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  2. Crunchy Dragon

    VG278Q vs VG279Q (In the end it’s tn vs ips tbh.)

    -Moved to Displays-
  3. Mnpctech

    InWin 805 with MNPCtech case handles

    make new custom bezel for the front from acrylic with cooling fan.
  4. Ace211

    Stuttering issues on my pc

    i didn't had MSI Afterburner on and i am not sure if the i had the oc on the gpu
  5. Mr. New To Spec

    VG278Q vs VG279Q (In the end it’s tn vs ips tbh.)

    I was going to go with a 144hz 27 inch monitor or sth similar to the ones I mentioned, aren’t 4k monitors crazy expensive?
  6. Radium_Angel

    Best story game you've played?

    Spec Ops: The Line. Be prepared for some serious storylines.
  7. PeaceSMC

    RTX 2070 Armor low performance

    Yes, I used DDU to remove previous drivers. Tried benchmarks with 430.39 and 425.31 versions. Same results. I used the old HDD. That's the only thing that was not replaced and isn't brand new. I tried installing the newest windows from windows website, then tried installing old version I originally installed my system previously and update. No results. I reinstalled system 3 times in total (with complete format). I think ~4-5GB of allocated RAM in idle is pretty normal for Win10 with 16GB total. This background usage is an interesting thing, but I've re-run the test and now it's normal: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/17085229. I think this was on OC'd components.
  8. cj09beira

    AMD Ryzen 3000 rumours are Adored

    amd really pushed those single core clocks high with zen+, the voltage they need to achieve it is really high, which people aren't and shouldn't be wiling to have that voltage across all cores for long term use
  9. Oalei

    Best story game you've played?

    Well that's disappointing, what's your favorite story?
  10. Daniel Z.

    VG278Q vs VG279Q (In the end it’s tn vs ips tbh.)

    I would agree, except that 27 inch 1080p is fine. Good TN panels are fine. Just get a cheaper 4K for league only.
  11. TrIpl3

    Need help with fan control.

    So I should just leave that "Target Temperature" on? Because cpu has the same setup as you can see on this system 1. The thing is, I can only turn Target Temperature on or off and select the min and max fan speeds as well as that temperature below Target Temperature.
  12. I've personally never been crazy on them. But I'm also not too crazy on GTRs, I'd rather have a Skyline Sedan with a GTR front end
  13. First, A-series AMD APU's are essentially rubbish, they're basically equivalent to the Intel mobile i3 chips but with more reasonable GPU power. That one in particular is from 2015 and is basically like having a Intel Core i3-4005U It's old and slow. It probably uses DDR3L RAM. I would probably retire it unless you want to put a SATA SSD in it and use it for another year or two.
  14. Ace211

    Stuttering issues on my pc

    I've finished the stability test These are the results
  15. unclewebb

    Cpu wont overclock

    Disabling SpeedStep, Intel turbo boost and disabling all of the C States are all bad ideas. You need to have at least the C3 C state enabled to overclock Intel's limited CPUs and achieve the 42 multiplier when a single core is active.
  16. $20 says it's a near 1:1 AOSP clone.
  17. JayzSub

    I don't understand my brother's question.

    That doesn't sound good for my position, I need an excuse to make my brother get me the Navi cards
  18. are you mad? wait ... yes you are R33 is as good as R31 ... only slightly different
  19. EldritchMoose

    Bethesda removes DRM from Rage 2 after just two days

    Agreed. The only way to justify the use of DRM is if consumers would all choose to pirate on day one if given the chance. It's like buying a DVD in the mid-2000s. You buy an entertainment product through legal means and you get rewarded with at least two trailers you don't want and two ads telling you not to pirate every time you play the disc. None of which can be skipped.
  20. SpookyCitrus

    Question about Asus vg245h

    I used to have that monitor it's better to use DVI than HDMI on it. It should be 1ms you can check in the settings on the monitor I believe.
  21. nedbyrant

    Best budget gpu for gaming?

    yes you can get a good and standard and affordable Graphics card.Visit this website for more information. https://enthusiastreview.com/best-graphics-card-under-100/
  22. lewdicrous

    Best story game you've played?

