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  2. Amazon product description: "Extreme Roomy Internal Space: Room for up to a 280mm radiator in front, 120mm radiator in the rear. 3 Sided Tempered Glass. Gamers are allowed to install upto to 174mm High CPU Cooler and up to 375 mm Long Liquid-cooling Radiator on Top and Front" TL;DR Yes N.B: I find your lack of airflow disturbing
  3. Rolph

    Buying cards used for Mining.

    As far as I know it does have a warranty, but not sure if he still has the box for it, not sure if it can be returned without it or changed if it fails. It is clean, the rig was mainly used in his home, we actually set them up together. I have seen it mining, haven't seen it actually used for gaming or anything besides mining. What software do you suggest using for stress testing? Or do you mean just run some games on it?
  4. dnakruf

    Mini ITX Case choice

    Thank you very much!
  5. Phill104

    5.25 or 3.5 USB 3 card reader

    I agree in some ways. Currently I use SD, microSD and CF on a daily basis. From a manufacturer point of view I can understand why they include all.
  6. Beer_Nontitju

    Mini ITX Case choice

    This is just my guess, so take my comment with a grain of salt: The Core V1 may have a lot of holes on the front panel, but it's not mesh. In fact, I think that it might be a similar case to the Q500L, which has a lot of holes - but combined they only cover 20% of the total surface area of the front panel. With that said, I think there may be almost no difference between the two cases you presented. So, I'm inclined to tell you that you may very well purchase the F1 Suppressor. Then again, it's just my personal opinion. Good luck!
  7. The Netherlands was PAL, yes. But France was SECAM so you can't make blanket statements about the EU.
  8. dnakruf

    Buying cards used for Mining.

    Hello I have used 2 RX 580s that were used for mining and here are the tips I could give you from my experience: Does it have a warranty? How clean is it, is it dusty and is the backplate somewhat oily or greasy? Did you see it work? If you can stresstest the GPU, please do so and see how stable is the test and the temperatures. -If the temperatures are not stable it might either be because the thermal paste is dried up or the fans are not healthy anymore. Try light and heavy gaming before you buy it and supervise the temperatures; at what degree do the fans start to spin? And lastly, does the gpu have a custom bios installed? Answer these questions and see how well the card does, if the answers are OK the card is quite usable from my experience ^^
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  10. Ravenbear

    Finished the "Overkill" build.

    Pretty much anything I set my mind to. Gaming to the extreme comes to mind. But that really was not the point. It's like my1995 Yamaha V-Max 148hp off the showroom floor. After 20 years of modifying it has 196hp. Not that I will ever need that much, I just wanted to see what I could build.
  11. Taf the Ghost

    Tesla Unveils FSD Computer and More at Autonomy Day

    It maybe, sort of looks like a Mali GPU. (Tesla might have also just used some of the same IP vendors as AMD, so a bunch looks the same because it is actually the same. Jim Keller might have something to do with that choice.)
  12. noxdeouroboros

    PotPlayer alternative for linux?

    Gonna try that bomi thing then.
  13. trevb0t

    Is this PC any good?

    Generally speaking, the i3 < i5 < i7 < i9 and the same for Ryzen 3 < 5 < 7 Use PCPartpicker to scour that local market and get the best bang for your buck. Rules of thumb: Intel beats AMD in single core performance, so for gaming purposes, it's a touch faster If you want to overclock, you'll need an unlocked intel chip (K or X series) where all Ryzen CPUs are ready to do so. AMD beats Intel in multicore performance, especially at the low end. So if you're doing streaming, video editing, animation, etc. it is generally the victor. Your GPU needs depend heavily on the monitor resolution and refresh rate you want to game at, and what titles you want to play.
  14. https://www.asrock.com/nettop/AMD/DeskMini A300 Series/index.asp closest i think you will find is something like the ASrock Deskmini series. they use very small mobos and low power CPUs that should fit perfectly. a Ryzen APU system would be the best you could fit. you can also look at laptops. laptops like old Probooks have small mainboards you should be able to fit inside. they dont need a lot of power nor a beefy cooler. use the included Display out on the mainboard to Display onto a screen. can be had for close to nothing. a Probook 6470B from Ebay is really cheap and you can swap out the Storage to an SSD and upgrade the Ram by adding another stick.
  15. xAcid9

    Vega finally beats RTX? Vulkan strikes again!

