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  2. i used to do a bit like this, but the list had some errors in it, so i moved it back to a private part of the forum
  3. there are still platinum rated units that can have problems, like failed fan controllers on aerocool p7, high overload ripple on seasonic focus px 2017, forgetting otp on the raidmax RX-700AT and so on. but purely looking at regulation and topology, an llc resonant dc-dc psu is the best
  4. you are at a bit of a weird spot. you could grab a 2700 or 2700x and something like a b450m steel legends or one of dozens of MSI boards. for 250-275 or you could spent closer to that 500$ and get a 3700x and a nicer x570 phantom gaming 4. as for cooler, I'd go air but if you insist on an AIO there are plenty to pick from
  5. Your CPU is still a viable CPU, I don’t see a reason to upgrade that yet. You would have much better FPS gains with a 2070 super for instance instead of a new platform all together...
  6. If it was broken you would probably know by now, over time it has gotten increasingly more difficult to break computer hardware. Of course it's always good to be a bit careful, but don't be too paranoid.
  7. I'll agree with that. Character development is lack-luster in Picard. I wouldn't say completely absent, but very, very slow compared to the older series.
  8. I remember him talking about it, must have been on a WAN show episode. From what I remember the theory went a little bit like this: Buy a videocard and sell it about a month or two before the new cards come out. That is before most people will sell their card, so yours will have more value on the second hand market. Not sure if I believe that theory exactly, but since I am paraphrasing it, I am sure I missed some important details.
  9. MSI Tomahawk B450 MAX with a Ryze 5 3600. The CPU comes with a decent cooler if you don't plan to overclock
  10. Hello i have installed m/b cable with cpu cable in mobo and psu same time and not have any led i looking for short life doesn`t work pics https://imgur.com/a/jljwKvw i need help
  11. Hello, lurker turned poster here! I swear there used to be a spreadsheet of all these PSUs with their respective protections/features/etc. checked off...was I just imagining it? I've been scouring the OP for hours and still can't find it...
  12. I would fairly confidently say yes. Cases like these give you maximum opportunity to take full advantages of your coolers, so if you're still overheating after that, it's possible the overclock is too high or the cooler needs to be upgraded based on what you want to achieve (though for a 3700X, a NH-U12 should be good)
  13. So that's probably why it happens. The HD family wasn't really designed for high refresh rate monitors, and I can't imagine that the driver support is very good now. Replace it with something that's modern and it will probably stop.
  14. I didn't change the text color, it was on default after I signed up. I just checked and it says it is on automatic. As stated in post, I have tried to vary the fan curves. None of them are steep. I have since this post turned off both system 2 fans, lowered my CPU fan to as much as it would let me (700rpm) and the same problem persists. I am going to need to remove the side panel and observe to determine which fans are speeding up. I suspect it is all of them and my theory of faulty temperature sensors is most likely.
  15. depends a lot on the games and performance target
  16. Well things have been moving very slowly for me but it's starting to look and feel like a home. We now have a working shower and stair lift. The next step is ethernet, it feels like a home, sounds like a call centre now its time to look like a datacentre. Although I have managed to lose 30 keystone jacks...
  17. So, it's a 10-episode ultra violence version of drumhead?
  18. Your CPU is pretty old, I would think anything better then a 1060 wouldn’t be worth it at all. I would try and get that 2600k overclocked which would likely help your FPS noticeably even with the 2600k.
  19. 4tb drives just tend to eat sata ports and drive bays like crazy for small capacities.
  20. Are you sure this works on a USB type C 3.1. Gen 1/3.2 Gen 1 port without Displayport alt mode/Thunderbolt? This will not work with OP's laptop, unless it has that displayport logo I mentioned in my post (quoted below) See the System requirements of this device: Please check if your laptop has that little Displayport logo next to the USB Type C port before buying the adapters linked by the other users.
  21. I have looked into unRAID, but I think I'll probably end up going with freeNAS. Thanks for the input though!
  22. Summarized like this, is it possible to translate the above to: "Generaly speaking, if wanting a excellent unit with least probability of coil whine, opt for something rated higher than gold, prefferably titanium; with c6c7 sleep state support mentioned in the spec sheet.". This is disregarding the budget constraint aspect of course; but it simplifies initial search a bit when looking for a good psu and limits to stuff actually (generally) listed by the manufacturer/brand info (unlike the topology / regulation). Granted, topology and regulation can likely be found in reviews; which is another thing to look for Asides: 1. Thank you for the interresting post! 2. If the above (by me) is deemed "plain wrong" or way off the mark etc. please be blunt/clear; im more than happy to edit the post such that at least others cant mistake it for "absolute truth" should it be deemed very misleading.
  23. I am in disagreement about pretty much everything about the direction of this show, but I'll agree with you about having to agree to disagree. B side story was possibly the best part of Star trek and was great character development and small wins....they are completely absent from this.
  24. You can simply buy yourself a dedicated dac and amplifier for your home theater system, and have a much better solution and control to whatever crap they can come with with to put it inside the box.
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