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  2. rickymohk

    VGA and hdmi dual monitor help

    Don't you graphics card has more than one output? Using the same GPU for dual monitor would generally be a better option as the iGPU consumes your system RAM. And yes, a HDMI to VGA output converter will work.
  3. YoFavRussian

    windows 10 update just broke the sound on my razer kranken te's

    The reason that I really dislike Windows 10, I imagine that device has drivers. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for the device?
  4. Dan Castellaneta

    Show off your latest purchase!

    It's a storm! Like I've never seen before! Got this on CD. Here's the scan of the front.
  5. Pro4TLZZ

    8700k high temps

    Will I be fine since my ram is dual channel so my first slot is empty?
  6. justinbaileynes1987

    windows 10 update just broke the sound on my razer kranken te's

    just was on a laptop that has not updated yet, the device is still working
  7. truckerlenny


    like if your gonna comment and give suggestion at least make it somewhat sensible. within the same universe at best . i find all of any brands (amd or intel) fanboys hilarious. look at the stats not just opinion. sure somethings are worth extra money.
  8. Kaloob

    Experiences with non-techies

    I know! I'd be ok if Android flagships were called a "poor man's phone" if they were cheap! In fact, I'd be very happy, because at least phones would be cheaper!
  9. Or, did you want this one?
  10. airENOwevEr778

    Is there updated list of budget phones?

    redmi note 5 is a good option.
  11. YoFavRussian

    windows 10 update just broke the sound on my razer kranken te's

    Try on a different device, Windows updates broke a bunch of my stuff.
  12. SigmaDire


    lol nuff said this post speaks for itself enjoy your noctua fans m8
  13. Give me the exact source in which Jensen said "it just works."
  14. valdyrgramr

    Bethesda removes DRM from Rage 2 after just two days

    Part of the reason Rage 2 sold well is because it's part of an id franchise. Ya, it was pirated probably. But, that has nothing to do with it selling well.
  15. Ryzen 5 2400 OC'd to 3800mhz (not stable enough for me at 3.9ghz), 8GB 3200mhz RAM, RX 570 4gb, ASRock B450M HDV Motherboard. Granted, I think you have 6 cores/12 threads, 8 more GB of RAM and a better MB, but yours looks like a terrific score!
  16. truckerlenny


    and plus that a AOC which im assuming is a chinese knock off from a read brand sorry i dont buy knock offs and the asus motherboard you sent me is a open box come on like seriously and its still more expensive than a intel board. and its the us website lol
  17. YoFavRussian

    Left-Handed Mice

    Me too, still write with my left though. Isn't it weird how you can train yourself to be dominant with one hand over the other?
  18. 20190520_192423.thumb.jpg.b2a61565013b7606e866e96bf8246a06.jpg


    Ok, I found a more appropriate device. 



    Fuck paying a premium for coiled cables, this is fucking easy. 

    And fuck you @Den-Fi!

  19. truckerlenny


    go to a canadian website like newegg.ca or amazon.ca not the .com version.
  20. Enderman

    best budget ssd?

    It does. You should have seen how horrible it was with kingston SSDs. HDD speeds or even worse after just a few years.
  21. Again, the problem isn't the early adopter aspect it's the way he words it through marketing that is misleading. If you simply say something just works then you are being vague and misleading. DLSS is part of the RTX crap and doesn't always just work. Secondly, it has problems and limitations that Nvidia downplays or outright ignores. Again! https://www.techpowerup.com/252550/nvidia-dlss-and-its-surprising-resolution-limitations
  22. SigmaDire


    yeah but i cant convert when a $220 monitor suddenly $340 fckin tariffs
  23. Also time for a short rant.


    I'm really tired of local restaurants which try to be 10 different things at once.


    For example quite a few around here are some combination of:

    • A middle eastern restaurant
    • A fish bar
    • A pizzeria
    • A burger joint
    • A fried chicken place

    It just doesn't make sense and is so inefficient. If i want a middle eastern restaurant then I'll go to one and if I want fish then I'll go to fish bar.....-_-



  24. Hello, I have my current monitor set set up to only one hdmi out coming from my graphics card into my first monitor... my second monitor only has vga and I’d like to use is if I buy a converter from vga to hdmi and put in my motherboard hdmi slot will it work?
  25. Breadpudding

    wd blue 500gb ssd help

    I believe you need to format the disk before you can use it. A trip to Disk Management should do the trick. If you need any help along the way, just remember that Google is your friend. You'd probably want to format the drive as NTFS(unless you have a really specific reason for not doing so).
  26. truckerlenny


    your talking usd im talkin canadian
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