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  2. Norwegiantweaker

    Experiences with non-techies

    even if they spliced one cable to two ( which i really don't see a reason to do what so ever ) it shouldn't matter ?. i need more info here super curious sounds like a frankenstein jobb
  3. johndole25

    3d Mark bench around 5% after power cut

    Because 3d mark is a good benchmark and my results have always been fine now they are swinging in the thousands.
  4. Norwegiantweaker

    3d Mark bench around 5% after power cut

    or maybe after being run each day for years degraded performance ?
  5. Overl0rd

    3d Mark bench around 5% after power cut

    A GPU will protect itself against heat by throttling down frequency, but not against hardware damage. Besides, a power cut should not damage components (apart from perhaps corrupting data). A power surge is what kills devices.
  6. Bitter

    Experiences with non-techies

    Yeah that makes no sense, you can't plug two cables into the back of a PSU in the first place (not until you're at server level) and why wouldn't she just get a normal extension cable?
  7. unclewebb

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    Intel CPUs do not start to thermal throttle and slow down until they reach or exceed their, "maximum safe operating temperature". That is a core temperature of 100°C for the majority of their CPUs including the Xeon X58 W series. If the CPU is not thermal throttling, it is in the safe zone. If Intel thought that this temperature was not safe, they would have lowered the throttling temperature. It is not until a core temperature of 125°C to 130°C when an Intel CPU will shut itself down to protect against any long term damage. There is nothing wrong with limiting your CPU to a maximum core temperature of 80°C but Intel says that there is no reason to do this. Their CPUs do a great job of looking after themselves.
  8. Depends on how much RAM you have. My compute stick with 2gb of ram uses ~800mb at idle. Used memory is nothing to worry about unless you start hitting forced paging (90%+ usage), where the PC just stops responding for seconds at a time while data is swapped to the page file.
  9. Wow so much space news!!



  10. SkyHound0202

    I waited 2.5 years for this folding monitor…

    Why do any one would want one of these when you can literally go out and buy one of those (pocket) projectors and a foldable projection screen (or just project it against a wall or a plain bed sheet)?
  11. Razor512

    I waited 2.5 years for this folding monitor…

    I wish someone could just create a decent high res projector that was focused on endurance and lifespan rather than color quality. The main issue is that no one seems to make projector that is designed for continuous use (bulb life, even on the LED ones are rather low). One thing I experimented a while back was setting a projector as a 3rd display, set the background to black, then position the projector so that you just display various system stats on the wall surrounding your monitors.
  12. Norwegiantweaker

    Experiences with non-techies

    wait what ? hooking up to two outlets doesn't magically make it X2 the volt ?
  13. johndole25

    3d Mark bench around 5% after power cut

    Just did another test 13,800. Nearly 2000 less than my usual norm. Is there not a grey area where Gpu's have fail safes that protect certain pathways, but operate at lower frequency etc? Going to test in hwmonitor now
  14. Ezzy-525

    Thinking of a name for new PC

    I use ship names from Stargate. Daedalus and Prometheus

    1. WereCat


      when you forgot to close the oven during the thanks giving day

  16. Norwegiantweaker

    Storage help

    Download Treesize free much easier to manage storage.
  17. Firewrath9

    Which drive for OS? (windows)

    then get a dramless, like a BX500 or a inland professional one
  18. Overl0rd

    3d Mark bench around 5% after power cut

    Lol why? Probably just background processes. If components were actually damaged in the way you describe, your GPU would not be working at all.
  19. Results45

    [LEAKED] Intel Gen11 Graphics Lineup

    Yup. Their "14nm" is actually closer to 10nm: And their "10nm" is pretty comparable in transistor density to competing 7nm processes: That depends whether they are making the new iGPUs on 10nm or reusing 14nm++. If the 900-series iGPUs are made with 10nm then compared to the current lineup (600-series) the performance improvement per shader could range anywhere from 40-70%. But if 14nm is reused then we can estimate the performance gains based on today's shader counts -- albeit probably slightly better efficiency and clock speeds: [167%+ performance gain] HD 610 (12EU/96 Shaders) ~> UHD 910 (32EU/256 shaders) [33%+ performance gain] UHD 620 (24EU/192 Shaders) ~> UHD 920 (32EU/256 shaders) [33-83%+ performance gain] HD 630 (24EU/192 Shaders) ~> Iris Plus 930 (32-64EU/256-512 shaders) [15-33%+ performance gain] Iris Plus 640 (48EU/384 shaders) ~> Iris Plus 940 (48-64EU/384-512 shaders) [33%+ performance gain] Iris Plus 650 (48EU/384 shaders) ~> Iris Plus 950 (64EU/512 shaders) Though wild cards still remain: successors* to the Iris Pro 580, Iris Plus 655, HD 615, UHD 605, and UHD 600 *increased to 96EUs, 64-72EUs, 32EUs, 24EUs, and 20EUs respectively
  20. Bitter

    Experiences with non-techies

    Well it's like $150 to build the cheapest AM4 system I think I can assemble. So we're not doing new, sadly. I'm having a hard time finding a reasonably priced 1156 board on eBay that's not some weird SFF part or wholly integrated to a particular case and PSU. I have DDR3 already so that limits me to DDR3 systems in order to keep costs down. I may see if I can find a cheap good 1150 board and donate the 4460S to the cause.
  21. Iamidiot22

    Which is better ram?

    Currently I am running quad channel. Both the 24gb and 16gb are 4 sticks
  22. Pyramiden

    Portable bluetooth speaker for my car

    Does such a car have a 12 volts sigarette lighter? You could use an FM transmitter in combination with the original radio.
  23. Overl0rd

    Which is better ram?

    This depends on the configuration. Are you currently running dual, triple or quad channel? The increase in performance of going from DDR3-1333 to DDR3-1600 is going to be limited in any case, but if you also have to sacrifice memory channels for it, it might actually be decreasing performance.
  24. eb2k

    Which drive for OS? (windows)

    Thank you, this computer will be primarily for schoolwork and gaming so I won't need tons of storage. I'm thinking 250gb 2.5 for my OS and everything else on the 660p. That way if I will ever need (which I doubt) I will have extra space on the 2.5.
  25. I have a challenge for everyone: say something positive about a tech company you hate


    I'll start: Apple has a long time support for phones

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    2. LukeSavenije


      @seon123 @TopHatProductions115 I'm meaning hate as both a small and a big word


      that's how i have a general "hate" for what apple is currently doing. and I'd like to see how many people can actually say something positive about a company they don't support or actually hate

    3. Queen Chrysallis

      Queen Chrysallis

      Biostar boards are really cheap and availability is great

    4. LukeSavenije


      @Queen Chrysallis you hate biostar? hm... funny, that's a first timer i see that one

  26. BecauseICanTBH

    Last night I saw a glowing trail of something in the sky. Wtf was it?

    I don't think that was it. It wasn't moving like that, it was still. So it didn't move out of sight, it just died out after a minute or 2.
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