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  2. Ankerson

    Dual Channel wont work

    He has a different MB than you. You need to get ram that is on the GVL list for your MB. The ones I linked too are and will work.
  3. Rdpruitt

    Quick RT question

    Ok thanks.
  4. Somedude96

    Choices choices

    So, there's a shop in my city that sells brand new and used hardware. He sells used MSI GTX 1060s 6GB for the same price as a brand new GTX 1050ti. He said these cards were used for a few months and weren't used for mining, they were mainly used for gaming, photo, and video editing and "AutoCAD?" However, he can only give a 1-month warranty. Should I take the deal or should I buy brand new ones like the GTX 1050ti instead?
  5. paddy-stone

    What Os should I use ?

    With that kind of spec I'd say it's definitely gotta be a low resource compliant linux distro. Try one or 2 until you find the right feel.. I personally like Elemenary, or Neon... but have only used them on a 64 bit machine VM for the most part. Lowest spec I have used them on was a tri-core AMD PC for my sister... and with an SSD, so results may vary.
  6. NunoLava1998

    How's the quality of this old PSU I have?

    If I had to guess Tier C or D on the tier list
  7. Origami Cactus

    New Toshiba N300 making grinding noise

    Mine sounded similar, but yours somehow sounds far worse. The drive head moving sounds the same, but mine doesn't have the "grinding" sound.
  8. SolarNova

    Weird colors on dark scenes

    Without a proper calibration device your going to have to eyeball it using a calibration program or website. i.e http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/
  9. Bought in 2016, used until about mid-2018 when I replaced it with a CX550M I know it's pretty bad; but how bad is it? What PSUs can it be compared to? Not going to open up the PSU that's for sure lmao Here are some images i took (warning: gigantic images)
  10. Stefan Payne

    Last nVidia card with dual DVI ports?

    How do you know that?! When did you look into it last time? 15 Years ago, when the Radeon HD2900 was released and competed against Geforce 8800?? Especially since you can't even use the correct name for the manufacturer...
  11. _Syn_

    Buidling New PC would this work ?

    Welcome to reality, the GPU is at 50% with a GTX 1060 and CPU is above 90%
  12. Sorry but the whole point of a screen protector is to replace it when its damaged as it takes the damage the screen it self cannot take, Samsung messed up.
  13. Naetaku

    Rx 470 with i3 6100 bottleneck???

    So roughly how much better performance can I get from the Rx 470 compared to the gtx 950?
  14. SolarNova

    CLC advice for a View 71 case

    No personal experience with the case, but i cant imagine it having the best airflow with all that tempered glass in the way.
  15. Skiiwee29

    Quick RT question

    I believe in order for it to use the RT cores, the game will need to have DXR support, which is the official name for Ray Tracing. Without it, its not really Nvidia Ray Tracing and will not use the RT cores built into the RTX cards.
  16. Origami Cactus

    Quick RT question

    That minecraft shader doesn't utilize the RT cores.
  17. Lady Fitzgerald

    Stop buying bad audio equipment.. there is no excuse no more!

    There was a day (back before most of you were born) when more power did give a better sound. Amps tended to get distortion and clipping after half to 3/4 volume so people would get larger amps so they could let them loaf while still getting the volume they wanted. I used to put attenuators in the lines between the amp and the speakers to mask the slight hum and hiss at low volumes that came from tube amps of the time. This allowed cranking up the amp to bury the hum and hiss without playing the speakers too loud. There also was a time when, the bigger the speaker was, the better it was. Now, you can get much better sound from smaller speakers than the old monsters had. Setting up a quality system is so much simpler now than it used to be.
  18. LunaP0n3

    How to set up Raid 0 with USB sticks(Windows)?

    Don't know if there's any 3rd party software for WIndows, as the built in features of Windows don't support it. You'd have to go over to a Mac to do it. See the vid below. Hard Drives aren't exactly expensive these days.
  19. James Aplin

    Lap top keeps shutting down

    I cannot do that as its under rental contract, it would void the contract.
  20. _Syn_

    Buidling New PC would this work ?

    Battlefield V getting 137 FPS with an FX 8350? yeah right... Also his GPU usage is always at 100% seemingly with the FX 8350, so really the 2950X should perform the same since the 8350 is already taking full advantage of the card, that's ofc assuming the footage is related which it looks like it is
  21. Tristerin

    Linus Fixes Click Bait Titles

    Never forget
  22. ItsMeAgain

    CPU Cooler Performance Tier List

    I've been following this thread as a reference for a long time, but recently I can't but think there are a few discrepancies here and there. For example, Noctua U14S has been put in the Tier 4, but Deepcool's Maelstrom 120 as well as the budget AIO Gammaxx L240 has been put in Tier 3. I find it difficult to believe that a budget 240mm AIO would surpass U14S, let alone a 120mm AIO. Is there any supporting evidence that Gammaxx L240 or Maelstrom 120 performs better than Noctua U14S or U12A?
  23. paddy-stone

    Buidling New PC would this work ?

    The answer is yes by the way https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/M5A78LM_LX3/specifications/
  24. seoz

    Linus Fixes Click Bait Titles

    I still remember the "Is AMD For Poor People?" title (and humorously was put on show on @Tristerin which I love) that sparked a lot of outrage and controversery here and also in the YouTube comments, it was equal parts entertaining to see the backlash a simple title can bring and also a feeling of distrust towards the channel itself.
  25. Rdpruitt

    Quick RT question

    So, I've been seeing things everywhere about the 'raytraced Minecraft'. And everyone arguing that it's path tracing, not RTX. Even though it isn't part of the official RTX brand, would these path tracing games/shaders utilise the RT cores in a RTX card?
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