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  2. it will run hot and its not very good to push the APU Overclocking too hard if you dont have a good airflow, but its not exactly bad tbh its still a good mobo nonetheless.
  3. campy

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    1 and 2gb sodimms in particular. Useful for older core2 series laptops. 4gb ddr2 sodimms are still stupidly expensive for people Maxing out their Thinkpad T61's and equivalents heres a bunch of processors AMD K6-2 500mhz AMD Athlon XP 1800 1.53ghz Intel 33mhz 486-DX MOS Technology 6560-101 Intel Pentium 4 650 3.4ghz Intel Pentium 4 SL7NA 3.04ghz AMD Sempron 3100+ 1.8ghz All on top of a 450mhz Intel Pentium II Xeon
  4. Thanks for the info on the heatsink, I read in a couple reviews that it didn't have one but didn't know what that entailed.
  5. So the lolis came and worked again today. 

    They got the cleaning done early, so they get to play with the cats. 


    They ended up finding the nerf gun and started shooting each other in the genitals...

    Fuck my life. 

    1. ARikozuM


      Have you gotten your loli license yet? 

  6. I often find that the documentation on this subject either leaves a bit to be desired, doesn't emphasize some really important aspects, or is just downright hard to follow at times. Because of this, I wrote my own tutorial that primarily sources personal experience on the topic in an effort to drastically improve the available documentation on the subject (in a sort-of verbose nature). One of the goals of the tutorial is to show the reader examples and explain why things are being done so that the reader comes away from the tutorial with a better understanding of how PCI-e passthrough works overall. Feedback is highly encouraged! Submit an issue or pull request if you think the tutorial needs further improvement. I'm also open to suggestions of any kind. https://clayfreeman.github.io/gpu-passthrough/
  7. ch3w2oy

    Vega 56 or 64?

    @pstarlord Don't forget the Red Devil, that's on par with the Nitro+, with the Nitro+ maybe slightly edging it out..
  8. SeraphicWings

    Mouse (gaming) for college.

    Logitech G603, no LED or RGB that attracts attention, very sleek design with muted black-gray and very good ergonomic, battery life that literally last forever. Supports both Bluetooth and USB And most importantly, Lightspeed Technology that makes wireless latency almost neglible when gaming And price is kinda acceptable: around $40 or $50
  9. The Great Kamek

    Last Gen sound effect qualities

    Ye I know
  10. Tamesh16

    youtube download

    wow i do not know how to use this at all but thank you, i will try
  11. Riift

    Firewall access ruining sound?

    I have built in sound in my motherboard im pretty sure. I am using heaphones so it is directly through the aux cord. I havent tried much as the problem only came back today, after loading fortnite. Would it possibly be to do with Windows Sound Enhancements as after exiting fortnite a pop-up appears saying that the enhancements may be causing an issue with my headphones
  12. fluxdeity

    Will changing thermal paste decrease my temps.

    I'm hoping he meant 150 USD because 1500 and he could've gotten better than a 1050ti..
  13. ravenshrike

    Cheap Steel frame vs Carbon for a Bike

    Wat? No seriously, Wat? 4130 steel is definitely steel.
  14. DakotaWebber

    Firewall access ruining sound?

    the windows firewall pop up really only changes access to your network, not so much aspects to an application, and highly unlikely your sound how are you getting sound through your system? is your system sending sound through display connector? what does your device say for your sound devices, have you tried a usb soundcard / updating drivers?
  15. The B450 Mortar is waaay better than B450 Pro 4. The heatsink is great, mosfet just a tad bit worse than X470 Gaming plus, No heatsink for VSOC so dont get an APU if you use APU just go for Pro 4.
  16. hello_there_123

    is this psu future proof

    What do you need futureproof for. It's pointless to prepare for something which you know nothing of.
  17. DNS error? I though apple was blocking the website so you can't repair the phone on your own and must use their repair center.
  18. DakotaWebber

    Ethernet Port Solid Orange

    are you actually getting connectivity, or are you just concerned about the light?
  19. The IP rating is great in industry. I support a bunch of factories and something that tends to kill units is they fill up with this really great grease-like particulate. Removing it is labor intensive since it can't just be blown out with compressed air. With ruggedized cleaning out the fan assembly its super quick whereas standard laptops will just fill up with it. We don't mess with the RGB but I'd imagine switching it to red during the night or something would be nice? Instead we use BgInfo somewhat heavily. If you want to continue this series take a look at Caterpillar's android phones. They are rugged and have FLIR cameras built-in.
  20. DakotaWebber

    Last Gen sound effect qualities

    could potentially be the sound compression and formats they used to keep the size as efficient as possible, as well as just generally older sound engines
  21. So for the past year or so i have had a problem with sound in a game (Rainbow Six Siege). I assumed it was just due to the game and not my pc so i just left it. Recently something changed which fixed it and im not sure what. I was playing Rainbow Six again today and decided to leave it and update/delete some things. I ended up updating Fortnite and then opening it. Upon opening it, the game asked for access to the firewall (i think this may be the problem). I clicked ok and the game loaded ok but eventually the sound just stopped working and my pc started blasting beeping noises through my headphones. Now my sound still works but just sounds a lot different to when the problem was non-existent (certain sound features in-game do not work though). Has anyone else had a similar problem or may know how to solve this?
  22. Oalei

    is this psu future proof

    get RMx 10 year warranty have no reason to not have a 10 year warranty.
  23. Spotty

    Airflow insufficiency

    It appears that airflow would be heavily restricted in that case, with what appears to be only a very narrow slit for ventilation along the side of the front panel. Not enough to provide adequate air flow. Try removing the front panel or the side panel from the case and see if the temperatures improve. I believe that 80°C is the temp target set for RTX 2080 cards, so it's possible that your boost clocks will be suffering as the card tries to maintain that temperature. You can use software such as MSI Afterburner or HWinfo64 to monitor your GPU clocks in games and see if the clock speed is dropping in order to keep to the target temperature. Keep this in mind as even if you remove the side/front panel the graphics card may still go close to 80C, but your clock speeds may be boosting significantly higher.


  25. Shreyas1

    is this psu future proof

    never heard of the second one, but the first should last for a while if that's what you mean
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