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  2. steelo

    What should my next upgrade be?

    I agree, if I recall correctly the last time I ran orange room my graphics card was rated somewhere between 'minimum' and 'recommended' but closer to recommended...I don't remember the exact score. Right now, the main VR titles I play are star trek bridge crew, VR echo and robo recall.
  3. lmaobadatmath

    Ryzen 3 2200g Upgrade

    As BigRom stated, wait till Ryzen 3 arrives, it will definetely change things.
  4. Ankerson

    PSUs and Overclocking

    Yes, it's fine.
  5. @trevb0t Look I am fully taking ur advice since u seem like somebody who knows about this stuff as I said before I am a begginer and this is my first time building a pc i'll i want a pc woh dont get over 350$ not more then 350$ even 355$ and I want a decent and good looking pc I like the red color what is the specific details that I should look for in the case so every hardware fits and I am planing to upgrade it so I need a case which looks fine like fans that i can change their color maybe in the futur if I plan to maybe post videos live stream I want a pc who could do that maybe because as I said i'll upgrade it later so what is ur advice my budget is not more then 350$ and I am not sure if i'll OC the cpu maybe if there is a big diffrence and I want a pc who could run the next games maybe that comes out so it's not just for the games right now i dont play much 1080p because I like 720p because i dont need the quality i want the smoothness i am sorry if this is a long message but i am taking ur avice for real i want a 350$ pc i want a better case then the one u sent me, btw if u have something we could chat together because u dont seem really active here.
  6. I was using an IKEA power strip. It must not have surge protection. Pretty stupid of me.
  7. but the reason for swapping boards like that is usually for VRM temperatures...
  8. skunkmunkey

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    My latest hunk of junk to play with is this heap, an Old Dell Poweredge2900 that I pinched from the scrap pile at work. For under £35 I've chucked in 2 x Xeon x5365's and upped it to 20GB of 667Mhz DDR2 RAM . It's currently got 5 x 74GB 15k SAS drives in it but I might swap a few of them out and keep two for the OS and then chuck six 2TB SATA drives and use it as a media server or something along those lines. It also has an old DAT72 tape drive, although from looking at the dust inside that drive I don't think it would work even if I wanted it to. Managed to get it to run Server 2012 after a bit a faffing around so bought it a little more up to date than it's original 2003 R2 install. I initially went to reinstall 2003 but then realised I'd need a floppy disk for the RAID controller drivers so had to jump ahead a bit to the later versions where Windows can deal with that itself. I can't even remember the last time I had floppy disks. Just run Cinebench R15 and on the multicore score I think it did alright and scored 538, the single core was a pitiful 74 though haha. To put that in perspective my OC i5 8600k at 5Ghz got 1185 for the multi-core and my Skylake era dual-core G4400 only got 247. I know with the two CPU's it's running at 8 cores but for a pair of processors that I picked up for peanuts I think that's pretty respectable. It's currently running R20 but think it's going to be a while. Plus I still love the sound old servers make when you fire them up, my cat shit herself when all the fans kicked in and it sounded like it was gonna take off! Annoyingly, I can't find anywhere on it to show it's power consumption although I'm going to guess it's probably in the 300W range even when at idle.
  9. lmaobadatmath

    Gtx 1060 or Gtx 1050ti ?

    It's a pretty bad psu, get a 400W Pure Power 10 or a CX450/550, as the 570 and 580 are some power hungry cards
  10. you only talking about the magic mirror thing or the whole thing?
  11. LukeSavenije

    Mega cheap 1070 ti titanium

    in classifieds, you can find guidelines there too
  12. Stormseeker9

    what 2080ti to get

    Like to refer you to the GPU list get get one of the highest tier if you want the best of the best.
  13. jstudrawa

    are M.2 SATA and NVMe

    Those are their best case scenario specs, yes. But the argument is that NVMe doesn't give a REAL WORLD advantage, in a system. Boot times and program start ups on SATA are the same as NVMe. You need a specific use case for NVMe. Gaming isn't it. If you want NVMe to have the best and fastest regardless, sure. But it's not a benefit for most of us.
  14. my man, for a mouse what you need is the logitech g402.. wired. the only downside of it is that the mouse clicky is sorta noisy. wireless mice arent any good for esports imo.. the shape of the mouse is whats most important.. you gotta hold a bunch of different mice in your hand an decide on which one is the most ergonomic. I dont know if you live in the US but we have retail locations like bestbuy and walmart. they typically have an assortment of mice you can hold so you can try before you buy.. ordering online for a mouse always brings a bit of uncertainty. but, this is the latest mouse I bought. im trying this one out on a whim. I have no idea whether it will work out or not.. the logitech mice have always been good to me though. they're also backed up with really good software. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0751D11BL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 as for the keyboard I think its less important but it you can get MX cherry switches it cant hurt.
  15. lmaobadatmath

