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  2. SenpaiKaplan

    How practical is 1 CPU 2 Gamers?

    With the right hardware, very. Not a perfect setup, and I would recommend bare metal over virtualization for the average consumer, but I would never discourage you from trying. I am not running "2 gamers", per-sey, but I am running 2 virtualized systems off of one tower. Nothing fancy either. An 8 core CPU and 16GB of RAM splits nicely into two 4c/8GB RAM setups. One gets a beefy GPU for gaming and the other gets a less powerful one really only to be used as video out, but its compute is still useful. I am, however, upgrading to 32GB RAM and one of the rumored 16c/32t Ryzen CPU's should they ever surface. This would allow me to leave 8 cores and 16GB for the gaming rig, and then split the remaining 8 cores and 16GB RAM in two to allow a tri-system setup with the third setup being a macOS KVM as Linus demonstrated. The largest drawback is probably power consumption of a build powerful enough to run a 1 CPU X Users setup. It does not nicely scale to equal that of 2 systems. As my build sits (specs in bio), it supposedly consumes 710W. Mind you, I used Outervision which is known for making you feel well endowed about your power consumption, but the point stands to be made that that is still well more than double that of a normal box.
  3. Dr. Historic Low

    Low LOD and Pop-in

    I watched the video and those seem very much like a common issue with the game itself. Watch the 1:29 mark of this video... At the 1:29 mark between the 2 helicopters, you can see a pop-in occur. To fix this type of issue in BF4, you need to bump up mesh quality. Dunno if it's gonna fix it completely but that is the setting in BF4 and BF1 that this issue is related to. Set your Mesh Quality to Ultra and see if it helps any. It may affect fps but not in a major way. Maybe 3-5 fps if I remember correctly. If you can play a BF1 campaign mission, I can replicate it since I have BF1. I can't replicate BF4 so finding a video like the one above is all I can do with that game. I think the issue you are having is very common and game related, as shown above. Hopefully your Mesh Quality is not already at Ultra and bumping it up helps you out with this. Oh and be sure to quote any part of my message so I'll know you responded. I almost didn't even know you responded to this.
  4. To add to this before anyone goes "but isn't this good for cooling?" Yeah no, a keyboard area that gets up to 40C+ is not a fun thing at all.
  5. Incase anyone forgot, Windows 10 makes you pay $1 to play HEVC content back with the default video player.......

  6. campy

    Phase Change Cooling AIO

    its a cool concept and im sure that at some level its still in development, but it doesnt take a genius to notice a few problems -low boiling point, high thermal conductivity fluid is stupidly expensive compared to water and glycol -a pressure retaining system for vaporized liquid is much more difficult to manufacture than one for low pressure liquid -such materials for a higher pressure system are also not cheap You cant just stick this stuff into a corsair H60 and put your radiator on the top of your case. Its going to leak rather quickly from multiple points in the system. What you end up with when you try and make this into a product is something thats stupidly expensive for an already fairly niche market in a less than large community of people who build their own PCs. Would you pay 300$+ for a 240mm AIO? I sure as hell wouldnt unless i was building for flair. Not many people build for flair. tl;dr expensive product for a very, very small market of people If it ever comes to the table for consumers, im almost certain its going to be some kind of limited sale thing or a built to order ordeal.
  7. floofer

    Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off Huawei supplies

    China vs USA the reality. Just as corrupt and as bad as each other when it comes to this. Although we should not talk politics! IMO US has much more to lose, and this is just part of the Trade War.
  8. Valkyrie Lenneth

    Mobo bios dead? Crosshair VI Hero

    a cpu will work if it isnt fully supported yet, but will brick a board when u flash with it... CPU: Ryzen 7 1800x ur version bios 0902 cpu version SUPPORTED SINCE 1002, thus chance of bricking when flash u will need a cpu known to run on bios version 0902 to flash it i guess, only way to unbrick in most cases
  9. Mira Yurizaki

    Java - Strings

    A String is a class likely because a string is really treated as an array of characters. However its treated as a primitive type for assignment and likely other basic operations because we naturally expect a word plus a word equals those two words together. But a number plus another number doesn't equal ... well as an example 123 + 123 = 123123 makes no sense but "hello" + " " + "world!" = "hello world!" does.
  10. rice guru

