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  2. You brick ops system. Not cool, not cool.
  3. kirashi

    need help with changing my graphics card

    User above literally suggested a video card: a Radeon 570 or 580, although we need to know what CPU you're running too.
  4. rawrdaysgoby

    Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off Huawei supplies

    I guess that is fair. But in the history books as well they have never invaded other countries much less win any wars with others. Usually with them doing their own things. As far as communism goes they are the best of the worst and hey they are pretty much capitalist as the usa. There are advantages to communism compared to democracy depending on the government. I am fine with them having far less global power but at the same time the U.S.A. should really be dialing back their own global power as well.... But as China becomes more and more globalize and influenced by outside powers and democracy the next generation or so we might actually be getting a very different china. According to those philosophers things can always start with democracy but will slowly devolve into communism or worst dictatorship. The thing is outside of China they are playing by the books but inside.... they play by their own laws. Truth to be told they haven't actually done anything really totally incriminating... "Most" of the things stolen/intellect was brought in by other countries themselves due being cheaper to manufacture in said country... But hey no one can say that other countries wouldn't do the same thing. And China got recognized thanks to the USA giving them some credibility for other countries to get involved as well, a lot of the reason China became a super power is mainly due to the USA screwing themselves.... Oh well...
  5. Smackaroy

    This triggers me

    It triggers me that they don't line up I can't put the fan any deeper because of the ram
  6. tesco value smurf

    wd blue 500gb ssd help

    heres a little description to my issue, so i recently bought a wd blue 500gb ssd i installed it and as far as i can tell the drive its self is working perfectly fine. however when i opened up file explorer and didnt see it listed i thought otherwise, so i checked task manager and all of my drives were detected including the 500gb wd blue, except thats not what task manager called it. according to task manager my wd blue is a "hts721010g9sa00" now before i had a 250gb samsung ssd as my boot drive i was useing an old 100gb hitachi hard drive (which has been removed for quite a while now) and when i search up "hts721010g9sa00" thats the exact same 100gb i was useing! so what i think happened is when i installed the 500gb wd blue my computer gave it my old hitachi hard drives drivers which i dont think i uninstalled. so i need to uninstall my old hitachi hard drive's driver, how do i do that? then i need to get new drivers for my wd blue 500gb, ive searched it up on google and i havent found any downloads, could some one send me a link to that? and yes i tried updating the drivers in device manager, my pc still thinks its a hitachi hard drive.
  7. truckerlenny


    the Maximus XI Apex/Extreme is also another $600-800$ board. from my knowledge those boards are mainly for overclockers. which i will never do. i dont wanna pay for features i wont and dont wanna use.
  8. mikeslayer2000

    need help with changing my graphics card

    i didnt understand anything all im asking is what graphics card do i need to run vr smoothly
  9. Hi everyone, I am looking for a laptop that is mostly for Productivity, things like running programs and managing and writing documents and pdfs, not really for gaming maybe only very light games. I am looking for one with a pretty good battery life and pretty good specs and of course a ssd with fine overall storage capacity. Are brands like Asus, Dell, lenovo good for laptops in your experience? I want to list off some laptops I looked at Asus Vivobook S ultra, brushed aluminum finish, pretty good storage capacity overall https://www.amazon.com/VivoBook-Portable-i7-8550U-Processor-S510UA-DS71/dp/ Asus Vivobook Slim, has a higher i7 cpu and 256gb ssd along with 1tb HDD Priced over $800 though https://www.newegg.com/gun-metal-asus-vivobook-s530fn-bh73-mainstream/p/ Asus vivobook casual gaming laptop Claims to have 9 hour battery life, good storage and comes with a gtx 1050, the downside is it is made of plastic https://www.amazon.com/K570UD-DS74-VivoBook-Laptop-i7-8550U-802-11ac/dp/ Rog Strix scar, great specs, nvme ssd, but don't know about battery life, would it drain fast on this gaming laptop for more casual application and tasks? Should I avoid a gaming oriented laptop in my use case? https://www.newegg.com/black-asus-rog-strix-scar-edition-gl503vd-eb72-gaming-entertainment/p/ Any though on this Dell insipiron 7567? https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-7567-Laptop-i5-7300HQ/dp/B07793DRK9
  10. truckerlenny


    i like the powerplay mouse pad but can you turn off the rgb lights, and does the mouse pad/base slip all over the place or is it grippy. also what about the edges of the pad do they curl up in no time making you buy another over priced mousepad specific to logitech?
  11. Ankerson

    Best Step-Down resolutions.

    You can turn it down in the game to 1080P.
  12. What model PSU do you have? If unsure take a photo of the label on the PSU. System specs?
  13. I actually like a heavy mouse, so its a little subjective to say a heavy mouse is bad. I'd really like linus to compare this mouse to a mouse I got a few months ago, the Logitech MX Master 2S https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B071YZJ1G1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Its also a wireless logitech mouse but half the price. Do the gaming features really make much difference?
  14. AntonisSe2234

    Sharkoon PC Case Airflow + PSU shroud question.

