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  2. sport0182

    Strix 1080 issues...

    so i've got this strix 1080, and lately been having some issues with it. i've googled around, and some say it's a VRAM issue. it seems to work fine without the Nvidia drivers installed, such as safe mode... usually, windows would just restart the device, and it would work fine afterwards.. nothing goes wrong during gaming, or rendering... i'm kinda overwhelmed with the problem.. because windows restarts the device, and it works.. but without drivers, it seems to work as well. i have tried a fresh install of windows, DDU and try with an older driver... i can't figure it out. anyone have any ideas what it could be?
  3. Jurrunio

    Nvidia trying to trademark..... numbers?

    AMD following Nvidia's naming scheme is even worse, I'd rather they follow their current one and use 600 series even if Nvidia didnt do this
  4. jones177

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Many years ago I was involved with the number one distributor Commodore International in the US. I did things like demo 3d software and hardware at tradeshows and teach 3D to customers. When Commodore International declared bankruptcy the offices and manufacturing plants in Malaysia were broken into and ransact by Chinese agents. Intellectual property was stolen. The company that I was involved with had a bid in for Commodore mainly for the Amiga line since it housed Newtek's Video Toaster(early video editing suite). The break-in ended the bidding war and sealed Commodores fate. It also end part of my income. I learned that was the usual at the time and so I can see why some old timers like me that remember these things mistrust the Chinese Government and younger people do not.
  5. trattgunnar

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    Anyone else running W3680 OC to around 4.5ghz? Voltage at 1.368 according to CPU-Z. Load temps are touching 80C, though idle is sitting somewhere between 40 and 50. Do I have anything to worry about? Heck, is there even any point in trying to push the clock higher?
  6. Jurrunio

    i5 9600k CPU compatibility

    Officially, no
  7. Jurrunio

    Cheapest Mobo I can get. Criteria:

    Good, wait till then before asking
  8. Well Diet Reviews The most traditional way to eat is three times per day. We even have names for these specific times throughout the day that everyone's stomach should keep. However, we ignore our stomach sometimes, and this tends to make us unhealthy. The first meal of your day should be right before you begin your day. Many people will exercise, or perhaps drink his or her coffee, and do other things to prepare for his or her day, and completely forget to have an actual meal. https://www.sportsblog.com/welldietreviewsinfo/well-diet-reviews-best-ultimate-health-solutions/ https://bolfox.com/blog/well-diet-reviews-gives-you-more-natural-energy
  9. PeaceSMC

    RTX 2070 ASUS Strix Lightning error

    It was a defect, I've returned the card and new one is lighted up properly.


    What What do you mean by that i dont understand
  11. Was wondering if I could get some insight into choosing the motherboard for my build. The specs are: CPU: i7 8700k CPU Cooler: TBD Motherboard: TBD Memory: Gskill Trident Z RGB, 4x8 (32gb) Storage: 2x 2.5 inch 2TB HDD's from seagate 1tb m.2 from samsung (think about getting another one) GPU: Rog Strix 2080 OC Case: Corsair Spec Omega RGB (with changes to improve airflow) PSU: Corsair HX850i 850Watt 80+ platinum I'm mainly looking for aesthetics and for the needs. I think some motherboard from Asus would be nice. Idk though, if you could reply back with your suggestions that would be greatly appreciated, :).
  12. Vejnemojnen

    What PSU should i get for my PC?

    Ipon The cheapest solutions would be fsp hexa85+, bq System power. The best you can get for reasonable amount bitfenix formula gold, whisper m or bq purepower 11. 400-450-500 watt is sufficient for You
  13. Stefan Payne

    Upgrading from 500W to 850W worth it?

    For a normal single CPU/GPU System there is no reason to go 850W. You have to push your CPU to 400W or more or the GPU to 500W or more. That is very impractical for normal Desktop CPUs. And you don't really benefit from "moar Watt" anyways. its just a waste of money. It makes more sense to look for better quality units. Such as be quiet Dark Power PRO for example. Or Corsair HX instead of the RM. But going "Overwatt" has little to no benefit. Especially for Single Rail units.
  14. The wiki says it is, and if it doesn't work the only solution is to try another distribution or buy a new graphics card.
  15. Spotty

    What PSU should i get for my PC?

    Ah, it's fine. Brand names/model names are usually the same and if I get stuck I can just shop by pictures (but thank you for linking directly to the PSU section. Normally takes a lot of trial and error to find it if I don't know what "Power Supply" is in that language ) Considering the Corsair TX750M is around 550 Lei ($130 USD), I'm going to assume that's your budget. Just going to give links to a bunch of alternatives that are around the same price or cheaper. No particular order. Be Quiet Straight Power 11 550w - 550 Lei ($130 USD) Corsair RM550x - 480 Lei ($112 USD) Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum 550w - 500 Lei ($117 USD) Corsair TX550M - 380 Lei ($90 USD) 550w is enough wattage for most single graphics card system until you get to the ultra high end stuff like the i9 9900k and 2080Ti... I would rather a better quality 550w unit like the Straight Power 11 or Corsair RM550x instead of the higher wattage TX750M. For your system the Corsair TX550M will be absolutely plenty and would be a decent PSU, so you could potentially save a little bit of money with that since it's 100-200 Lei ($20-$40 USD) cheaper than the other units. I didn't look at what is available at the other site or prices there, but if you're interested in any of those units might be worth looking up those on the other site to see if they are any cheaper there. Cases are just glorified boxes to put your RGB in. @TVwazhere might be able to help with some better Case advice.
  16. If it’s good enough for you sure. Still use mine but for limited situations. Can’t handle many games with current cards. Sold my 4790k for the same reason.
  17. leadeater

    Linux archive solution

    You don't need to zip/tar the files unless you are archiving them and not using for general access. For either archive or general access you'll want to setup SAMBA on the Linux server to create SMB shares and map those on the Windows computer.
  18. Nvidia tries to block AMD from naming their RX GPUs similar to the RTX lineup by (trying) trademarking the numbers 3080, 4080 and 5080. I hope they fail because this is just ridiculous. But i hope AMD fires back and trademarks every other number just for the lolz. Source: https://www.overclock3d.net/news/gpu_displays/nvidia_hopes_to_block_amd_s_rx_3080_with_a_new_trademark/1 https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/owners/1002332
  19. VegetableStu

    Premier Pro help

    right click a clip and go to modify > interpret footage. is the pixel aspect ratio 1:1 or something else? alternatively, is your sequence's pixel aspect ratio also 1:1 or something else? (right click the sequence and select Sequence Settings) EDIT: let me know if you're deliberately working with a project that outputs a video not of a 1:1 pixel ratio. the most you can do is to scale the footage sideways or change the pixel aspect ratios of the affected footages
  20. Stormseeker9

    My computer doesn't detect my GPU!

    Can you return it to the shop for a new one or RMA it via MSI?
  21. bzdsftw

    Super frustrated :( GPU problem? PSU? Mobo?

    Update: just bought a RTX 2080 TI and issue has gone away Conclusion: GPU issue.
  22. Aryan_

    My computer doesn't detect my GPU!

    The card is brand new, believe it not it's still available in my country! No I don't think my bios has that functionality
  23. Doesn't give date. Just license and activation status.
  24. Phentos

    Internet Browser Popularity Poll

    Longtime Chrome user here, though with Chrome's advantages having less weight these days, I've been looking into Firefox or Vivaldi as alternatives. When Chrome was announced to possibly have some kind of update that would break pretty much all adblockers I almost switched. But the update was pulled... for now.
  25. Aryan_

    My computer doesn't detect my GPU!

    Yes you are right!
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