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  2. So there's no way to control the CPU state & turbo using the windows tools, for such settings I should use 3ed party software... right ?
  3. Chizhek

    Which GPU to buy

    It is trought amazon.fr....and when i called the ASUS they said i need to contact the seller
  4. Stefan Payne

    Loque Ghost S1 - Gaming

    Partially but now there are other issues - such as high ripple & Noise in overload conditions. Proof: http://www.pceva.com.cn/article/3911-2.html Additionally: https://www.tweakpc.de/hardware/tests/netzteile/seasonic_focus_gold/s09.php Its not THAT quiet. There are better options - be quiet Straight Power 11, Bitfenix Whisper M, 550W or better Bitfenix Formula. There are better PSU available for the same or only slightly more. There is no need to go with Seasonic. And compare the size of such ITX Tower to a µATX Tower... This is your case: https://www.caseking.de/fractal-design-define-nano-s-mini-itx-gehaeuse-schwarz-gefd-034.html?sPartner=112&utm_source=affilinet&utm_medium=cpo&utm_campaign=affilinet&wt_mc=affiliate.affilinet.feed 203 x 330 x 400 mm (BHT) This is another Fractal Case. https://www.caseking.de/fractal-design-define-mini-c-tempered-glass-micro-atx-gehaeuse-schwarz-gefd-053.html 212 x 399 x 399 mm So about the same with and depth but height is different - a meager 70mm, 7 Centimetre or 2¾ Inches.
  5. NeuesTestament

    German Talk

    Ich muss alles neu kaufen, da ich meinen alten PC komplett verkauft habe, als ich vor zwei Jahren nach Spanien bin. Ich denke, ich werde noch auf die dritte Generation Ryzen warten. Muss eigentlich nur FullHD Gaming können und ansonsten halt das übliche, Office, VMs, Multimediazeugs und wahrscheinlich noch andere Dinge, die mir gerade nicht einfallen.
  6. TempestCatto

    Windows 10 1903 reboot loop

    We had a similar issue at work. The guy updated his PC overnight (1903) and when he came in the next day, he was stuck at the login screen. His monitor kept flashing repeatedly. I did not try booting into safe mode and use DDU however, maybe try that? The reason I did not try it, is because he's had so many issues I just decided to recover his data, wipe the drive clean, and install Windows 10 Enterprise edition instead of Windows 10 Pro. I disabled the update service in services.msc and he's not had any issues since. Are you able to boot into safe mode?
  7. PeaceSMC

    RTX 2070 ASUS Strix Lightning error

    It's stock, I just plugged it it in. Advanced edition so slight factory OC (10-20MHz or so).
  8. NunoLava1998

    Windows file copy slow

    Thing is; CrystalDiskMark uses only 1 thread and still gets that 130mb/s speed. Plus measuring it remotely (i'm benchmarking it as a boot drive) gives even higher speeds
  9. Mira Yurizaki

    Windows file copy slow

    But again, 4K benchmark tests do not account for file system processing overhead. You can tell robocopy to use more threads to speed up the process: https://pureinfotech.com/robocopy-multithreaded-file-copy-windows-10/
  10. dalekphalm

    Guest appearances on the wan show

    Yeah, them even getting a big-wig on the show is next to impossible. If they were going to do a piece with someone that important, it would likely be a controlled interview or a pre-recorded video. They used to have WAN guests, but frankly, the primary issue is technical problems. Quality of the VOIP connection, audio drops, connection drops, audio desync issues, etc.
  11. PeaceSMC

    Asus GPU + MSI Motherboard lighting ecosystem

    Well that sucks. Thank you for your answer tho!
  12. Totally, utterly and completely off topic. The CX is over all a better product than the CX-M. The only thing the CX-M has going for it is modularity. The CX is not only an updated platform (LLC resonant vs. DF), but is also more efficient (primarily because of the updated platform).
  13. While I don't have a developer account, I do own an iPhone personally, and at work I have a business account for MDM related purposes. I've never had an issue with 2FA - using email has always been a fallback option. Is this not the case with you?
  14. I carry around an actual flashlight and thought that's what this was gonna be about, as I forget most smartphones have a "flashlight" function. lol
  15. TejasT

    Which laptop to buy

    Should be 15 inches , should be sturdy and strong, need not be aluminium finish. Should be around $600
  16. Mr. horse

    Experiences with non-techies

    but it looks line for linux users.
  17. Ayush007


    Dear Levent, First of all thnx for taking interest in my section, Secondly I m saying tht due to dual graphics card rpm (fan curve) , my cpu take more load then before. I’m lil bit worry about tht .
  18. Ebony Falcon

    RTX 2070 ASUS Strix Lightning error

    If it’s a bad ocerclocker Rma the card for faulty light, if it’s good oc like 2150mhz or something then keep it
  19. I find that curious. In recent years I've tended to get CX450M/CX550M for budget builds as they're well priced and widely available. Maybe I should get the CX550 instead going forward since it does look slightly cheaper than the 550M in a quick look on Amazon UK. When I run systems, they are usually under sustained load so any efficiency improvement could help a little there.
  20. NunoLava1998

    Windows file copy slow

    Pretty instant; seems like it's only an issue with small files. I bought the drive for the 4K performance though and most of the files i copy/move are small so..
  21. Question to all of yous, how important is the undertray (a plastic cover that "protects" the engine bay from underneath)? Due to at least 3 of the screws holding it disappearing, a third of it has disappeared so the right side drags along the road now . Any point in getting a new one? I've currently just taped the right side back on so it would stop scraping along the road. I would remove it as it's just cover but can't reach any of the screws holding the left side without lifting the car.
  22. "Are you propositioning me?" I would rather tell and be told if my phone's light is on.
  23. Ayush007


    Dear Skiiwee29, First of all thnx for taking interest in my section, Secondly I m saying tht due to dual graphics card rpm (fan curve) , my cpu take more load then before.
  24. jake765111

    Help Me With My Graphics Card?

    Look here for this fix. "fix" https://community.acer.com/en/discussion/541961/acer-aspire-e14-e5-475g-blinking-flashing-display also this - https://forums.tomsguide.com/threads/acer-laptop-screen-blinking.125913/
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