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  2. angelodaroma

    H115i bad temps on 4790k

    Just fixed my problem by giving a punch on my radiator. I think some bubbles had formed. My water temps went 15C dawn and CPU temps about 20C. Here you can see my aida64 graph that shows the moment when I punched the radiator.
  3. It's been a long time since I played DiRT Rally, it was fun.

    I couldn't really concentrate when I was doing this level, not my best run.


    Don't mind the black edge at the top and bottom, I had some issue with OBS and I found a temporary workaround.

  4. -Kriss-

    Thinking of a name for new PC

    >naming your electronics
  5. Spotty

    Dangerous power supplies

    No... That's around 10 years old, and again, amongst other issues it does not have the SATA or PCIe cables your system requires... I'm afraid you really will just need to increase your budget for the PSU if you plan on buying anything that will work with your system. You'd just be wasting your money otherwise on units that are not compatible. Looking at Gumtree UK there doesn't seem to be anything worth buying in the used market either. https://www.gumtree.com/search?search_category=computers-pcs-laptops&search_location=uk&q=PSU&min_price=&max_price=40 There's some EVGA 500w W1 PSU for 20 pounds and some Corsair VS450s for 20 pounds. They're junk, and they're used so you don't know what sort of condition they're in, but they might at least work with your system and are better than the 10-15 year old craptastic units you're looking at. I would strongly recommend increasing your budget. For 37 pounds you can get the Be Quiet System Power 9 400w. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B079KG3TZ5/
  6. Load this up in PCPartpicker and get us a list that way. Assuming the budget is $2800 USD? On first glance, do NOT get an RGB SSD. They overheat and severely degrade the performance of the SSDs to the point of them stopping work all together. Never heard of Techware hardware myself.
  7. LukeSavenije

    Dangerous power supplies

    yeah... it doesn't work that way with psus... from the testing it goes above intel atx spec, bad crossload regulation, no well working overcurrent protection, overpower protection and undervoltage protection, and it's very loud
  8. LennyD

    What PSU should i get for my PC?

    Also while i have you here. What do you think of the Corsair Carbide Series 275R? Im considering it as a new case. I want something with a side glass panel and i really like this one. I know there are other aspects you have to look in a case but from what i read it is pretty good.
  9. Farhan_

    Zotac Gtx 1060 6gb amp! underperforming

    It reaches +175mhz(2000mhz) and +250mhz mem clock. The stutters happen even at stock settings. Will clean installing windows fix it? I've previously had a gtx 1050ti and just recently got a 1060
  10. LogicalDrm

    Gaming PC Frame Drop

    Try rolling update back. if this has suddenly started, its more than likely its driver causing this. If its on single game, then it might be that game being updates.
  11. LennyD

    What PSU should i get for my PC?

    Well yeah but wouldnt it be better that if i pay like 20 euros more i would get more power and rather have it there than not have it at all? You can check out stuff here: https://www.emag.ro/surse-pc/c?ref=hp_menu_quick-nav_23_15&type=category https://www.pcgarage.ro/surse/ If the interface or the language is a problem you can use some more international sites like amazon and link me something from there and i would search it in my country.
  12. selecadm

    Dangerous power supplies

    I bought 650W power supply for $200. BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 (BN251). Less wattage, 8 times more expensive. In LTT tier list it's under "ultra high-end". BeQuiet Straight Power 11 E11-450W (BN280)
  13. AbdulRahman Nadeem

    Will changing thermal paste decrease my temps.

    DAMN BOI, You just increased my laptop performance by 2x. Thank you so much. I changed the voltage frequency curve and now temps are 10C lower and fps doubled. I will post pics when i have the time.
  14. Spotty

    What PSU should i get for my PC?

