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  2. Stormseeker9

    MSI Afterburner Question

    I think OCscanner spat out like +186mhz for core. I set power limit to max and voltage as well.
  3. a320 will have support for 3rd gen ryzen, atleast the biostar ones so i expect other brands to do the same. https://wccftech.com/biostar-confirms-amd-ryzen-3000-support-on-300-400-series-chipset-motherboards/
  4. WickedStarfish

    MSI Afterburner Question

    so a little bit larger than the +100 on both i just set hahaha
  5. Testing laptops with @GeneXiS_X has got me asking.


    Why don't more of these gaming oriented laptops have a more understated matte black look with a soft touch polycarbonate exterior? 


    So many of them look overly flashy and gaudy with their bright red paintjobs that scream "LOOK AT ME". 


    1. GeneXiS_X


      off topic: my face is revealed🤣

    2. D13H4RD


      Oh yeah, face reveal XD 

  6. I have a Vega 64 reference card that I installed a Byskski water block to for my first water cooled system and everything went fine to begin with. I had the system up and running for about 2 weeks with everything working just fine, temps were good. I decided i wanted to rearrange my loop, largely for aesthetics but also for better access, draining etc . When i did this i also removed the block from GPU in order to clean it out as i could see some debris in it (it was acetal from the threads on my EK pump/res combo). I reassembled the block and pressure tested it to make sure it was air tight and it was. I reassembled my loop, pressure tested it and then leak tested for 12 hours just to be sure. There were no leaks and everything seemed fine. When i tried to boot the system for the first time i was getting no display at all - i tried with different monitors, DP cable, HDMI cable, different power supply - nothing. So once again i drained the loop, removed the graphics card, removed the block, reattached the stock air cooler and then tried again to boot (in a different system). I still got no display, the fan would not spin but the 'Radion' logo on the cooler DOES light up. I have no idea what i could have done to kill the card but since the logo does light up it's clearly getting some power. I appreciate this is a hard question to answer but if i send it off to a company that repairs GPUs what do you think my chances are of it being fixed? Thanks
  7. Stormseeker9

    MSI Afterburner Question

    I have the 2070 armour and my OC on memory is +500mhz I believe and +180mhz on the core. Im not saying you should use these numbers but just as reference
  8. My A8-7650K used to run perfectly fine, but recently it is only reaching a max utilisation of 81%. Doing any sort of bios change reduces the amount more. Is there anything I could do to try rectify it for the next few months?
  9. Stormseeker9

    Why gta4 graphics are bad than gta san andreas in pc

    And I am assuming you are asking why GTA IV runs worse on your system then GTA San Andreas? (At least this is what I think you are asking)
  10. Benji

    German Talk

    @Teddy07 Das ist richtig, ja. Nur, was ist realistisch? Ich bin aufgrund meiner Depression noch nicht arbeits/geschweige denn überhaupt lernfähig, bis ich ~23-24 Jahre alt bin. Und dann noch einen Schulabschluss und eine Ausbildung, dann bin ich 30. Das ist unrealistisch und in puncto immer mieser werdenden Renten auch völlig unsinnig in meinem Fall. Es mag zwar gut gehen wie bei dir, aber bei mir entbehrt sich das ja beinahe jeder Logik. Danke trotzdem für die Motivation
  11. Christiaan21-03

    What GPU To Buy? - No Navi

    Oh wow.. silly me, didn't notice 4 pages of earlier replies just give a man a nice little girl to look at and a man remembers only man ( bad got humor )
  12. i don't think that i have a 3rd place for a fan. Case is the NZXT h500 btw
  13. I think I've found out what is causing thermal paste in my lappy keep drying out - CPU with very convex surface on top.



  14. Stormseeker9

    2 intake fans- how important is it for me to change them?

    add a 3rd fan at the rear of the case for exhaust - should be fine
  15. Stormseeker9

    Why gta4 graphics are bad than gta san andreas in pc

    That sentence really doesn’t make sense. what is your current build you are using?
  16. Teddy07

