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  2. for me being gay I seemingly have a very conflicting taste in music

  3. TetraSky

    Anyone else not crazy about RGB?

    My PC is in my bedroom. Leaving it on at night and having a lightshow isn't something I want. I know that many RGB controllers can be set to be shutdown.. but then that's an extra step I'd have to take over none at all for not having any LED. Not to mention, I'm easily distracted, having lights in my peripheral vision is distracting to me and I'd always end up looking at it thinking something moved. (The fact that I have a floater in my right eye that's visible on bright lights really doesn't help either on that side of things, I always see "something moving" when there's nothing) With all that said, I have nothing against "RGB" itself, where it makes sense. Like as a keyboard backlight. When you're getting an RGB chair to go with an RGB desk along an RGB monitor.... Wtf is wrong with you?
  4. There are adapters, they are usually specific to the brand of lens and camera but they do exist. https://www.shutterbug.com/content/how-mount-vintage-slr-lens-dslr-simple-guide For more info.
  5. Not really. Usually you get more out of turning HT off unless the game uses DX12/Vulkan with a multithreaded renderer. DX9 games are capped to the performance of the fastest cpu core, and you're usually better of forcing it not to run on the HT core. Regardless, HT's performance is basically a way to take advantage of sloppy multi-process (eg pre-fork model, or the "tabs" in all current browsers) programming rather than encourage threading. That is why HT is dangerous for the web browser if exploitable. This is why WASM (WebAssembly) should be turned off by default. It only affects Intel chips with HT turned on, 8th and 9th generation chips may be immune. https://mdsattacks.com/ , test it yourself. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/mds.html The big thing is that once the vulnerability is proven and in the wild, you never know how it will be exploited.
  6. fasauceome

    CPU Thermal Throttling

    Does make me wonder if the software is at fault, in terms of load percentage. If your clocks do drop then the thermals are bad, also what are the BIOS temps?
  7. Hi I have no experience doing this. Is it possible to adapt these old minolta lenses to my nikon d3400 dslr? In your guys opinion is it even worth trying? The 50mm lenses look promising
  8. It's funny how an AIO has gave me more issues than any custom loop I've ever touched. Then again I guess that's what to expect with used water cooling parts. Anyways it came with a cracked block that "didn't leak". Well I assembled and filled it, and then kinked the tubes pretty hard to see if it leaked. It leaked bad. Today I epoxied it and no leaks. I kinked insanely hard and everything is holding up perfect. I'll run it tomorrow but from my experience, kinking a full setup always works. With that said...I kinked a tube too hard and it popped lol. Didn't bust but now you can see a ring through it when under a flashlight. You can also feel the ring from the outside lol. So I know I should have just bought a new block (even though it's cool now), and I know I should have just ran it instead of being lazy. Good god though...I'm not in the mood to change this tube. Anyone ever leave a badly kinked tube perfectly alone and never have an issue?
  9. NyxeonFX

    DREVO BladeMaster Pro Mechanical Keyboard any good?

    Oh no, I was looking at the TKL, it just seems that the aura keycaps are out of stock so it was telling me it was sold out But thanks for the help! Really appreciate it
  10. Rhianwen

    What convinced you to switch from Console to PC?

    My switch to PC from console was a gradual change, nothing directly encouraged me to transition, I just eventually got too spoiled to using Steam lol Maybe it's because I do a poor job of keeping up with my CDs so I enjoyed an all digital library instead, I dunno.
  11. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Need HELP optimizing my old RIG

    sure, just monitor the temp as you go, look for other people oc for reference. as for cooling, if temp easily goes p to 80C+, do some serious cleaning/ replace thermal paste is all effort you need
  12. Parzivilian

    How to get front case off.

    See, with mine, it has a DVD drive which I can't figure out how to remove.
  13. zrmaxwell

    Looking for a desktop headphone amplifier/dac..

  14. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Interesting, my old Presario has a slightly better version but in gold (though the 233 also had gold versions too).
  15. KyrusDLT

    CPU Thermal Throttling

    I'd like to add that the ambient temperature is always around 30°C.
  16. A mirrorless camera would be easier to learn on, as it behaves more like your smartphone in terms of what-you-see-is-what-you-get on the screen. It's easier to see what changes you make to the various settings (shutter speed, aperature, ISO) affect your image.
  17. "Past performance is not indicative of future results" I'll repeat once again for the peanut gallery: Do not subsidize your employer. If you are putting more than 25% of your gross pay into housing, be that renting or mortgage payments, you are subsidizing your employer. Period. I currently pay, in Burnaby, a rental rate that is what you currently would have to move to Chilliwack to get. If and when the landlord decides to demovict this side of the street (all those towers were built on the other side.) I'm going to renegotiate my contracts with my clients in Burnaby and if they don't want to pay twice what they're paying now, I'd rather move elsewhere and drop them as a client. It's not personal, it's business.
  18. Alexsolo

    How to get front case off.