    I'm from Greece. My budget right now is: 200 bucks for Motherboard (AM4) + Case + Fans/Accesories. And around 400-500 bucks for GPU/CPU for when AMD announces its new models (If Navi ends up being out of my reach, I think I'll end up with an RX 590). I already have the RAM (16GB Crucial Ballistix), the storage (SSD Crucial + HDD Seagate) and a PSU (Be Quiet 600W 80 plus bronze). I'll probably be looking for the new Ryzen 5 models to decide. Unless the new Ryzen 3 is equal to the current Ryzen 5 and I can put the extra bucks into the GPU.
  15. truckerlenny

    new build any useful suggestions?

    yea the 2070 is a 40% increase in performance and about a 40% increase in cost as well. keep in mind i will be gaming on a 1080p 60hz monitor.
  16. There are benefits to marriages and civil unions in many countries, such as tax breaks, citizenship(if one is a foreigner), and sharing insurance. It's mostly for the purpose of supporting childbearing families.
  17. Crunchy Dragon

    How practical is 1 CPU 2 Gamers?

    Except you could realistically run two gaming VMs on a Ryzen 5. You'd have to rely on threads to a certain extent, but you could probably get by. It wouldn't be pretty and Ryzen 7 would definitely be recommended, though. It really depends on space and budget, I would say. I could do that in my basement for me and my brother, but it wouldn't make sense because we easily have the space for two separate gaming machines. Budget comes into play a little bit. If you can afford two gaming rigs, that'll be more pleasant for everyone than having to set up and configure a 2 gamers/1 CPU setup.
  18. truckerlenny

    new build any useful suggestions?

    i want to stick with parts as much as i can with one manufacture so if i get gigabyte then do they have a gpu that is basicly all black. and what about their rgb lighting. i dont want to have to open 3 different programs to control lighting. i choose the hx750 because according to pcpart picker max watts should be around 388 watts and im assuming my idle usage would be around 175 which would put me right in the peak efficiency. also means that it will be rare that my psu's fan actually turns on because it doesnt turn on until 300 watts. i want a 32" screen i am currently using a 32" samsung tv as a monitor. its super old and does the job just fine so it would be a upgrade. and considering the samsung monitor is only 300$ canadian thats a great deal.
  19. Semper

    HDMI with vga dual monitor setup help!

    Does your GPU have a VGA out? If not, your going to be looking at an active converter, or replacing the monitor.
  20. apart from Asrock which seems to hand out beta stuff you cant get elsewhere happily to complaining customers, everyone else does that or ask if you would like to RMA.
  21. miagisan

    FX What to Do

    I make my old parts into servers. I have an fx 6300 as a file/media server and an apu as a game server. You can find tons to do with old hardware. Next up I am going to take an old Intel chip and make it a wireless backup server in my garage just in case anything happens.
  22. Donut417

    Ethernet over Coax?

    Looks like you have DSL. As long as thats the case, then Deca adapters should work. Though I think they are limited to 100 Mbps.
  23. Some of those Sharkoon cases looks more like a show piece with restricted airflow. What type of processor were you planning to get? If you are not overclocking or getting something that will be easy to cool with a stock cooler then you can prioritize aesthetics over and functionality. We all have our preferences. I have RGB fans and AIO for my system that is really only noticeable from the window panel side. My case doesn't function as a disco light ball.
  24. When watching that video, and I know it's a bit old at this point, where Linus takes a look at the Logitech charging pad. Was I alone in thinking: "huh, I thought Linus would've heard about this happening over 10years ago already in a similar fashion.."? I was kinda surprised, specially when he got all excited about it I mean, it's cool and all, just not really all that fancy imo. I used to have this mouse https://www.pcreview.co.uk/articles/a4tech-wireless-battery-free-optical-mouse.51/. And it was pretty neat^^
  25. In that case his father. Places like Andover and Exeter are expensive. Hell, going to a HS like that usually matters MORE than what college you go to. If you count my HS/college job, I've been in the working world for well over a decade. I actually haven't had anything particularly bad happen to me, have gotten promotions every other year or so and currently work with a lot of awesome people doing stuff I enjoy and being paid generously for it (low to mid 6 figures). I would disagree that "business degree" = moron. As a rule of thumb I have a lot of respect for people with a STEM undergrad/grad degree as well as an MBA from a top school. They tend to be very well rounded, my first boss fit that mark. Then again the Harvard MBA I worked with was surprised that gender non-binaries/decline to state only made up something like 0.2% of the dataset I was working with... "you worked at McKinsey?"
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