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  2. Tevildo

    £100 Mechanical keyboard for gaming

    like loaddds of people told me logitech make bad keyboards n that keyboard dont look that nice.
  3. ZeouLs

    £100 Mechanical keyboard for gaming

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Spectrum-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard/dp/B01G5Y27VY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=logitech%2Bg810&qid=1558348818&s=gateway&sr=8-1&th=1 Had the first gen for years now using second gen. Cant complain Especially with that deal
  4. LukeSavenije

    NEW PSU Tier List

    yeah, rmx is something that should least for 7+ years, based off a solid CWT and of course is haswell/kepler certified
  5. TechyBen

    Ray-Tracing on Secondary GPU?

    NVidia would never support that. As 2 1080tis would be cheaper than a 2080/ti and outperform it (theoretically if you had an entire card for FPS and an entire card for ray casting)
  6. Of course. They can't retroactively change the chipset so it'll be a bottleneck in that regard but I would assume any new customers would go for 500 series chipsets anyway.
  7. GoldenLag

    Graphics Card suggestion.

    considering they cost like 130$. why would you pay 180$ for one? you can get rx 580 cards at that price. unless you arent located in the US, in which case state your location in currency and budget in your native currency.
  8. Anomnomnomaly

    Why gta4 graphics are bad than gta san andreas in pc

    GTA 4 was a huge steaming cluster f*ck of a game, it was a sh*tty port that was so bad that Rockstar had to put out a press release claiming that it was 'designed for hardware that didn't exist yet'. They couldn't even manage to do soemthing as simple as mapping controllers properly instead copied over the xbox 360 controller setup. As a big fan of the series... I built a brand new low/high end system for that release (my old one was getting long in the tooth) and even at a measly 1280 res back in 4x3 days it ran like a bag of sand over tar paper even on some of the lowest settings. 4yrs later I built another ig and went xfire with my graphics... and you know what... it still ran like crap on hardware that didn't exist at the time it was released. A few years later, another upgrade and a much faster GPU and finally... it ran at an acceptable 40+FPS.. but still pretty crappy. Back in Jan I built a ryzen based system with a RX580, 32GB 3200mhz ram, NVME and SSD's and you know what... it still runs like crap. It was just a really shitty port.
  9. I still have the x470 mb but i have to test it again to see if it works. Could just be the cpu not having full contact with the socket, if it still doesn't work i will rma it. I don't have the 2600x anymore. I tried alot to make the x470 mb work with the ryzen 1700, somehow it wouldn't.
  10. 1Step2Short

    M.2 questions regarding an older z97 board

    Much thanks for the replies guys. I see it this way. If I run the GPU in x8 configuration and I don't see a performance degradation of massive concern it's a good configuration. 2nd scenario I run it with the slot provided and gain 300MB/s of speed and replace the drive I had originally intended to replace. It's a win win. SSD prices have went down extremely. When I first bought the evo I had it was almost $1 p/gb. I think I spent like 130 for a 128gb. It's time for it to go
  11. Anyone can suggest? I live in the UK any my budget is anything near to £100. Keyboard used mainly for gaming and need a durable one.
  12. TechyBen

    Epic Store Forced Discounts on some Publishers' Games

    The actual developers did. Multiple times.
  13. But there is a dust filter... and on the top too. And no, I don’t notice it really. I clean my PC usually once a month or once every quarter anyway (got one of those electric leaf blowers for PC’s haha) and as @LukeSavenije mentioned, a quick brush on the front and it’s gone. Just clean the filter quarterly and all is good in the hood
  14. we will see, I remember sorta same situation in early 2000's
  15. but does give some great airflow you can easily brush it off
  16. That basically. I think the best one is the e5 2450 v2 8-core, but I just want the best one for future proofing. Thanks Oh btw it can't bottleneck a 6gb 1060 either.
  17. Eniqmatic

    Do you see anything abnormal or wrong in this network graph?

    Agree, easiest way, IMO, to determine where the issue lies (hardware or software) is to boot to a linux live CD, check connected speed there and run a test. If its connected at 1Gbps then you know its a software thing with windows. If its still 10mbps, then likely a hardware issue somewhere. You don't need to know Linux to boot a live CD, just download one (Fedora or Ubuntu or similar) and burn the ISO to USB using Rufus USB on windows. Reboot to USB and check network config.
  18. On updated 400s boards I would expect the chipset link and chipset lanes to remain the same gen. With only 500s getting the speed bump.
  19. a lot to check ill check that thanks
  20. what graphic change? their identical
  21. aldysts92

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Ok I will patiently wait then hahahaha. RM650X is good one right? For now or even next few years for maybe another upgrading other components such as new cpu/gpu?
  22. Isnt the case with the whole front being covered by dust in no time? I mean the whole mesh thing.
  23. noxdeouroboros

    Can it haul Windows 10?

    Yeah, it will work. Do you have an SSD maybe? On an old hard drive it might be a bit sluggish.
  24. zassou

    Looking for a cheap bike

    bicycle? im not into mountain bikes, but im a fan of road bikes. giant fcr or defy is always the answer.
  25. zassou

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    playing video games, watching movie and shows, some other stuff if you know what im talking about
  26. Vector0102

    Graphics Card suggestion.

    Hey guys. I am planning to buy a Radeon RX 570 for about 180 dollars. Should I stick with this or is there a better card at this price point?
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