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  2. Enderman

    Putting windows on a SSD

  3. victorluisgr

    Putting windows on a SSD

    Do I really need to wipe all the source drive to transfer windows 10 from the HD to the SSD?
  4. BazookaBZ

    Ryzen 3 1200(GPU suggestions)

    I need suggestions... I want to pair the GTX 970 with the Ryzen 1200(But much recently i had a dream that the GTX 970 was bottlenecking the Ryzen 3 1200 really badly) but i'm afraid of the outcomes. Should i just get a RX 570, 580? OR what if i want to stick what i told myself i was going to do and get a GTX 970?
  5. Falco5150

    Dell/HP vs iBuyPower/CyberPowerPC

    Not sure what prebuilt company has good email support since I've never bought from any of them, but LTT made a video series about a bunch of these companies and ranked their value, phone support, etc. it may help you decide who to buy from.
  6. Hello, I have just completed a CPU upgrade to a Ryzen 7 2700x and upon attempting to open the Ryzen Master app an error message appeared saying this CPU is not supported followed by my PC crashing. Attempts to re boot have been unsuccessful, even in safe mode. I have not attempted a CMOS reset as I’m not sure if that will remedy the issue. Currently using: AsRock Ab350m Pro AMD Ryzen 2700x G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 3200 2x8gb WD Blue 1TB SanDisk SSD Plus 128gb Nvidia GTX 1050ti (RTX 2070 arrives tomorrow) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. SpartanAmy107

    Youtube video broken.

    I tried watching the VLOG from the Wan Show yesterday and the Youtube video is absolutely unwatchable, every 15 seconds it rewinds 5 seconds, making the video almost 3 hours long. None of the time stamps worth either due to the time being broken...
  8. A lot of these MMO type games are very single thread dependant. Most don't scale very well past 4 threads because of their game code Wow and FFXIV both are like that
  9. Jurrunio

    Do the Sapphire leaks make sense?

    We have to see the real deal before disagreeing with the price. Maybe AMD managed to make Navi more efficient than Nvidia's offerings? Maybe it's much faster in certain workloads? Maybe it comes with full OpenGL support so you dont need to buy Radeon Pros anymore? We'll see.
  10. I would say that it is still an adequate machine for what you are using it for, the price to performance upgrade with going to 8th gen Intel or Zen 2 Ryzen isn't worth it, unless you needed the CPU performance for something.
  11. Crunchy Dragon

    Dell/HP vs iBuyPower/CyberPowerPC

    -Moved to Laptops and Pre-Built Systems-
  12. Motherboard tray is installed in G5 case, waiting on the JB Weld to cure.


    Will probably mess with mounting drives and a power supply tomorrow, and then see about JB welding anything I need there.

  13. But this is what makes Huawei network and server equipment such a good deal, they come with free life time cloud backup
  14. amuroray

    My PC temp normal?

    these 2 days it seem to have low of 42c and load of 75c (when running games e.g metro last light) is there a possibility is got something to do with ambient? When i was setting up my pc in my room (before my wife kick me out due to RGB light disturbing her too much) i recall i use to have 35C idle.. and that is a 24 - 25C ambient temp room.. i did reinstall my CPU when i move out because my RMA board is back and i swap out the temp board.. I wonder i did something wrong when applying thermal paste..?
  15. Dan Castellaneta

    Last Gen sound effect qualities

    It's very plausible, not just in dated sound engines but with the sound sample's sampling rate, the compression used, all that jazz. Keeping RAM usage down was an absolute MUST when you only had about 480MB of RAM to play around with on the Xbox 360 and around 224MB of non-VRAM to play around with on the PS3. It basically works the same way if you work your way downwards and the inverse is true as you go newer and newer.
  16. Nooooo, really? A chinese company stealing tech from anyone not smart enough to fully document the meetings or large enough to push back after the fact? I've never heard of such a thing.
  17. LogicalDrm

    Got a warning point, doesn't show up in my acc info

    Yeah, there's so called "verbal" warning, aka 0 points. It's supposed to tell you to knock it off whatever you were doing wrong.
  18. ch3w2oy

    Do the Sapphire leaks make sense?

    If that's Sapphires pricing for their cards, sure.. AIBs always cost more..
  19. Started repainting the Corolla's steelies today, and they turned out pretty well! Here are some before and after pics, as well as the old hubcaps. Also that gap between the wheel and the fender is gigantic...
  20. Just partitioned 200 gigs for Ubuntu and everything's dope. I need an OSD in games for FPS and temps. I found GLXOSD but that's been discontinued. Looking for suggestions por favor.
  21. We bought the fans because the guy said his son wanted lights, so we went with argb fans rather then strips.
  22. that's just reinforcing the preconception for me ._. that is all.
  23. I know Dell & HP doesn't offer the same flexibility as far as being able to pick each individual component. On that point, there is no comparison. I am more interested in warranty support, specifically, the ability to contact support thru e-mail/chat & get a fast response. I have a disability which makes my speech hard to understand so just picking up the phone isn't an option. I need to be able to handle any interaction solely thru chat or e-mails and hopefully, get a quick resolution without having to actually talk to anyone. I would guess the larger companies, Dell & HP, are easier to reach simply because they have more people working for them but are those people in their chats or responding to e-mails actually able to do anything or are they just basic troubleshooting and then are going to tell me to call after they go thru their checklist?
  24. wasab

    Thinking of a name for new PC

    Nonononononono pc = personal computer It is correct to call even your smartphone a pc nowadays.
  25. DxmBN.png

  26. JayzSub

    Vega 56 or 64?

    My brother has the asus Vega 56 and Powercolor versions they're both very good in quality as well
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