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  2. Spotty

    PSU vs. 4 pin connection on MB

    Yes. As long as it is the modern HX750W (Platinum, grey label) it will come with 2x 4+4pin EPS connectors for CPU power. Just split one of the connectors in half for the 4pin socket. The 4pin socket on the motherboard is optional though, it will run fine with just the 8pin installed.
  3. GoldenLag

    PSU vs. 4 pin connection on MB

    Your PSU should have the 4 pin,bu its not neccesary. Also would hold of buying a 9900k due to Zen2 being right around the corner
  4. zhubaohi

    PSU vs. 4 pin connection on MB

    Sounds like CPU power to me....
  5. Benji

    German Talk

    Das passiert sowohl über LAN an verschiedenen Geräten als auch über Singlestream und Dualstream WLAN AC, von daher halte ich das für unwahrscheinlich. Ich tippe eher auf Probleme seitens Steam, wenn ich ehrlich sein soll. Trotzdem danke für deinen Input! Frohe Ostern Euch allen!
  6. Hi there, Currently I'm planing my new system. MB: Gigabyte Z390 Aourus Elite CPU: Intel i9-9900k GPU: Zotac RTX 2070 AMP Extreme RAM: HyperX DDR4-2666 / 16 GB (2 Sticks) Storage: 1x M.2 + 1x SSD + 2x HDD Optical: LG BlueRay RW PSU: Corsair HX750 The MB has besides the 24 pin connection a 4 and 8 pin connection as well. Can I use one of the EPS/ATX12V, 8 pins (4+4) for the 4 pin slot? Thank you. Cervidae
  7. VegetableStu

    Anyone remember Linus Tech Tips?

    the Jake and Alex episode is great too, although it kinda feels like a sorority event, LOL
  8. Bearmann

    Flagship parts...don't care about cost

    Oh, yes. I do that now. The terms user directory and root directory had me confused. Thanks!
  9. Ezzy-525

    Anyone remember Linus Tech Tips?

    That's why I feel a combo of Riley and Alex/Anthony would be the best way forward.
  10. 90% sure it's a scam but, fuck it. eBay will give me my money back at some point if so /shrug 




  11. KeyzHostHD

    Boot Logo Change

    any video's or guide's, for changing windows boot logo?
  12. I've recently been tinkering with my PC, I overclocked my GPU and ran superposition for ~15 minutes, the max temp was 72C on the GPU and 60C on the CPU. After 15 minutes one monitor (Display Port) went black and said "No Signal", the other monitor (HDMI) was fine. I restarted the PC, got rid of the overclock (both CPU and GPU) and it was working fine for a few hours at which point the same thing happened, display port monitor black, hdmi is still fine (note this happened while browing reddit and watching a youtube video). Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 (was overclocked to 4Ghz @1.375V MSI GTX 1060 6GB OCV1 - Overclocked using this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9wsDqsObcg Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8) @3200Mhz, upped it from 3000 yesterday, PC has been fine and stable. Asus Prime B450M-K Corsair CX600M Also note that the PC is running fine currently, although the main monitor is still not working, typing this on the HDMI one.
  13. Lord Nicoll

    Warranty information for ASUS in Europe?

    Most consumer goods in the EU have a 2 year warranty. I'm pretty sure ASUS follows this as well but very often ASUS assigns RMA and warranty duties to the place of purchase, so it can vary a bit. As for conductonaut, don't. I did run a GPU for a while with liquid metal and it's not worth it.
  14. Hi everyone so I recently bought a second hand Asus gtx 1070 dual oc. Card works fine except it freezes. Temperatures are fine, power to the card is fine. When it freezes entire computer stops for a solid 15 seconds. During this time gpu usage drops to 0% then climbs back up afterward. This happens roughly 30minutes apart. It's 100% fine until that hour mark hits and it freezes again. The previous owner used it for bit coin mining. Is it possible that there is a mining program running in background or something? Not sure where to go from here. Rest of system is: I7 4790 Asrock z97 anniversary Hyperx fury 16gb (2x 8gb sticks) Seagate 3tb storage drive Kingston 500gb ssd Antex 550w gold standard psu Asus gtx 1070 dual oc
  15. Please dont use bottleneck "calculators". Not only are they missleading, they just create fear.
  16. It was i5-2100, I upgraded it to i5-2400 (yeah not a big difference). Only did it because a technician said the fault lies in CPU. As for motherboard, I forgot.. Can check it tomorrow. If I recall correctly its this one though: GA-H61M-S2P-rev-30
  17. I've been considering the redmi 6 (either 3GB or 4GB RAM version) but have stumbled upon something similar.This is the second one, it has somewhat better battery than redmi 6 and full HD display, what are these two phones like?
  18. 19_blackie_73

