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  2. I currently have a 15 6500 on a z170 msi mobo. Would it be a good idea to upgrade to the 17 9700k and keep my mobo or should I save up more and just do a full new build but keep my GPU and hardrives? If I keep my mobo what features do I actually loose?
  3. dalekphalm

    Phanteks Bad Customer Service

    So the DRGB model is a totally different product, it appears. It's separately listed on the Phanteks website, and also lists a different required adapter. Example: PH-FF120RGBP_BK01 http://phanteks.com/Halos.html PH-FF120DRGBP_BK01 (Notice the D between 120 and RGB) http://www.phanteks.com/HalosDigital.html The RGB adapter is called the "DRGB Adapter". Check here: http://www.phanteks.com/DRGB.html Also found this: https://www.amazon.ca/Phanteks-PH-DRGB_SKT-Digital-Starter-Controller/dp/B07C1HQYR7
  4. Zvoid

    Bottle Neck

    I have a store 2 minutes away from my house for £79.99, which in comparison currently on amazon its £119.25
  5. PeaceSMC

    RTX 2070 Armor low performance

    Here you go: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/36290760 Nothing spectacular happened.
  6. i_build_nanosuits

    Bottle Neck

    Personally i wouldn't upgrade that machine...nothing in this is worth keeping I would sell it to the most offering and build a new Ryzen 5 system with a decent PSU and a RTX 2060 or something like that.
  7. star_pilot475

    Display issue

    HDMI A Samsung 1080P LED series.
  8. Joelw2003

    [UK] S10+ 128GB £595! NO IMPORT, UK VERSION

    I payed £100 upfront that's it, take a look here for our uk prices like https://mobiles.co.uk
  9. Bluscream

    Google Play Store Cache Server

    I have found which suggest using squid, but there was no real update for 2 years, maybe someone of the tech-savy ppl here can figure something out.
  10. Bluscream

    Google Play Store Cache Server

    I watch updates most of the time and haven't seen a single one that is less than half the app size.
  11. The Dell Rugged Extreme is basically indestructible, but why would anyone need that? Buy: The Dell Rugged Extreme On Amazon: https://geni.us/EITkq On Newegg: https://geni.us/Zhe5jc Thanks for sponsoring this video, Audible! To start your free 30-day trial and receive a free audiobook visit https://www.audible.com/linus or text linus to 500 500! Save 10% at Ridge Wallets by using offer code LTT at Https://www.ridgewallet.com/LTT
  12. Mira Yurizaki

    Display issue

    What TV do you have?
  13. Mishotaki

    9900k vs TR2990WX

    we've been quoted a Lenovo system with dual Xeon 4214, but as our program's perceived speed is mostly coming from the database seeking the data, our current system is being perceived as very slow because of it... we're also considering getting it to upgrade our server and spruce it up (it's a budget transfer that give us what we would need)
  14. AngryBeaver

    Display issue

    What type of connection are you using?

    Newegg return policy experience?

    One of my first builds I spec'd was purchased from Newegg and resulted in a return because I thought I knew what I was doing. Got slapped with a percentage restocking fee, which was about $50 of the overall purchase. Basically it was so punitive for a novice builder that I decided to not shop there anymore. I wrote about my experience and was contacted by a customer relations rep who reversed my fee and gave me a gift card. I've been relatively satisfied with Newegg since, but their pricing is no where near as competitive as they used to be.
  16. Yea I know standard screws won't do and you need counter-sunk heads - you usually get both varients with motherboards and case screws - just a thought in case you had kept them in a closet somewhere. Oh that stinks But very cool to get the M4 man, hope you serves you well.
  17. fluxdeity

    Phanteks Bad Customer Service

    I was able to find this amazon review of one person who was able to find the RGB adapter they talk of. His came with the DRGB LED Strips. It's the same 3-pin adapter I need but they don't sell it anywhere by itself. I can't find it anywhere. So I will have to return these Halo rings and look for something else. The only adapter I can find from phanteks is a 4-pin, yet this guy has a 3-pin that works with the 3-pin Halo rings.
  18. Madgemade

    Multiple GPUs non SLI?

    Yes, for anything that is not gaming then SLI is not required and can't even be used anyway. SLI is only for gaming, it has nothing to do with compute at all. For Tensorflow you could use a mining rig like setup with PCIe x1 and it would work, although I think more bandwidth would probably be preferable.
  19. JLBminestine

    choosing a case

    ok thanks everyone this has helped me a lot and will go for 2 rtx 2080ti's.
  20. Catsrules

    Newegg return policy experience?

    Yeah Newegg's return policy is terrible. I had a bad monitor once and Newegg woudn't let me take it back unless I had the original box with matching serial numbers. I had to go dumpster diving to find the box.
  21. star_pilot475

    Display issue

    So I’ve been using my tv as a monitor for a while now. The issue I’ve been having is that when I try to set the resolution at 1920 by 1080, the quality looks terrible! I know for sure my tv supports 1080p though. Anything I can do about it? It’s kinda annoying being stuck at 1366 by 768!
  22. Hi there, i am quite new to the PC world and completed my first build (for gaming/streaming) in November of 2018. My pc only seems to want to work sometimes, but the majority of the time i cannot even get it booted up. Upon clicking the power button, it will seemingly begin to boot but after about 5-10 seconds my monitor will simply say "No Signal Detected." I have troubleshooted my monitor cables and my monitor and i have ruled that out. I also know that is a crash because pressing the num/caps lock keys will not light up the designated light. My keyboard and mouse will occasionally flash rgb upon start-up and if they remain lit it seems to be a good sign that i'll actually be able to boot up. The weird thing is that every week or so when i'm feeling ambitious i'll continually try and keep booting it up (after hard-shutting down after every crash) and sometimes it will actually boot up. Usually it will then crash again within a few minutes but on the rare occasion it will stay on and it seems to run perfectly fine. I can run games on the highest graphic settings and all. I will leave my pc on as long as i can (overnight and such) when it does boot, but usually within 24-48 hours it will crash again. Here are my specs: Windows 10 Home, x64 Gigabyte B450M DS3H RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC RYZEN 5 2600 G.SKILL Ripjaws 16gb 288-pin Kingston SSD 240gb Western Digital HDD 1tb EVGA 650 GQ, 80+ Gold 650W, Semi Modular Any help is much appreciated as i have been self troubleshooting this for months and seem to have gotten nowhere. Also, all parts were purchased brand new in October 2018.
  23. fluxdeity

    Phanteks Bad Customer Service

    I purchased the PH-FF120DRGBP_BK01. I believe this one is the 3-pin model that they do not even make an adapter for. I bought it from this link. The first and third picture shows the 4-pin model which I thought I was buying. I didn't notice the first time around but it also shows the model I received in the second picture. The last picture even shows the LUX bundle with the 4-pin Halo ring and the 4-pin adapter. Not sure if I would blame Newegg for false advertising or Phanteks for making such confusing SKUs/Products, not even producing the 3-pin adapter I need, and not helping retailers list their merchandise properly.
  24. I haven't had a chance to look into it much further - will be at work for another... 5 and a half hours.
  25. Firewrath9

    Quiet cooler capable of taming OC'ds i5-3570

    Cryorig M9 Plus Better than Hyper 212, (pure rock slim is trash, so is MA410p) Cryorig M9i is only a couple degress worse, and 22 pounds.
  26. Yea it came "AM4 ready" so i'm assuming he's got a proper mounting kit for it Thanks for helping out. A local store is getting rid of old stock. Imma grab 2 1300X as well cuz its quite cheap Leave one on shelf and maybe build a budget rig with the other and gift someone Cheers
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