WAYYYYYYYYYYY too much voltage for 4.2ghz. You should need around 1.1V
  20. They are the gender that they are born as, as their DNA dictates. There is no changing that. Embracing delusion is never a treatment for delusion. Don't be bringing simple logic into this. Probably.
  21. Have animals been observed refusing to attempt to mate with the opposite sex? Homosexual acts do not equate to homosexuality. Homosexuality is refusing to mate with any gender other than your own, as far as I am aware. Also, I agree with you on Gender Dysphoria. Catering to someones delusion would seem to be ineffective based on suicide rates alone.
  22. Good to know, ye I'm getting it because the overclocking is really really good...
  23. 40% Suicide Rate is. Homosexuality is observed in Nature. It is not the norm but observed on non humans. No, we do not have enough information about that because this situation was rather rare. Something like 0.0015% of the Population And there are also similar things, where people think that their excrements do not belong to them. We usually do not let them amputate those parts and treat it differently. What I do know is that I don't know much about that and that its infested with ideological bullshit, that usurps the scientist and really helping them. What I do know is that the suicide rate of people with gender dysphoria is really really high wich leads me to believe that there might be other issues as well and it might be a symptom of other things. But to really know that, we need to investigate it and work on a treatment that for example reduces the suicide rate. Gender Reassignment Surgery doesn't reduce the suicide rate, many of them even have regrets after that procedure. Recommended by whom?? Political Ideologs?? The truth is that we do not know much about that situation, especially how to really treat it and help those people. Just accepting it doesn't really solve it either. The studies I've heard about don't support that theory. Because its nothing more than that. Why would the Background of that person make the story more believable?? Kotaku didn't say much at all about that, only "Technical difficulties". But we will know more when someone got fired... So you're biased towards that person, even if there are instances where that person just outright lied and made some shit up to look like a victim? For that text there is only one person responsible. And that's the one who wrote it and not the boss. The Boss has to do boss stuff, not babysit their subordinates. If that is the case, why have subordinates at all?!
  24. alatron978

    Which oc to use daily

    What workload do these temps occur under?
  25. Firewrath9

    Can someone review my build and rate it?

    The spire went to 58 on overwatch on open air
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