    Yes, they did mentioned that since pre-order started so no shitstorm. I don't play a lot of Anno, i enjoyed 2070 and hate 2205. This one is better than 2070. I read a lot of people claim Anno 1400 is the best Anno but i didn't play that one so i can't compare.
  16. Hello! I can't decide if whether which one I should get: https://www.thermaltake.com/chassis/mini_case_/core/c_00002373/core_v1/design.htm https://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=c_00002727 I want the F1 Supressor one but I am worried about the airflow. Core V1 has a front mesh panel that I think would help with the airflow; F1 Supressor has a almost covered front yet the same 200mm fan. Would it make a great deal of difference and which one should be taken if you consider the specs below; MSI B450I gaming plus Ryzen5 2700 be quiet! pure rock slim 16GB corsair lpx 2400 GTX 1070 EVGA FTW Corsair TX750M Thanks in advance
  17. worst OS ever, color(ful) OS every action need to link to oppo account. usb debugging disables every 5 min.
  18. LauriHimself

    Asus Arez Strix Radeon RX VEGA56 vs ROG

    Hi! I am looking for a gpu myself for a friend's system. Where exaktly do you live in Europe? In Austria you can order a 1660ti for about 270€. Is a Vega 56 really that much faster than a 1660ti?
  19. knuxyl

    NAS/HTPC BitFenix Prodigy M

    The Ryzen 3 2200G has about twice the TDP of the 8700T. The AMD is about 65W while Intel is 35W. When going for low power AMD has never been a solution that I have noticed. Honestly getting away from Intel Management Engine is a great idea, but the power consumption of AMD is too bad. EDIT So nevermind, I looked it up, and the Ryzen 5 Pro 2400GE is the perfect solution. It has a tdp of 35W but the gpu in it is good enough to replace the GT 1030. Thanks a lot for the recommendation, I'll be reconfiguring for AMD.
  20. Ravenbear

    Finished the "Overkill" build.

    $6629.32 USD I'll get some better pictures tomorrow.
  21. Thank you for sharing! It eases my concerns about potential poor build quality.
  22. leadeater

    Tesla Unveils FSD Computer and More at Autonomy Day

    All the important stuff is in the NN Processor anyway and that's essentially just another Tensor hardware accelerator built for a specific purpose. A 600 GFLOP GPU isn't going to do much heavy lifting, that's like RX 520 territory of performance i.e. crap. Edit: Also the SoC is roughly the same size and transistor count as an RX 580.
  23. Here's my personal experience, please contribute your own to let me know about your brand experiences... LG, I had 3 phone failures within 1.5-2 years. Motherboard burnout, 1 had cpu burn out, one had battery overcharge + Hard drive failure beyond repair. This was with the v20 and g3 and g4. No longer using LG ever again Apple: 1 battery expansion failure, other are all still working but the terrible storage options make them not purchase worthy for me anymore. Samsung: all good experiences, Apps crashes as the phone becomes more obsolete over the years. One weakening screen with burn in image. Battery probably weakened, but I didn't notice it much. Oppo? Huawei?? Xiaomi?? One Plus?? Vivo Nex (sneaked in because Linus featured it)??? Motorola (low end sneak): Slow but the one still works for the most part except that it has problems processing photos Google: One motherboard failure from bad soldering, phone was bricked as the motherboard cost too much to repair. 2 Still working very well with good batteries Honor?? Other brands do not offer high technology hardware parts and so I won't be asking about them. Please tell me about your experiences with your phone and how long it took to break ESPECIALLY if it's a question marked on the list..
  24. LauriHimself

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    Just looked it up, Vega 56 starts at 300,so a 1660ti is cheaper where I live
  25. Enderman

    Help with Audio Interface/Amp-Dac etc

    From my research it can monitor the computer audio too. The 6XX already come with a 3.5 to 1/4" adapter.
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