    Post some pictures please, though if you take off the side panels there's usually clips securing the front panel to the case... From HP website directly: (thought this might not be the same Pavilion model/case as yours which is why I prefer pictures)
  19. KyrusDLT

    CPU Thermal Throttling

    It has copper in the base. I get what you mean about the stock cooler's performance and 4th gen's heat, but is it normal to have those temps at low loads?
  20. Spotty

    Middle School Project

    You could look in to whether old PCs can be re-purposed or repaired as opposed to discarding them as waste. Your presentation can be about you taking a PC that would have otherwise been discarded and you can work on it, diagnose its problems, and fix it. Discuss how the PC would have been thrown out as the owner thought it was broken and couldn't be fixed, or wasn't worth fixing. Explain what the problem with the PC was and the steps you took to fix it and get it working. Do some research in to eWaste and how much waste is generated by devices that could have been repaired or re-purposed instead of discarded. The $50 budget could be what you have to spend on the system and replacement parts to fix the system. As for finding old PCs to work on, try explaining your project to your schools IT department and ask if they have any old/broken PCs that you could have. Otherwise check local swap sites for old PCs or such. Maybe even try some eWaste recyclers if there are any in your area (places like FreeGeek which is in a few LTT scrapyard wars videos). The bonus is if all goes well at the end of it you will have yourself a PC. If you don't need a PC and if you're lucky you might even be able to sell it for a profit. If you can't fix it, then don't worry too much about it. Do your report the same way and still discuss the problems with throwing out broken things rather than repairing them and just be like "Well, unfortunately as I found out some things aren't cost-effective to repair". Your teachers won't care if it doesn't work, they'll only care that you put the effort in to your report. With science and doing experiments sometimes you get results you weren't expecting and all you can do is present your findings as they are.
  21. Is it true Zombieload only affects Kaby Lake and older? Are 9900K owners safe from this?
  22. zlolslavez

    DREVO BladeMaster Pro Mechanical Keyboard any good?

    Ah, GMMK; that's also a pretty good option although the micro-usb was a pretty big turn off for me (maybe more then it should be but eh). I would avoid G513; I had the Logitech Pro keyboard and I hated the Romer-g (tactile) switches. Super mushy. I think if I were to pick I'd go for an instock GMMK (the TKL one is in stock, I assume you are looking at 100% then), or a Ducky board (pretty good in my experience, and has a pretty good community around it, but don't let that stop you from buying any keyboard).
  23. Hard cider...







    1. Windows7ge


      Have you had Angry Orchard? Pretty good IMO

      Redds Apple Ale also isn't bad.

  24. MS-DOS Guy

    WiFi hotspot Windows

    This is the only way I know how to do it, I don't know if anybody knows a better way or if there is software to do it. But you can go into CMD, first thing you want to know is if your wifi card or whatever has hosted network support. To do this, you have to type into command prompt NETSH WLAN show drivers and it should tell you if you have hosted network support. If you do, then you can proceed to the next step. Then type in, NETSH WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NETWORKNAME key=PASSWORD and obviously your going to replace "networkname" with your name of the hotspot and the same thing with "password". Then type into CMD: NETSH WLAN start hostednetwork which is pretty self explanatory, it simply starts the network. Your also going to want to confirm that you have internet connection sharing enabled. Go to control panel>network and internet>network and sharing>right click on your wifi adapter or ethernet or whatever>properties>sharing and then simply enable internet connection sharing enabled.
  25. Parzivilian

    How much of a improvement will I be seeing?

    Well if you upgrade at all then you will get a performance increase. It is most likely the GPU. If the graphics card is acting up in your pc, then it will most likely be universal unless it is a software issue. If you are going to be doing high graphics gaming, then you should increase but if it is just going to be watching movies or streaming then I wouldn't but it is up to you if you want to spend more money. I recommend the i5 6600k. It is good for its price. You didn't say the full name of your CPU so I don't know for sure what CPU you have. Your ram should have no problem. If you do upgrade, you will need to know how to use the BIOS menu so that you configure your upgrades.
  26. For a number of very demanding games, losing HT can be a pretty grevious performance hit for quad core users.
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