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  2. TheSLSAMG

    Is this case any good??

    The NR600 is already available in the US, I'm not sure about when it will come to Spain though. The case you linked seems nice. Looks like it has good front airflow, though I would be a little concerned about the minimal ventilation at the top. If you end up with the case you linked, consider adding more fans as it only comes with one.
  3. i want to make a LAN centered build in a 50 cal ammo can but am hopeing to give some old teck a new lease on life i am hopeing to find a few old dell hp acer oem/aio to use as parts but i've had a hard time finding motherboard sizes from those manufactures ammo can is 7 x 11 x 5.5 inch er 17 x 28 x 14 cm let me know what ideas you all have
  4. LukeSavenije

    Is this case any good??

    that actually doesn't look bad for the price... but I'll add @TVwazhere to be sure
  5. SoreRaito

    Finished the "Overkill" build.

    Pic's or it didn't happen =D
  6. if u can, skip the 2070 and get a 2080 or radeon vii, last i saw they were 650usd on amazon and within 5% of a 2080.
  7. Lady Fitzgerald

    Share your location!

    Nothing. It's an abreviated version of saying you were comparing apple to kumquats. It's another way of saying people being sign blind has nothing to do with people not saying where they are located. Sorry that it came across as an insult.
  8. jaiminator21

    Is this case any good??

    I found this case on amazon (https://www.amazon.es/CiT-Alizarin-Mid-Tower-Rainbow-Experience/dp/B07BFD94H2/ref=sr_1_91?adgrpid=56464408216&hvadid=275322353757&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9061047&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=18192593643754831057&hvtargid=kwd-300980003711&keywords=rgb+fans&qid=1556001583&s=gateway&sr=8-91) and it caught my atention because it looks nice. was originally waiting for the Cooler Master NR400/600 to release. Btw when will they come out?? Thx
  9. From Stop Code DRIVER VERIFIER DETECTED VIOLATION Windows PC error code issue, your PC gets crashed and started running slow. The Driver Verifier is basically a program on your Windows PC that tracks down all the bad drivers that are causing a BSOD (Blue screen of death) error problem. It replaces the default O.S. (Operating System) subroutines with ones that are specifically developed to catch the PC driver bugs. This is one of the most common BSOD (Blue screen of death) error problem issue. So from this Stop Code DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION error, the PC driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught.
  10. Ravenbear

    Yeet [Completed]

    Been saying this for a while but stopped because there is no changing the hate boys minds. I am packing 2 2080s in NVlink and can run games like the Witcher 3 on Ultra at kick-ass FPS. So I sit back and enjoy my games and let the hate boys have moments in the sun, even if it is in their mind.
  11. LukeSavenije

    Help me decide which graphics card I should buy, please!

    ventus is a bit on the louder side, I'd get the gigabyte personally
  12. TheSLSAMG

    i7 6700K OC 4.6 Ghz

    Sounds fine to me, provided it is actually stable. If you're looking to test for stability, use something like Prime95. If you run with Small FFTs and AVX though, you will definitely see temperatures beyond 75C. It isn't the most realistic load scenario, but it's a good show of worst-case performance. Running without AVX is fine since it isn't widely used, Small FFTs is recommended though for stability testing. I wouldn't be worried about temps unless it breaks 80C with Small FFTs and no AVX.
  13. Illegear has just earlier today introduced Prodigy (15.6") and Rogue (17.3"). Sits below Onyx and Selenite. Membrane keyboard only interestingly. i7-9750H and GTX 1660 Ti with Optimus. https://www.illegear.com/laptops/prodigy-rogue/
  14. LukeSavenije

    Help me decide which graphics card I should buy, please!

    it's a bit per game, for games like ac:origins and csgo I'd understand was it also in more gpu heavy and balanced games?
  15. Gale

    Share your location!

    What did you just call me?!
  16. GeneXiS_X


    I don't know about their dekstops but they do sell Clevo laptops with Linux
  17. Unimportant

    I'm going to start a project

    Audio is always AC. The + and - are simply designations to make sure you connect all your speakers in phase. If you were to connect speakers in anti-phase 1 speaker would be "pushing" while the other is "pulling" and vice versa. Their audio waves partly cancel each other out and that sounds bad.
  18. GeneXiS_X

    Laptop for college

    Max weight preferred in kg/lbs? Mind low sRGB display and non-upgradable RAM?
  19. LukeSavenije

    i5 9400f or r5 2600?

    i can't name a unit from evga that isn't louder than the superflower version tbh...
  20. leadeater

    Vega finally beats RTX? Vulkan strikes again!

    So it was but then later removed and pre-orders were honored? Explains why I can't see it. How good is it? I mean I really like those games but...
  21. Min how many hours of battery life you need? Some plastic build laptops do have good build quality while some all metal build laptops have subpar build quality Max weight preferred in pounds? Where are you from?
  22. LukeSavenije

    Do I need 750W or 650W PSU?

    except that they do... 80+ is just efficiency, not qualify. and there are companies that actually sent in different units to 80+ than they sold, even big names
  23. Ratisbona

    Space for ram

    I can recommend the Dark Rock 4 (Non-Pro), that just about clears the second RAM-Slot (on my Board, YMMV) so you're unrestricted in Height for the RAM, as long as you're only using 2 DIMMs. Plus you can actually see the RGB-RAM and it doens't vanish underneath the giant cooler
  24. JustWantTech

    Vega finally beats RTX? Vulkan strikes again!

    I m not suprised since AMD GPU favours Vulkan API more than DX12 Honestly, a game dev can have both DX12 and Vulkan API applied. I am pretty sure Vulkan can run on Windows. I don't really see the point of API battlewar, it's all depend on the game dev intention. Honestly, if I am a game dev and only want to make games only for Windows, I rather use DX 12. I don't know if integrating Vulkan into a game is easier than DX12.
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