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  2. can you both wait for computex? everything will be clear there idc about rumors its only for the hype just wait for computex pls.
  3. GoldenLag


    https://de.pcpartpicker.com/product/dkprxr/sapphire-radeon-vii-16-gb-video-card-21291-01-40g germany or? id personally pick a Radeon 7, though i will say ive got some gripes with Nvidia. if the RTX 2080 is cheaper then its more or less the better value option, unless you are doing workstation stuff. btw get yourself a 144hz 1440p panel, they are relativly cheap these days.
  4. SenioRR

    Where do I find a Samsung S8 display for a s8 clone ?

    Somehow I doubt that a original display will work with a fake S8. Normally, you would replace the just the digitzer if the displays is fine but IIRC, due to the phone having round edges, the display and the digitzer are an all-in-one unit. I am not sure whether it is viable to get a replacement as the whole display unit will cost you around £150 if not more.
  5. Enten

    Is it worth Raiding 5200RPM drives?

    That's.... interesting. Basically creating an SSHD?
  6. LukeSavenije

    My father is buying a 9900k based system.

    ah... yeah rumors we currently have nothing more than a "maybe"
  7. Ngl, they're all pretty trash nowadays to me. And I have liked all of them at one point or another.
  8. xAcid9

    Liquid Metal

    There is no heatspreader on 1060 or on any modern GPU even.
  9. Mr. horse

    Is it worth Raiding 5200RPM drives?

    Good idea, I seen PCIe cards that take a M.2 drive and more or less raid them with a hdd. Anything that is used regularly is stored on the SSD wile lesser used or files not in use stay on the HDD. The SSD part more or less acts as a data cache.
  10. Dr. Historic Low

    [UK] S10+ 128GB £595! NO IMPORT, UK VERSION

    In America, we just pay monthly for the service and the phone is free... $33.34 a Month. Don't you have to pay monthly for the service anyway? I haven't owned a phone in like 20 years so I wouldn't know if that's how it works nowadays.
  11. Oalei

    AMD Codenames

    idk why is that even related tbh
  12. Children play COD Boys play Battlefield Adults play ARMA
  13. Im sorry if it came out that way. Ryzen will start at 8 cores unless Im wrong, then go to 12c like you said. I don't know. You know much better then me. But who cares why are we talking about Ryzen when my old man wants a Intel.. Hes 76 Im not gonna argue with him about his Intel preference.
  14. NyetARussianSpy

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    Instructions unclear, blew inwards and now there is a bubble upstairs. Myself? Writing code that I'll never deploy, composing music without any knowledge about theory, playing around Reddit for the memes.
  15. I'm not angry. Stop being so sensative. Stop saying Ryzen will only be 8 cores. TR4 is irrelevant.
  16. Mr. horse

    Is it worth Raiding 5200RPM drives?

    More or less not all games on steam support cloud saving, or at lest not that last time I used steam. But most games save to you my docs folder. Raid 5 for gaming? Well it would work but unless if you have a really good raid 5 controller with a good bit of ram and a battery for the ram I would pass on it. If your system ever locked up or the controller lost power the data on the controllers ram would be lost if it was not written to the drives yet. Raid 10 would be what I would go with. Not really.
  17. Oalei

    PSU for a gaming rig

    i will totally wait for X570 or B550 because i definetely believe the power delivery will be completely different because all the 18C and stuff.
  18. GoldenLag

    AMD Codenames

    Polaris, Vega and Navi. I will give you a few seconds to realize what they have in common
  19. MrFixitBlankFace

    What do you think of Teslas?

    They're cool
  20. Yeap.... Just as the title says, I don't know where to find a display like that for a fake s8 phone. My aunt wants my help on finding it, because the phone's glass is cracked but I don't know where to find it. And it would be preferred if they shipped this in Romania. If not, USA is good to.
  21. NyetARussianSpy

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Bougenvilla - Kendari
  22. Hi everyone, I have a PC that I connect to a nighthawk router via netgear powerline 1000 mbps adapters. In the past 2 weeks, I've noticed that my computer is not always connecting to the network whether I completely boot my computer up or wake it from 'sleep' It will show the disconnected network icon on the taskbar and will not connect to any websites until I reboot it again. I don't really understand why this is suddenly an issue since nothing has changed. I do know that there is a Windows 10 update causing issues, so I wonder if that's at all related.
  23. I like my clothes the traditional way. Shoes made of calf leather, suits made of wool, pants and shirts made of cotton, outer wear made of a wool/synthetic blend. But yeah, I don't dress like most tech enthusiasts and if met me on the street, you probably wouldn't think that I am passionate about PC components, audio tech and video games.
  24. SenioRR

    PSU for a gaming rig

    Take a look at the thread below and find the best PSU you can get with your budget. The thread is a very good reference point when shopping for PSUs and I highly recommend looking through it. The CX650M that you are looking at happens to be Tier B (Budget): If you are not doing any heavy overclocking, you'll be fine.
  25. MW2 was terrible. Looked like absolute dog shit and the balancing was probably the worst in any COD game I played (stopped after MW3). It is beyond me how MW2 is that popular, I would say even the terrible MW3 was overall a better game.
  26. TheNFactor

    Looking for best headphones under 200.

    Does the e10k offer any benefit over a sound card like the sound blaster audigy fx?
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