    Repurposing old PC (i5 2500k)

    Alrighty, thanks a lot. Have a good one!
  16. I recently overclocked my GPU without regards if my PSU can handle it. I want to know how to determine if my power supply can handle these overclocks. My system has a Corsair SF 600 80 plus gold power supply with an RX 570 Overclocked at 1500 MHz Core frequency (1244MHz Stock) and Memory Frequency of 2200 MHz (1750 stock). My GPU Caps at out temps of 59 degs so i assume that i have no problem with my cooling.
  17. SpookyCitrus

    Netflix in 4k broken

    @mikat Have you tried using the Netflix Application from the Windows Store? From what I gather that is the only thing Netflix has out right now that supports 4K on Desktops.
  18. SharkGTX

    Finished the "Overkill" build.

    Not accurate build. Do some cable management! And not surprised about the price) My PC is 2.5 times more expensive))))
  19. Slottr

    Repurposing old PC (i5 2500k)

    You can use FreeNAS There's tons of guides and things to follow to get you all set up
  20. Smackaroy

    what 2080ti to get

    have a max budget of 1300 moneys want to know whats the best for cooling and overclocking
  21. Stormseeker9

    Fans rev really high and loud for just a minute

    No worries dude. We are here to help !
  22. I thought I would give a shout out in regards to my experience upgrading from an 8700 k two a 9900 k. While staying on a z370 bord. At first I experienced extreme CPU temperatures even with it 360 all in one cooler. Even at stock clock speeds the CPU was throttling and hitting over 95c. NOT TO WORRY After nearly pulling on my hair out and almost going to my local Memory Express to upgrade to a z390 motherboard I took one last stab at it and realize there was a newer bios update which team to solve everything. I'm now sitting at a comfortable 77 two 79c when stress testing with prime with a over clock of 5.0 in all cores at 1.33v My exact board is a msi z370 sli plus. So to anyone out there that is having trouble controlling there temps on a z370 check for a newer bios version as that is what fixed mine. Good luck and may your temps be low. Cheers
  23. Phentos

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    A good friend of mine IRL was an absolute boss back in the CS 1.6/CS:Source - early CS:GO days, while unemployed living off monthly checks from his parents. However since he started going back to school and getting a part time job (no doubt motivated by the gravy train from his parents drying up), his skill at the game has noticeably declined. He's still very good at it, but he's a shadow of what he used to be. I've nagged at him many times over the years to either stream or get on Youtube to show off his skill at the game but he couldn't be bothered I guess. So there is some credence to this theory at least in my experience. Unfortunately I don't really know any women IRL who are really into gaming, aside from a couple past classmates playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds on their phones before class began.
  24. Taja

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    In e-sports, women and men can compete in the same teams (because its not a physical sport) and in dota there are ZERO women that play in a real pro level. I think that will change, and thats good, just like the South American scene is growing internationally (Im brazilian and very happy to see a brazilian team going to most majors, and even if they lose most of the times, its still an evolution). The main problem IMO is that the new generation of "gamer girls" is not ready yet. Im 23 and most of the women I grew up with didnt play (or dont until today) - gaming was a male activity, so most women didnt grew up gaming (like most males), but nowadays this is changing rapidly. In the end, its all math: some research shows that 50% of gamers are female, but they dont take into account the AMOUNT of time they play (daily/weekly or whatever), the amount of time they have been playing (since 6yo? since 20yo?) and if they are playing competitive games. I would guess that in competitive games, balancing by gameplay TIME, it would still be 98%+ men.
  25. Mick Naughty

    First time platform swap

    Depends on windows. Had an issue with mine. Normally wasn’t an issue but went up to an 8th gen and it wanted time to activate again. But an eBay code purchase is all my build was worth.
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