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  2. My second PC duh.
  3. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! And not ONCE does he mention what the wire gauge is or measure the resistance/voltage drop under load. At least he says: "This video is in no way scientific and is completely subjective."
  4. I am retired and have no idea how to set up my network, but I have read a little. So, question, can I plug in a 4 ethernet switch into my cable modem and then run an Ethernet wire to another room to another switch to hardwire my tv, tivo, and Blu-ray player and plug my Wi-Fi router into the switch by my modem to use for my Wi-Fi computer, printer and cell phone use? Thanks for any help, do appreciate it.
  5. Make sure mce is enabled and you have high perf mode set in windows also try reflagging the old bios to see what happens
  6. LOL! Voltages are going to be so low at the end of the cable that there's going to be nothing but PSU related issues with this build.
  7. The speaker sound is a “beep code”. It is telling you the machine is having a problem and trying to tell you where the problem is. The manual for your motherboard should tell you what that beep code means.
  8. Was flipping trough some old backup files and came across screenshots from Battlefield 2142. Actually does not look half bad considering it's from 2006.
  9. Try this: turn the psu switch off. remove the cmos battery press the power button a few times then hold it in then press it a few times more (to bleed the motherboard power) remove 1 stick of ram insert the cmos battery turn the psu on press the power button ONCE and wait. If it boots to windows, restart the pc then shut it down. Then insert the stick of ram and turn it back it on.
  10. mmmm .. in a word "yes" .... but ... it really depends on what aspect ur referring to. TN panels are cheap to make, so u find them in cheaper displays. They also have the worst picture quality. However their strength comes in how fast their pixels can transition (response time), which makes them the choice for hardcore competitive gamers. if however ur an 'average gamer/user' who wants both image quality and good enough speed for gaming, then generally speaking ull either want to pay out for one of the very few higher end TN panel displays that are good quality or more likely go for an IPS panel display. VA is another option however for gaming ur restricted to only a couple options due to VA having a hard time with pixel transitions especially the dark ones. Here only a couple monitors that use VA panels are actually fast enough to be considered any good for gaming, BUT their image is superior to that of most IPS thanks to their deeper blacks and higher contrast. To find out how good displays arei n all aspects you will want to find tested objective reviews, not overviews of specs or subjective reviews. Some good sites are: rtings.com tftcentral.co.uk pcmonitors.info Here is a link to a list from rtings. https://www.rtings.com/user/ratings/mQInJLi7qiX8GQ
  11. Hard to say. With the new 2020 parts quick to be announced with a few leaks it could be better to wait for the new toys where older stuff should go on sale. Last gen was hard to compare since it was in the boom of crypto which destroyed older card prices of the 10 series GTX. So I would assume some price lowering for last gen hardware. But with the Coronavirus hitting China with no known cure or way to combat the spread this will affect prices as China is where most hardware is manufactured, There has been rumors about shortages of multiple parts which could increase prices on many things including PC parts. Just my 2 cents it could be all ok or go to total disaster hard to say.
  12. Some one earlier said it was all basically BS (like most media articles, they are just jumping on the hype train for clicks), I think the discussion quickly moved on to the research status of health and RF technology.
  13. All the fixes I can think off will 'void the warranty'. If you are truly worried and think something is not okay, RMA it.
  14. I would agree with OP, but not in the scale of 2018. Radeon VIIs seem to do well, you can find a lot of videos about it. I'm less experienced with nvidia, but I guess they can still mine the same coins even more efficiently with Turing now. You can still mine a lot of coins with GPUs. Ethereum is still around and Cuckatoo31 and Grin/Mimblewimble (I love this name) has made its way to the profitable spot also. Ethereum should hit 2.0 soon(ish) and even though it is going to switch to PoS, there will be an in between phase with PoW (GPU mining) and PoS ("mining without compute power" in short). Ethereum 2.0 could drive the price super high, thus making mining super profitable thus causing a small shortage, but because PoS is not using compute power anymore, the shortage will quickly fade away as PoS takes its place and PoW is phased out. Disclaimer: this is not investment advice.
  15. I am having network issues while gaming. I play fortnite, yes I know it’s a bad game, but, I play around 30-60 ping which very reasonable for fortnite but sometimes while playing it feels laggier than my ping shows. For example while playing I may have 30 ping and sometimes it feels super delayed but also sometimes it feels very snappy and minimal delay. So basically I am trying to fix the issue where it feels more delayed than it should be. I do get packet loss sometimes( I also need help with this if anyone could help) but the issue mainly occurs while I get 0% packet loss. Any help is greatly appreciated as I have no clue what to do to fix it. details my pc is only 6 months old. (I7 8700, gtx 1660 ti, 32 GB RAM 3000mhz, I play with a cat8 Ethernet cable (supposedly, that’s what it said when bought it from amazon) my download speed is 20mb/s and upload is 2mb/s, I know my Internet isn’t very fast but if this was the cause of the delay then my ping would show higher than 30-60ms.
