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  2. Herman Mcpootis

    Asus Cooler on Reference card?

    you can find something like an arctic accelero or kraken G12+aftermarket AIO instead, though those will cost more.
  3. Sees the word Case in a sentence



    Sees It has nothing to do with PC cases


    Image result for spongebob walks out


  4. mtz_federico

    Internet data usage/Network issue?

    When it gets renewed do you still have the problem?
  5. Jurrunio

    Asus Cooler on Reference card?

    you could buy it and make it a decoration for the room but honestly it wont fit as the Matrix has the core further to the right, meaning the heatsink could hit the I/O shield when trying to fit on the reference card
  6. jstudrawa

    AIO vs lots of fans+aircooler

    You getting those fans Kyle just reviewed? If so, let us know how it all works. Would love to see temp numbers, etc. Good post.
  7. officedemon

    PCI-E lane help for raid 0

    i'd like to use it for my boot drive and my games, how is the speed difference tiny?
  8. TechyBen

    Android on Windows 10 Phone?

    Wait. What? If you don't have a Windows 10 phone, why do you want to get one to put android on? Why not just get an Android phone? If you wish to test Win 10 phone now, you are going in knowing it's a bit of fun, and not really going to be productive as a useable phone if you want up to date security/apps (though just for calls, I see no reason why it cannot be used ).
  9. M0SIE

    Asus Cooler on Reference card?

    that's so sad because i see just the cooler of sale at $20usd
  10. duncannah

    Best Place To Live if money didnt matter

    Canada; Toronto or Vancouver perhaps?
  11. Franck

    network usernames?

    the apps where installed on all computers. You simply had what is called a roaming profile. By logging in the domain the profile is stored in the domain controller and transferred over the computer you log in. Under normal circumstances your profile is usually in c:\Users\YourName but with a domain controller you can store that on the server and when you logging the user folder is redirected to the server. The users won't see a difference. An icon will look bad if the software is not installed properly and it will fail with many application where it does not save the user preference somewhere in the User folder or MyDocuments. One example are photoshop scripts are by default stored in the photoshop folder in the program file folder which will be per PC. If you log on another PC you won't have your scripts. If you are lucky with your software like photoshop, you can redirect the preference folder and map it to it's redirected folder. If the application doesn't allow preference redirection like early beta Chrome versions user will never have his bookmark when switching computers.
  12. _Hustler_One_

    PSU for itx build

    Mind that both PSU you mentioned has different AC power socket location and orientation if it matters to the interior layout of the build.
  13. Princess Luna

    Asus Cooler on Reference card?

    It isn't because the Matrix uses a completely custom PCB that has a totally different layout in comparison to the reference PCB on the Founders Edition.
  14. Captain Chaos

    Max Temps

    Nvidia lists 95°C as the max temperature for the 1660 cards.
  15. Electronics Wizardy

    PCI-E lane help for raid 0

    Is this a boot or storage drive in your system? If you want faster sequentical speeds, you need to put it in the pcie 3 slot as the chipset is pcie 2 only, and you will get sequentical speeds that are about the same. Random io will be better though. Id also personally just not bother with raid, the speed difference is tiny
  16. I have a GTX 980TI founders edition and i wan't to place asus matrix gtx 980ti cooler on it is it possible?
  17. James Evens

    Android on Windows 10 Phone?

    long version: There where some reports of devices running android. short version: no.
  18. Skiiwee29

    Max Temps

    Ventus isnt that great of a cooler, but the GPUs are designed thermally to run without issue up to 84c. 84c is when they really thermal throttle and knock the clocks off to keep temps. They will incrementally drop clocks up to that point but once at 84c they will drop further and likely below spec to keep the heat in check.
  19. Humbug

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    Well obviously speculating but that rumour stated the USD 400 GPU called the Navi pro was faster than the RTX 2060 but slower than the RTX 2070. That pretty much means Vega 64 performance... It can't be much faster than the Vega 64 because then we are getting into RTX 2070 territory. Whereas the $500 GPU called the Navi XT is supposed to be a bit quicker than the RTX 2070.
  20. Electronics Wizardy

    Wi-Fi repeater

    Close range I get about 200mbit, but my clients are pretty old, so newer clients will be much faarther, at the farather range, i often sit at around 20mbits or worse, you relaly have to test it your self to know the speeds you will get. Is there any resellers in your area that have have easy returns? You can always buy it and see how it goes from there.
  21. Jurrunio

    RAM Timings HELP

    Then keep it at 3200MHz as it is now, AFR usually dont scale well past that with reasonable voltages. Go from the top value shown in CPU-Z (tCAS or tCL, same thing), then to the one below, and at the end tune tREFI. tRAS need to be balanced rather than going ad low as possible, while tREFI is better when it goes higher. Make sure you run benchmark to make sure each tune gives you performance and have memtest ready for testing the final settings.
  22. TVwazhere

    Fan Speed Controller Help - BeQuiet Pure Base 600

    Please do not revive old threads -Topic Locked-
  23. SeraphicWings

    Fujifilm launches 102-megapixel mirrorless camera (GFX100)

    Put this on a cheap tripod and your camera will fall over, that means more expense for a good tripod
  24. LogicalDrm

    Not enough fan connectors on my motherboard?

    I haven't own AIO, but if pump also has USB connector, then you could use their own software to control both pump and fans. If it doesn't then there's some pre-made fan profile that will be applied.
  25. Koda Edrick

    Max Temps

    I currently have a 1660 ti Msi ventus GPU and i was wondering, whats the max sustained temps that it could handle without damaging it? Does anyone have an idea on what the max temps should be?
  26. Huge doesn't matter when you have tripods
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