    German Talk

    Kann man alles noch ändern wenn man nur willens ist. Ist bei mir schon ein paar Jahre her aber ich hatte auch einen Hauptschulabschluss. Habe dann eine Ausbildung gemacht. Mit dem bestehen der Ausbildung kriegt man automatisch den Realschulabschluss und man darf sich für den Berufsoberschule anmelden. Dort kann man in 2 Jahren sein allgemeines ABI nachholen oder in einem Jahr das Fachabitur. Hört sich schwierig an, war aber ganz leicht da nahezu jeder mit durchgezogen wurde. Leider wusste ich nicht was ich studieren soll weswegen ich einige Jahre an der Uni verschwendet habe. Mittlerweile bin ich aber bei Informatik glücklich, auch wenn ich nicht der Beste bin. Ich denke ich schaffe den Bachelor. Du siehst also es ist noch alles möglich denn in Deutschland gibt es soviele Möglichkeiten dich weiterzubilden
  17. I think that he meant it hasn't been taken down already. Doubt that they're planning on it anyways, but I have no idea. Anyways, I haven't watched through the entire youtube one but I thought that wasn't censored.
  18. YedZed

    Pixel 3a?

    This is probably one of the most popular questions ever but here goes: I have the Moto Z Play, original. Very nice phone, it's durable and it has some nice features, but it's showing its age. Camera is starting to lag heavily, typing lags pretty often. So I need a new phone. Pixel 3a (XL probably) seems pretty much perfect. It's got a great camera, a very nice OLED screen (a must for me), a low power processor, adecent battery, a headphone jack, and it's not a glass sandwich and all that. And the price is quite nice, especially with all the deals. My gripes: I would have like a front mounted fingerprint scanner, it's what I'm used to, but I can readjust. I've heard some stories about the durability. As someone who has used Moto phones (by coincidence) for all the time I've had a phone, I'm used to being able to drop my phone all the time and not worry. Only thing that scratched my Moto Z Play was trying to catch it against a marble counter top (should have let it just fall). But I imagine a case and a screen protector, and a bit of care, should reduce these qualms. The storage options are making me the most annoyed. 64 gb and no SD card slot? Admittedly, I am a data hog. My whatsapp backup is like 20 gigabytes. I keep 45 gigabytes of photos and videos locally. I torrent 1080p and store it on my phone. I use a lot of storage, and I could definitely do with less, but 64 gb still sounds very restrictive. So in conclusion, should I buy it? I'm really worried about storage... Are there any comparable options?
  19. I know it's a laptop but a Google search for this model yields no result. Or is K403 a typo?
  20. Stormseeker9

    Rate this sub-£900 build

    1. There are 2 motherboards in your list 2. I would not opt for a mini version of a 2070 3. I don’t see a PSU here? Does it have to micro atx or can it also be atx? here a build I put together for you just to compare. Windows 10 key can be bought for £10-15 online motherboard has integrated wifi, good quality PSU and the GPU is good here (could opt for a different model) let me know what you think PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor £168.44 @ AWD-IT Motherboard MSI - B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC ATX AM4 Motherboard £114.99 @ Amazon UK Memory Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory £84.98 @ CCL Computers Storage Crucial - MX500 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive £61.19 @ Amazon UK Video Card Gigabyte - GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB WINDFORCE OC Video Card £322.98 @ Amazon UK Case NZXT - H500 ATX Mid Tower Case £69.98 @ AWD-IT Power Supply Corsair - RMx (2018) 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply £74.99 @ AWD-IT Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total £897.55 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-05-19 12:01 BST+0100
  21. Bump! Any suggestions on wire gauges and switch?
  22. DimasRMDO

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    I sleep most of the time. Sometimes I go karting, but since it can be pricey I usually go to the simulation. I beatbox or rap if things are getting too boring. I used to talk to my gf during my spare time, but that's a thing in the past. I feel lonely now haha So now, sometimes I make lots of plans about fixing my car (if there's something wrong).
  23. Origami Cactus

    Looking for mini-pc / nuc, any recommendations?

    Mini PC to run 14VM's at sub 500$ CAD? For that price the best you can get is a 4core 8gb ram machine, so that means each VM gets 0.5gb of ram, and 0.25 cpu core. So unless they are a very low powered Linux distros i can't see these VM's performing well. You best bet would get some older mini pc, possibly used, so for example last get Intel NUC or the gigabyte brix.
  24. WickedStarfish

    What Can I Run?

    It wont hit the mark on good graphics but when i only had a laptop with really slow internet speeds (sat around 50kb/s down at the fastest times) i played 2 games Mount and blade Warband and Red Stone But as Jurrunio said dropping the quality can allow for much better FPS
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