  16. This device doesn’t look like it does 5.1 splitting. At least not with the connectors shown. It wants pre-split 5.1 input. As far as 5.1 input it looks Pretty straight forward. RCA is either 2 pin or one pin. In this case it looks like one pin. 5.1 is actually 6 channel, but one isn’t amplified so it’s 0.1 instead of 1. You’ve got the 6 channels sitting there labeled. im assuming this is the back of the second hand 5.1 device. The outputs on the TV are what matter. If the TV does 5.1 splitting you’re golden. If it DOESNT, and only has 2 channel out, more inputs will need to be found on this device, or a different device will need to be found. What needs to be seen is what the outputs on the TV are. They can vary wildly. Only half the required information is here.
  17. The older tn panels msi used are very very good for some reason way better then even the better ips panels in gaming notebooks sure they dont have the best viewing angles but in terms of colors etc they look amazing saw a few of them in a local store especially red looks alot more vibrant then to the ips models next to it ( asus strix 2 laptop was next to it )
  18. maybe if its a tablet but then its still aint gonna be too great
  19. They may not check every switch, either when the switch is manufactured, or when the keyboard is actually being built. Shit happens.
  20. I'm In the works of building a new system and considering the new Nvidia cards are rumored to be coming soon I don't want to buy a 2080 now if it will drop in price shortly (or potentially the new lineup) and just hold on to my 2060? I figured this would be a good place to ask since I don't know if Nvidia has a somewhat predictable rollout/price drop as I haven't been paying attention to this industry for long. For those that may be interested I'm building a r5 3600, msi b450m mortar max, and still trying to figure out what I want to do for ram and open to recommendations since the QVL and a few ram manufacturers have conflicting compatibility(corsair mainly). Thanks in advance for the help
  21. It's not a fantasy build... It's my PC.
  22. Hello everyone, today, i am faced in front of a very difficult problem. EDIT 1 PC SPECS : Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z-390A Processor : Intel I5 9600K @3.70GHz RAM: HyperX 2x 8 gigs DDR4 @3200 MHZ Current GPU : MSI GTX 970 OC Bootdrive : Kingston SSD 250 gigs Running games on similar spec'd SSD. You see, i've received a new case recently and all i've done today is to transfer all of my current components to the new case. But, with a twist, i've also done a CMOS battery clear to reset my BIOS due to not being able to ever access it for some reason The behavior was as follows : - Pressing power button turns on the PC as usual, but no peripherals or monitor would respond until windows boots up. - Trying to access the bios by going through windows troubleshooting stays in a blackscreen until the PC is resetted only to behavior the same way as described above. - Trying to use a bootable USB drive does the same behavior. This behavior was fixed after a CMOS battery clear. Do know, however, that i changed TWO settings in the bios before booting : I have changed my HyperX DDR4 memory's clock to it's advertised 3200MHz I have changed my bios's delay to 5 seconds. HOWEVER after a couple of minutes running google chrome and watching a random video, my PC completly froze and not responded until a reset. After this random freeze happened, the behavior mentionned above re-surfaced. i have decided to ignore this behavior until i have noticed multiple freezes AND game crashes while playing World Of Warships with my friend and decided to REDO a CMOS battery clear. And this is where i am stuck right now, my PC would never boot up after this clear and here's the current behavior : Pressing the power button turns on the PC, all fans spinning, all hard drives spinning, GPU fans spinning, motherboard flashes OK. HOWEVER i do not have any peripherals NOR monitor turning on. Having a windows bootable drive does not wake up the system. Trying to reset the PC with a short circuit to the CLRTC jumpers DOES make the motherboard restart multiples times but always ending up in the same result. So right now i am at an impasse. Could anyone competent please help me and guide me through making this computer start up again? I am extremely desperate.
  23. Okay then, it's a fantasy build. Which isn't real. Another word for not real is.... fake.
  24. Ik it is the spring because when I slowly tap down, you hear the metal creaking like you would if you press down on a spring mattress. Also, it is only occurring on the A key and nothing else. Is the spring perhaps not straight so it is bending which is causing it to rub against the side of the switch holder?
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