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  2. Mainly using my X99 rig, but my old 2011 one (i5-2500, Z77 MoBo) is lately being used more and more. I am looking into moving over completely from Win7 to Linux. The old rig is great for testing stuff without having to resort to dualboot. With a modern GPU (I had a couple of 1070s left over from mining so that was a no-brainer) it's still pretty good for 1440p gaming.
  3. i found this asrock wit 165$ is that god or asus opne box and honstely i didnt trust on asrock and me and all friend never used it ASRock X470 Taichi AM4 AMD Promontory X470 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard
  4. Oalei

    Worth the upgrade?

    so you swap it for those or the local seller give you the money? Well i found many B450 boards is being cheaper here rather than B350 tbh, well how much is ryzen 3 is it brand new?
  5. This definitely explains why Apex Legends became such an overnight success. They paid Twitch streamers upon launch of the game (which was no secret). This just instantly launches the hype on a game. And yeah, as far as advertising budgets go, $50k is like, spare change in the couch cushions.
  6. unijab

    Networking challenge

    So you have to write your own software??
  7. That's basically about it with Huawei and Android then. Even AOSP isn't really an option anymore, it doesn't support RISC-V yet and I don't see the Open Handset Alliance jumping on that train if Huawei goes the RISC-V route. On the other hand: try sueing Huawei in China over licence infringement. Good luck, ARM. But seriously. This is a major blow. Screw the Android license, Huawei could still go strong with AOSP and a China-proprietary approach. Without the ARM license, they legally can't manufacture their SoCs anymore.
  8. Chevy_Monsenhor

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    Play video games, listen a lot of music, watch movies and youtube videos.
  9. emmawearstripes

    Macbook Pro vs Surface Laptop 2

    I'm interested in buying either a Macbook Pro or Surface Laptop 2 and I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on the two. I'm aiming for 15" 16GB Ram with at least 500 GB memory if not 1TB. I work as a graphic designer, mainly on patterns so I'd be using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop a lot, but I might also use it for architecture work in the future and definitely for some light video editing. I'm currently a PC user but I own an ipod which I use for taking photos a lot for my work. I also occasionally use my camera for work so I'm drawn to the SD slot in the surface laptop.
  10. Oh okay, I see. I think it's a bit overly complicated way of thinking about it but I suppose you're right That's quite interesting, I always thought the main focus of improving Ryzen's singlethreaded performance was reducing cache latencies and improving the IMC inside, on top of improving Infinity Fabric in terms of both throughput and latency That said, I think that AMD has a very good base architecture to improve upon in regards of singlethreaded performance (unlike Skylake LOL, which ++++ are we on nowadays?) Nice work man, interesting results! Yeah, I think you should update your Intel-mobo BIOSes as well before conducting testing as there may be a performance difference when full MDS mitigations are applied, same goes for AMD BIOSes although I don't expect a huge differences there
  11. MeatFeastMan

    2080ti worth it currently?

    No, it's not actually worth getting. We can't even make the 'if you've got money to burn' argument, because if you've got money to burn there's the Titan RTX there for you. You're on a 1070, so going 2 steps above that would make sense. That means you've got 3 options. A used 1080ti, Radeon VII or RTX 2080.
  12. it doesn't have a make or model but it's a 486-dx40 with 8mb of ram and i use it to test cinepak video
  13. Now a days, my 2014 Macbook Air. Though, used to use laptops as soon as last semester.
  14. kdawwgg1221

    Worth the upgrade?

    I really wanted to keep the CPU, MOBO, and RAM for my brother, but personally I feel selling those parts are a safer idea. @Oalei I could use the money to buy the Ryzen 3 1200 Processor, and a kit of RAM I found for $25 (Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x4Gb) DDR4. From a local seller.
  15. Spancer

    2080ti worth it currently?

    I still can't see a reason to upgrade from my 1070, even on 1440p.
  16. Jurrunio

    2080ti worth it currently?

    It's the fastest single GPU so there's a big price premium, and it didnt offer nearly as much value as its predecessor, the 1080Ti. If you have the cash for the best of the best, then sure go for it. Otherwise, nope.
  17. should be no issues with an open box motherboard.
  18. I still use my 2010 easynote ts i just upgraded the ram from an older scraped asus rog g20 and put a ssd in it boots in 20scd and with i5 it's still decent mind you my parents use it so no games but no hiccups whatsoever
  19. 190 isn't that good of a price tho... i can get a brand new taichi for less...
  20. SenpaiKaplan

    2080ti worth it currently?

    A lot of people don't understand that the 2080Ti is a Titan class card in terms of performance and price, not a consumer class one. 2080 makes much more sense.
  21. teaser...


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    2. GrockleTD


      Hang glider pre fabric?

    3. LukeSavenije


      you won't guess it this way...

    4. Sychic


      obviously a modern art towel rack

  22. thanks you means it safe and i can get it with any future problem in oc
  23. Constantin

    2080ti worth it currently?

    If you are not on 4K then it does not worth.
  24. well the new chip is anticipated to announced at the CES Keynote Dr Lisa Su is giving next Monday to open Computex and then possibly launching in July. in the past, when they announced it, it was usually only a few weeks from announcement to launch, so no real reason to think otherwise differently this time around.
  25. begadelavela

    Audio Software

    Hi guys, I am interested in audio software which can play playlist automatically and make simple transitions between songs (fade in and fade out). Something really simple. I am organizing a simple party and we don't have professional DJ and I can't be on laptop while songs are playing. I would appreciate if you could tell me some programmes that I could use. Thanks
  26. Dr. Historic Low

    FREE NEW Game on the Epic Games store May 21st, 2019

    A free game is as hot as a deal can be. Especially a new release. Just like Fortnite, Dauntless is now on the Epic Games store for a lonnnnng time. Hover over the title and POOF, the name of the game appears without even having to click. Much sweeter to be surprised just by clicking on the post. Putting a name in the title already notifies you of the deal. Thus no reason to click on it or for it to even be clickable. We're posting topics, not post-it-notes.
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