    Family secrets. /s
  23. > Multi-threaded > Poorly developed ??? You realize that's an oxymoron, right? Also quad cores aren't high end anymore, and mid-range? Not even by Intel's standards. Even consoles have eight cores, and have been confirmed to still use eight cores next gen, possibly even 8c/16t now that they're using Zen 2.
  24. While electric cars are a nice idea, they're not really feasible for mass roll out.

  25. Probably moreso it's the middle child of the Skylines people care for. I always thought the R33 was a better looking car in general than the R32, especially non-GT-R variants.
  26. Stefan Payne

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Everything you said here is completely irrelevant. The facts are: a) he used a strong PSU. what it was doesn't matter b) the PSU didn't switch off c) it burned the Motherboard. And now do the math! A 1500W PSU has 125A on 12V according to spec. OPP is around 120-140%, worst case: 175A (2100W) For that to trip, we're talking about 0,068 Ohm or less. So that means that a shitty connection of the modular cable is enough for the PSU to not detect the Short. Exactly. The problem is the high powere that isn't divided into multiple portions. It might even be possible that the PSU didn't have UVP or OCP on 12V in general. You call the German hardware Magazine "PC Games Hardware"; wich was one of the biggest ones back in the day, not "reliable Source"? And Simon Zentgraf, who did make the PSU Reviews for PC-Max not reliable?? Ähm, RLY?! Again, I'm not shitting on the AX1200, I'm/we are shitting on 1200W Single Rail PSU in general... Why do you think the AX1200i got Multi Rail?? Its physics and mathematics. Ohm'sch Law, Current and Resistance. 0,065 Ohm is really really low. That can be just the connections, if they are a bit worn. And how do they violate the laws of physics?? How should that happen? You are insulting us while providing no information on this issue. You probably also have bridged your Breakers in your Breaker box, don't you? Because nothing bad will ever happen. You won't forget that a dish washer is running, while switching on the water cooker and the Oven. That will never happen. And MOSFETs never fail shorted... Then how do you explain the Burned Board in the Thread? Because MOSFETs in some cases fail shorted. Exactly! Its the same as your house. The Power Company (here where I live) comes with 35-63A, in some cases even 125A or more into your house and delivers that. Because that's a bit too much, its divided into multiple portions with some device we call Fuse. In more modern houses the fuse got replace what we call a cable protection switch. The Englishman calls it Circuit Breaker. Multi Rail works similarly as the Breaker Box in your house. It splits the max. Current into multiple Portions that is limited by a fraction of the maximal possible current. OK, there aren't. But then why/how did THIS happen: https://www.overclock.net/forum/31-power-supplies/944707-why-single-rail-not-better-than-multi-rail.html Because that's what we call a fault. And the fault is a low resistance connection between 12V and Ground. Because the PSU was so high power and the resistance higher than needed for "SCP" to trip, the PSU did NOT switch off because in the eyes of the PSU, it wasn't a fault. Thus caused the Fire and burned out the 12V Connector from the Motherboard. You can see where the fire originated and what really happened. Because you can see that that's a place where a MOSFET should be. Or rather was. That failed. And because the Board caught fire because it was used with a rediculously powerful, SINGLE RAIL, PSU, the damage isn't repairable because the PCB got damaged. The only Conclusion in this discussion is: you are wrong! And there is an advantage of having multiple OCP Channels in higher wattage PSUs! And the laws of physics and of electricity are the same for everyone. Some do make Multi Channel OCP higher power PSU or rather exclusively have that, for example Corsair but also be quiet. Others don't do that. Either because they don't care or don't know better. Either way: 1500W Single Rail PSU are bad. High Wattage Single Rail PSU are bad in GENERAL. There is no excuse for that. For lower wattage, ie 550W, it doesn't necessarily matter. BUt somewhere between 550W and 1500W there is a point where it becomes relevant and there is a point where it is an absolute MUST.
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