    Different wattage does not equal cheaping out. What stores are you looking at buying from? If you provide a link we can see what is available and recommend something.
  15. LogicalDrm

    does anyone know of a free fps trainer

    Do you have some fps game already? Pretty much all games with mod support end up getting training modes at some point. Like Overwatch just got their "modding" tools and there's already many training modes made. Looking at free fps games on Steam, besides TF2 there's game called Aim Lab which is early access. Just a side note. Getting better at aiming is only part of getting better in fps shooters. You also need to get better in game mechanics, maps and general game sense/awareness.
  16. LennyD

    What PSU should i get for my PC?

    I live in Romania. The price difference between all the TX series isnt a lot and the thing is i would go for something cheaper like the TX550M the only thing i dont want to happen is to cheap out on the PSU and regret it later.
  17. valdyrgramr

    What PSU should i get for my PC?

    Price =/= quality all the time. 50 bucks is the lowest you wanna go on a PSU in the states and Europe. But, if you wanna spend a lil more than that this is probably what you're looking for. It's the cheapest of the higher end, but you're system is not going to use 550ws. https://de.pcpartpicker.com/product/zBfmP6/bitfenix-formula-gold-550w-80-gold-certified-atx-power-supply-bp-fm550ulag-7r
  18. I was looking at some external capture cards with my brother, we overheard a guy trying to buy a pre-ordered gaming combo system for $2800. When he stepped out of the shop my brother approached him and spoke to him about what he was about to buy, my brother agreed to help him put the entire system together with the parts sold at the shop so if anything that didn't work we could still return to exchange. Rainbow Basher ( the first build my brother and I put together for someone else) Phanteks Eclipse P350X Ryzen r5 2600 (my brother overclocked it to 4.0 on all cores) Cryorig H7 ( changed fans) AsRock b450 steel legend G.skill Trident Z RGB 3000mhrz cl16 16gb Zotac RTX 2080 8gb twin fan Ad XPG SX8200 Pro 512gb m.2 T-force RGB 1tb 2.5 inch ssd Corsair RM650x 650w 80+ gold full modular Windows 10 - USB download CoolerMaster MasterFan ML120R A-RGB triple kit set x2 (balanced) (2x intake, 2x exhaust, 2x cpu cooler,) Logitech Z607 5.1 speakers Techware phantom RGB machanical keyboard (blue key) Techware RGB gaming mouse Msi 27 inch QHD 144 hrtz 2ms Total spent $2644.00 (tax included) Do you think there was anything else we could improve on?
  19. Assarad

    Random system lock up

    I just clocked my Memory to 2133MHz https://geizhals.de/g-skill-ripjaws-v-schwarz-dimm-kit-16gb-f4-3200c14d-16gvk-a1382376.html this is my memory kit
  20. Honestly get RMx,formula gild, whisper or PP11.
  21. Spotty

    What PSU should i get for my PC?

    Your system with an i5 6600 + GTX 1060 will require 250w at most, and that's being generous... A 450w PSU will be fine. What country are you in? (so we know what units are available and have an idea of prices). If you want to stick with the Corsair TXM, the TX550M would be absolutely plenty. We can't predict what you will upgrade to in a few years time or what it will require. It's usually a waste of money trying to choose a PSU for a future build in a few years time. Just get something that will be suitable for your system now.
  22. Where you at what country?
  23. VegetableStu

    Where to find Computex coverage?

    oh okay o_o thanks for the heads up
  24. samcool55

    The FUTURE is... FM Radio??

    I'm not sure how it is where you live but in Belgium most premium cars don't have DAB+ because it's usually an expensive option and people don't care about it (premium is for me a 40k+ car). And yes if you have an expensive soundsystem you can take advantage of the better audio quality, but again that's another option people have to pay for when they buy their premium car. And the truth is, most people don't buy/have premium cars, let alone with DAB+ AND an upgraded soundsystem. Most people drive around in simple cheap cars with FM and something that produces audio, and that's it. I guess it's nice if you want to spend the money on it, but then again if you go premium you probably have an ICE system that allows you to stream spotify from your phone or something and then you can listen to whatever you want.
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