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  2. I was wondering if it's possible to hot swap / hot plug sata hdd's on something like an MSI B450-M board?
  3. Zvoid

    Bottle Neck

    I know that i mean that i will be upgrading the rest of my system come January. What would be the cheapest psu that you would recoment because i was thinking the evga g2 650w glod
  4. fasauceome

    Issues with a Dell g5 5590

    Blazing temps, and a so called dead hard drive? Either you got a lemon, or it's been misdiagnosed.
  5. Szemike84

    Motherboard Tier List

    PSU: https://eu.coolermaster.com/uk/powersupply/office-home/b500ver2/ This is my old friend It could be about 10 years old and working fine Memory: 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM G.Skill Flare X for AMD XMP (2X16GB) (F4-2400C15D-32GFX) (CL15) OR 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM G.Skill Flare X for AMD XMP (2X8GB) (F4-3200C14D-16GFX) (CL14) (my vote is on 2x16Gb it's cheaper too in my country :P) Motherboard: msi B450M mortar (made my choice thanks to you ) CPU: not a cheap one (about 314 USA dollars, 281 Euros), but I don't want to upgrade it for about 5 years Thank you very much for your kind help!
  6. KarathKasun

    Bottle Neck

    Sure you CAN, but you wont be able to overclock, which is the only reason to buy a K series CPU. Nevermind, need a 300 series board to run any of the 6+ core parts.
  7. Oh I don't care about what head is on the screws. Philips is easier of course, but I have access to Torx, security torx, and Hex screw drivers, so I'm not too picky in that regard.
  8. TheGlenlivet

    Multiple GPUs non SLI?

    What program do you want to use?
  9. Mira Yurizaki

    AMD Ryzen 3000 rumours are Adored

    I wanna poke at that image for a moment with some math. Let's take a Ryzen 5 2600, which can boost up to 3.9 GHz and is rated for 65W and assume AMD bases this number at turbo speeds. For the 12 core and taking its 5.0 GHz turbo speed, that's about a 1.282 times higher speed. Since TDP linearly scales with clock speed, throwing that onto the 2600 would bump that TDP to 83.33W. Now double it for the number of cores and we're left with 166.67W TDP. Assuming no other change than the process shrink... am I supposed to believe going down 5nm will magically shave off 60W?
  10. KarathKasun

    Bottle Neck

    Do not get a K series CPU unless you are also upgrading the MB.
  11. TheGlenlivet

    Ryzen 3 build troubleshooting

    Fan spinning means nothing except power is getting to the fan header. If the CPU is bad, you can still get fan spin. If the ram is bad too.
  12. Let me take a look when I get home.I used to have a few of those servers, and I'm a hoarder for those screws. I will also check her at my office if we have a bunch. The screenshot I posted are not philips head screws, but I thought those might be the ones you were looking for.
  13. Okay, thanks guys. I looking HDD running 24/7 staying on, and want to keep for a long time. Price not matter.
  14. fasauceome

    Bottle Neck

    Can't do that in your current motherboard. Since you need a new motherboard to get a decent upgrade, consider the new Ryzen processors that are coming out soon, they might get the job done for less. You certainly don't want to put something as nice as a 2070 on something as cheap as this.
  15. I'm running an OC'd i5 3570k so i need a capable cooler ASAP because my current AIO is going to die soon. toying with the idea of AIO that I can transplant to my planned r5 2600 upgrade in the autumn. Or i get a budget option now. The current wisdom is the best cooling per £ is air so here I am asking for recomendations. can I get a good one for £30? Noctua seem to be the pricey option.
  16. KenXeiko

    Best mouse for 20.5 cm x 11 cm hands?

    What's your current mouse? Do you think a EC1-B would be good for a Claw/Fingertip hybrid grip?
  17. Firewrath9

    Help me make a 9900k rig

    for premier and adobe, intel is better, puget says that aswell, and theres intel quicksync too
  18. WahabA

    XLR cabel?

    Recently i bought a mixer & microphone combo, the microphone should be "amazing" but it sounds quite terrible.. I just want to know if its because im putting the mixer settings incorrectly? I recently pulled out the xlr to check it and it looked like this.. U can see the middle pin, the one to the bottom is quite pushed in.. Is that normal?
  19. Today was "beach day" at my school where we could dress up in beach wear. Everyone else wore something like a Hawaiian shirt.


    I'm typing from my school in a wetsuit. :D

    1. ReggieGRS


      pics or it didn't happen

  20. Hi, does anyone here use Honor band 4 with facebook messenger? Im running xiaomi redmi 4x and i have this issue when i get text from messenger it will show as normal notification in my phone and on the smart band but when i read the text it will still stay on the band as unread and its getting really annoying. It works for sms just fine. i even tried this on iphone 6 and it worked with messenger just fine.
  21. Sounds exactly like sexist assholes who are taking advantage of other people and making it worse for all other employees.
  22. LukeSavenije

    Budget Gaming pc for 750$

    something with a 1050, 1050 ti or something i'm thinking of i'd have a talk @GeneXiS_X
  23. LukeSavenije


    no problem anything else?
  24. Zile22

    Budget Gaming pc for 750$

    what laptop is good for that price?
  25. So I was able to dig up more info on the screws themselves - they should be M3 x 0.5 (0.5 meaning a thread pitch of 0.5mm), with a length of around 4mm. Those look quite close (perhaps exactly) what I'm looking for. With the recessed flat head. I found a listing on Amazon for 100pcs (I need at minimum of 24, possibly up to 64 in total): https://www.amazon.com/Laptop-Hard-Drive-Screws-ASUS/dp/B00MJUC9TY Unfortunately it's Amazon.com instead of .ca, but they do ship this item to Canada, so it's still a good fallback. Ideally I'd still like to find somewhere local that just has them in stock.
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