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  2. SHG_Marsh

    Premier Pro help

  3. TempestCatto

    Premier Pro help

    If that's the way he recorded it, there's likely nothing you can do.
  4. Captain Chaos

    Will changing thermal paste decrease my temps.

    That's a LOT of money for a 7700HQ and a 1050Ti. You could have bought several other laptops for that, and have enough left for a nice car. I assume you meant 1500 USD, or 1.5K
  5. If you send them the log files it'll help to fix whatever problem you could be having. It worked on my DDR3 build out in the garage with Micron.
  6. If you can find 3200 CL14 or 3600 CL16 that would most likely be Samsung B-die which is a very nice upgrade to overclockability and stability with high RAM speeds on Ryzen. I'd go with something branded. I really like the Logitech stuff, G Pro wired or G305 wireless mouse (I have small hands), and a G610 (can be had with red/brown/blue switches). Not RGB, but good value and quality. But most importantly, I'd have the user try out all the models in the store and have him select what fits his hands the best. I never liked surround for gaming, and I really dislike it for music. I've never experienced a game that implemented surround sound well, and I think most games' implementation of sound placement is good enough with stereo speakers or a good headset. It's not outright terrible but I dislike the looks haha I haven't tried these fans but the CM fans I have tried were far from great, lots of noise, not a lot of performance.
  7. LukeSavenije

    i5 9600k CPU compatibility

    no it only works with 300 series boards
  8. SHG_Marsh

    Premier Pro help

    I am editing this video for this guy and he sent me an intro in 1080 but his fortnite clips are in stretched res. How can I make this look good because at the moment the clips looks zooms in.
  9. Vejnemojnen

    Upgrading from 500W to 850W worth it?

    then get 650w. 850 is waaay overkill. With 650w, you can still unleash your GPU&CPU. I don't know your options, but here the most popular PSU-s for 650-watt are Bitfenix WhisperM, Formula Gold; BeQuiet! Straight Power& PurePower11; Corsair TX or RMX series and occasionally SuperFlower Leadex Gold-Platina. The 600-650w should be plenty, even with OC. I'd rather buy a 550-600w PSU from top-notch offerings, than a cheapo-solution 850w.
  10. I didn't say micron was bad, I was saying 3200 CL 14 is best speeds for Ryzen. I was just mentioning it was samsung b-die for $95 because from G.skill or Corsair that's close to $200.
  11. samcool55

    Cheapest Mobo I can get. Criteria:

    About PCI-E 4.0 it's simple, it's backwards compatible and will work at whatever is the slowest one. CPU 4.0 and mobo 3.0, everything runs at 3.0 speeds. cpu 3.0 and mobo 4.0, everything also runs at 3.0. cpu 4.0 and mobo 4.0, then you get 4.0 speeds. Right now 3.0 is plenty for gpu's so it's not a big deal for now. About ram, do NOT cheap out on it, go for 2900/3000 or 3200Mhz ram. Ryzen is known to perform better with faster ram and around 3000Mhz is the sweet spot when it comes to price/performance. And get at least 2 sticks, dual-channel helps as well. Those cores need to be fed properly About the mobo, just make sure it has VRM heatsinks and MSI or Asrock is what i would go manufacturer wise. And small detail (but really important), you need to update the BIOS with a compatible CPU before the new cpu's will work. You can't just whack a 3000-series cpu in a B450, it won't post. You need a 2000-series or 1000-series to update the BIOS first and after that you can throw in your new 3000-series cpu.
  12. Hey i wanted to ask if the i5-9600k Cpu compatable is with my SABERTOOTH Z170 MARK 1 (LGA1151) Motherboard? Thank you
  13. Nope, can't read my Micron sticks
  14. Stefan Payne

    Upgrading from 500W to 850W worth it?

    Why? What's the benefit? If we talk about the same Plattform (for example Bitfenix Whisper M), the 650W+ have a higher RPM fan... You just waste money. You should invest in better quality units, Wattage means nothing...
  15. except that micron brought some new die that's pretty spectacular, but sammie b is a good choice. but yeah, that aside
  16. Stormseeker9

    The FUTURE is... FM Radio??