    Project Appletree - electric guitar build log

    BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG update time and a happy easter weekend to all I managed to squeeze a lot of work in the last two days,didn't have as much time as wanted but I got a few milestones done: First of all, finishing all the little cracks all around the body. I sanded and cut of the excess of the fillins i made and also sanded the outside to 120 grit. There's that one big cracky weird thing left on the backside to which I hinted last update: I'll probably rout the bulk of the cracked material away and make an insert with the stuff that I have left, should work out. I sadly can't put a bevel on it or chamfer it because the crack is too deep. I might have a very good matching piece so it should be fine and not too visible. The other part that very likely needs to be fixed is the wooden plate the guy who helped me with the body used to make the sandwich work: This will be a lot more hassel to get so look right, but I will wait with that until I sanded the inside for the first time and made the rough carve. Moving on to the headstock: first step was getting an even surface and the band saw marks out, second step was to make a template and route it out. The wood is on some parts very brittle and saddly, the router catched a bit and knocked a good chunk of material off one side of the headstock. Lukely I found the piece again and managed to get it glued back on: you still can see the faint whitish lines where it cracked, but from the top you can't see it: I then dropped the idea to make it with the router and shaped it with the band sander. I also routed the rest of the neck to the correct width. There are some cracks I need to fill in though on the headstock: I don't think it is the best idea to leave it as is. last thing I did was to route the neck pocket: this means: here it is in the final form the fit of the neck pocket is pretty good, but I managed to route it on a slight angel so the centerline of the neck and the center line of the body do not match. It's maybe 2degrees maximum, but the consequence is that the bridge won't sit in the middle. Sooo I need to fix that somehow, but I'll do that after carving the top and the neck. Probably next step is getting the mating surface for the fretboard absolutely level and then rout the truss rod channel. Stay tuned
  19. Scansy

    Coolers for Ryzen 5 2600

    Also pc parts here in Indonesia is more expensive than the price is the US so Rp600,000 is just a little more than Hyper 212.
  20. Minibois

    Dutch Talk

    Negativiteit is niet toegestaan in de Nederlandse draad!
  21. Spotty

    NEW PSU Tier List

    lol @OrionFOTL you beat me, must be a mind reader
  22. Spotty

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Segotep is an Asian brand. Doesn't really have much market outside of Asia. Probably won't find any western reviews for them. Segotep is owned by Colourful which is another Asian brand known for graphic cards. They also own Fortech which is the OEM for the PSUs which are sold under the Segotep brand name. Fortech does stuff for other companies as well. They made the Enermax Patinum PSUs, so it's entirely possible that they have their own line of 80+ Platinum PSUs. No idea about that particular model though, and like I said probably not going to find many western reviews since they're rather limited to Asian markets. Looking at the internal images on the sites listed they don't match up with internal pictures of the Enermax units, so must be different platform used. Maybe @jonnyGURU or @OrionFOTL know more about Segotep/Fortech and their platforms.
  23. Scansy

    Coolers for Ryzen 5 2600

    I live in Indonesia and my budget is around Rp16,000,000. One dollar is equal to Rp14,000. My budget for the cooler specifically is under Rp600,000 since if it's more than that I would just get the 2600x.
  24. seoz

    Amazon Expert Installation

    I've not had a bad experience with Amazon and I've been a customer for 3 years now. Deliveries often come through either Royal Mail or DPD. I personally prefer DPD, they give you a text letting you know of a delivery time and are always on-time. All of my deliveries at least fulfilled and dispatched by Amazon have gone smoothly for both deliveries directly to my house and also to a local Amazon locker.
  25. porina

    Coolers for Ryzen 5 2600

    The 2600 has a smaller cooler than 2600x. I just looked at mine, which is unused now. It is all aluminium and comparable in metal height to the Intel stock cooler, but the AMD one has a bigger solid central core (no copper) and overall has more metal. Maybe we can have a go with suggestions if we knew country and local currency budget?
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