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  2. geo3

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    XDA feels nice and look nice, but because they are small they don't sound all that good. If you like XDA you might also want to look at MDA profile which is like a scrupled variant of XDA.
  3. It's possible that you just got a faulty cable. I use this cable right here to connect a controller to my pc https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Braided-Tangle-Free-Gold-Plated-Connectors/dp/B01DEMTOQ6/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=anker+micro+usb&qid=1558755865&s=gateway&sr=8-3 it's red and it's not that expensive.
  4. CPUs are always bottlenecked by RAM, which is why they have cache. But to answer your actual question, you should get 16GB of 3200Mhz if you are primarily gaming.
  5. Princess Luna

    Would 32 GB memory bottleneck a i5-9600k?

    The first thing you should do is make sure you actually need 32GB because for gaming and fair enough multi-tasking aside 16GB really does the job. It's more beneficial to get faster memory regardless if you want "the best gaming perf" Also waiting to get the i7 8700K instead is indeed totally worth it if you're planning on that multi-tasking side
  6. ReggieGRS

    Would 32 GB memory bottleneck a i5-9600k?

    It won't bottleneck it But that 32GB is 2x16 or 4x8 ? You may have issues if you try to OC if its 4x8
  7. Odd, I thought you can unlock any samsung bootloader by downloading the bootloader tool from the galaxy store and run Odin on the desktop, that's how i did it with the S6edge If you are using an American model you can try the following: https://www.xda-developers.com/fix-missing-oem-unlock-samsung-galaxy-s9-samsung-galaxy-s8-samsung-galaxy-note-8/
  8. Nah its more like usage, if you have more than what you needed it's useless.
  9. I am planning to buy a laptop for rendering purposes with a little bit of gaming on the side I found 4 different configurations of hardware these are the following: lenovo y530 - i7 8750H/gtx1050ti asus tuf fx505 - ryzen 7 3550H/gtx 1660ti asus tuf fx504 - i5 8300H/gtx 1060 lenovo y530 - i7 8750H/gtx1060 I dont have any idea which is of this one is better because the ryzen variant is cheaper then the i7 with 1060 but it has a better gpu the programs that I will use the most will be autocad, adobe premiere, blender and the like
  10. williamcll

    Nvidia says 'something super is coming', any guesses?

    How about NVS RTX.
  11. Falco5150

    Where to find "start/stop cycle" count?

    if by start stop cycles, you mean power on power off cycles you can use crystal disk info. If you're talking about how many times its started and stopped spinning, I'm not sure of any way to check that. It will also tell you the total power on time
  12. I'm building my first PC and I'm not great with bottlenecks yet as I have no experience. I'm looking to have a core i5-9600k, G.Skill - Aegis 32 GB DDR4-2666 memory, and a MSI GeForce RTX 2060. If I know anything about computers, and I'm not sure I do, I'd say that the 2060 is just fine handling both the memory and the cpu. I'm wondering if the cpu will be the bottleneck as I'd prefer to wait a bit to save and get an i7 if that's the case. What would you fair gents and lasses recommend?
  13. r0otctrl

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    what do u think of XDA keycaps? ive been wanting to get my hands on a set for a while now, but none of the ones that fit my board look good i love how the surface area of XDA caps looks so much bigger than the surface areas of other profiles
  14. bindydad123

    Laptop driver

    I was thinking of performing fresh install of Windows 10 as a service. I'm not scared of Windows Activation but instead I'm scared of drivers. I know how to install Windows 10, Just that from past experience, the OEM knows best and I don't. For example, power plans. Any advise?
  15. r0otctrl

    What determines a keyboard's polling rate?

    How would it only be negated "in a sense"? Or?
  16. I got the Sport Red Special Edition controller and I decided to buy a red micro-usb cable to match it. The brand new cable has some problem, when it moves up slightly, it will stop making contact and the controller will disconnect, very frustrating. I have another cable from my phone that works flawlessly, it will never disconnect, no matter what I do. I can't really see any visual difference between the cables, other than the cable that works good seems to have a 1 milimeter shorter connector. Is this a thing, how to look for the right cables to use with the controller?
  17. If you have problems coming up with ideas to start a business, try this:


    Here are some random business ideas I just came up with today. Do as you please with them:


    I was leaving my business today and I had another problem as usual: i had a ton of computers to unload. Then I thought "what if there was moving service like uber?"


    How it would work is anyone who had a truck would be connected with you, and help you move. This essentially cuts out the entire need for middlemen like moving companies. They would be paid based on the trip distance and time took to move.


    Idea two, a power bank for the apple watch:


    The apple watch charges through wireless. Imagine making a tiny power bank that attached to the back of the watch and only required the user to expand the watch band slightly. The power bank could easily be removed for seperate charging or stay stuck by virtue of something i havent thought of yet.


    The more you ise a muscle, the better it gets. In other words the more ideas you come up with (even completely absurd ones), the better you will be at coming up with good business ideas. 





  18. Quick question: Is there anywhere I can check or find the count of start/stop cycles of all my hard drives? FWIW, I'm dealing with basically all Seagate drives on Windows 10 Home.
  19. If the i7 4770k is fine for what you do, stick with it. You can also go with 2 gaming computers like I do. I have only had 2 computers capable of modern gaming since 2016. My i7 2600k was doing fine but I needed to replace my Q9550 based general computing setup. It was originally a 2 core so the motherboard was 2007 vintage. Having 2 gaming computers has been great and I am reluctant to go back to one.
  20. bindydad123

    Installation Inquiry

    I see. Thanks.
  21. Princess Luna

    Gigabyte 120 ssd

    it looks like any entry level sata 3 SSD out there
  22. Ravendarat

    Can someone double check this list

    Finally got it all ordered up this week although I ended up ordering the fittings and CPU block from Aliexpress because they had the identical parts on there and I saved about $300 bucks going that route, although having up to a 45 day wait time is depressing lol. Oh well. Now just to wait for parts to start showing up, gonna be a rough month and half to wait but 300 bucks is 300 bucks.
  23. Drak3

    RGB on Corsair ml120 not working

    It'll be in Corsair iCUE. Don't be surprised if that has issues recognizing it though.
  24. asdntn0f

    Budget gaming build ; need help

    Thanks for all the wonderful build recommendations. It helped me a lot and I decided to go with MeatFeastMan's build as it is more suited for my work and way cheaper than the other builds. If anyone could recommend me a good 24 inch monitor around 10k, my build would be complete.
  25. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

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