    @samcool55 you raised a fair point. Have to admit, I agree with you.
  17. alatron978

    Will changing thermal paste decrease my temps.

    No problem, enjoy the extra performance.
  18. DerpDiamonds1

    Linux archive solution

    So I want to store a lot of files from my Windows machine to my Linux server over the network where I can easily access them through a share which is set-up on my Linux server and is accessible through my Windows machine.So what I am asking is, which is the best file format for this (is it tar or zip or any other format) and what would be the best software to easily communicate between the two devices? Thanks, if you need any more information just ask!
  19. Looks fine, it's up and running so you're good to go.
  20. Thaiphoon burner? RAMmon works as well. I have 16GB of Samsung B-die running at 3200 CL 14 tightened timings. It's pretty much the best speeds for Ryzen.
  21. Stefan Payne

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    You mean the one with the big blue buttons?? Back in Win 9x daye... They hated it because they needed to download M$ .NET. And back in the day the "Microsoft Hate" was at its peak. As well as AMD's competitiveness. IIRC the CCC was first introduced at the Radeon 9700 or 9800 time, when nVidia was way behind with their CineFX based architectures, as soon as the shaders started shading.. And it took a second or two to launch... You could say that the bashing of it was something from the other side, from people that needed some fodder to not go the ATi Route... Not really. RAM wasn't the issues. And once it was loaded it was pretty responsive. It just took a couple of seconds to load and you needed to download additional Software -> Microsoft .NET and it was more that someone needed something to bash AMD with as they didn't have much on their side. The only other thing at the time was "AF is better on nVidia) I disagree. CCC was already pretty good and had a ton of features that youd didn't see on the other side for a long time. In older ATi drivers you could force a resolution and refresh rates on VGA monitors, when they did have incompatible or no EDID data. But with the new Crimson panel they threw a ton of settings out, partly because they were obsolete/legacy or because they are redundant with some Windows settings. But they also added a ton of new, very useful features as well...
  22. Well yeah, but if a higher quality psu is recommended, I may as well spend a few extra bucks for a lot more watts.
  23. CPU: I'm planning on building a new pc when ryzen 5 3000 (3600 or 3600x if rumors are correct) launches. GPU: I'm also getting MSI ventus 2080 (because of the backplate ). Unless nvidia release a new 2080, like rumored, for $700. RAM:I am cheaping out on RAM so looking at the 16gig g skill 2133 memory w/out heat sink. But please feel free to recommend something at around same price point $70 that's not way colored. NVME: Going with WD 250gig for $70, seems like best deal, unless you think its better getting higher storage with less speed given my usage. If so about how much difference would there be between the slower one and this WD. Use: I will pretty much only game on the pc and maybe use atocad here and there. Also going to use it to learn and hopefully make games myself UE4. Willing to get a cheap ssd to throw games in there and keep my diy-game on the m.2. I don't like the hdd noice. I am thinking of trying youtube/streaming gameplay, but don't really care to spend more on the mobo for this to be better. Preference: I do prefer MSI brand over any other but trying to cheap out, I did see an Asus rog for $69 somewhere but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Looking at B450 mobos BTW because of the updated support they will get. PS What is this about pcie 4. Will gpus that have pcie 4 hardware not work on boards that exist now? Can the b40 receive some sort of update for pcie4 or does hardware have to be involved? What would I be missing on this cheap motherboard compared to one priced at around $90, assuming the is cheaper.
  24. Did you pay retail for that Windows? You can buy them from cd key sites for like $10, they're usually just OEM keys.
  25. angelodaroma

    H115i bad temps on 4790k

    Just fixed my problem by giving a punch on my radiator. I think some bubbles had formed. My water temps went 15C dawn and CPU temps about 20C. Here you can see my aida64 graph that shows the moment when I punched the radiator.
  26. It's been a long time since I played DiRT Rally, it was fun.

    I couldn't really concentrate when I was doing this level, not my best run.


    Don't mind the black edge at the top and bottom, I had some issue with OBS and I found a temporary workaround.

    1. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      That was a little better than my driving in Dirt Rally not gonna lie, I usually drive at gear 3 the entire race.

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