    Looking for closed back headphones under $190

    dt 770 250 ohm are awesome and for that nice open wide sound awesome imaging nice strong bass and highs are nice and detailed while maintaining a great mid response my favorite closed back around this budget it's also awesome for gaming. . but if you want something more mid centric the akg k553 mk2 are also a great option.
  11. My system was having problems downloading off the stuffs off the internet, so I decided to do a format and clean install. After that, when ever I want to play something with VLC, it would first show the LTT Sleep is for pussies shirt pic and then start to play the content. I've tried clearing out the metadata which worked a bit, but then the pic comes back. I have no idea how did VLC even find that pic or even decided to use that pic. The only thing I've upgrade was my video card to a RTX 2070, but I was already using that card and before I even formatted it. How to get rid of this pussy? This is the pic VLC will always flash before playing
  12. hello_there_123

    Which SSD would be best for me?

    1. It's ok for budget primary OS use, but I think that for your usecase with lots of files moving around, video clips photos etc. it would be worth the upgrade to an SSD with even better nand/cache, aka the MX500/WD Blue 3D. 2. Absolutely not. https://reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/ag3h6f/ssd_sandisk_ssd_plus_1tb_internal_ssd_10624/ee3fsh4/ 3. I would pick this if you're fine with the 1-2 extra cables to hassle with. 4. I would pick the m.2 version of this for the same price if you don't want to hassle with any cables (imo it's worth the $5). 5. In primary os/consumer workloads in general this SSD performs similarly to the MX500/WD Blue 3D while being a lot more expensive. Would pass on this. 6+7. If you want 2TB for some reason those are ok choices, but I would get the MX500 over the su800 because of the reason I listed in 1.
  13. Sypran

    Paint is getting an update!

    Same. It is by far my favorite image editor. If it ever got proper GIF support it be absolutely perfect. (Till then I'll have to use Aseprite despite being more pixel art oriented) And even though Ive been using the software for like... 13 years, I still learn about features it has hidden away like Shift+Ctrl+Z to be able to rotate an image in 3D.
  14. SpookyCitrus

    8700k high temps

    No the Vengeance RGB Pro modules are too tall. You'd have to get LPX I know for a fact those fit.
  15. thorhammerz

    Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off Huawei supplies

    But of course - I am very hypocritical . On a more serious note. I would postulate that the beliefs and ideology of a people are not what influences what their nation wants to achieve (in terms of goals and whatnot) - the physical circumstances of the people/nation are what dictates their expression of government, religions, and beliefs. The Anglo-American nations (along with Australia/NZ as well) are loosely centralized settler-states because they settled on (comparatively) productive lands with no dominant ethnicity. We currently see that manifest as a multi-layer "democracy" (interpret that term as loosely as you will). China (any time it is "unified" in any fashion) will almost always be some form of authoritarian state due to the difficulties of tying together a disparate population of wildly differing geographies (and ethnicities, although Han assimilation has mostly taken care of that). etc. Already there. Less 10% of the American economy is dependent on global trade (a la exports; state-by-state statistical fluctuations notwithstanding), and almost more than half is done within the borders of NAFTA and CAFTA (Central America + Columbia). You do realize that's already happening? South-East-Asia will likely replace (or rather, are already replacing) China as the primary source of cheap production. American firms reshoring production back to the states will occur as a mere byproduct of trade uncertainties (co-location to the consumer base, less worry of a tweet shutting off one of your supply chains, etc. etc). Whether that will bring manufacturing jobs with it is an entirely different issue (automation kills operator/technician-tier factory jobs).
  16. While I agree that might be beneficial, there's no way in hell I am going to believe they will see "white/male and poor" and put that ahead of "not white and not male". I have zero trust in that system. AT ALL.
  17. Hiya!

    Looking for a wireless mouse!

    G502 wireless maybe?
  18. hi i recently discovered vr and i was amazed,i want to get the oculus rift s but my computer says my graphics card is not compatible,can someone tell me what to do i own an Asus G11CD ,my graphics card is a geforce gtx 1050 2gb what should i get for the vr experience,
  19. I have a decent setup but will be upgrading mobo, cpu and ram once the new ryzen 3700x comes out. I have a i5 6600k overclocked to 6.6ghz all core boost, 32 gb ddr4 corsair vengance 3000, radeon VII video card. I play some competitive and some not but i am not super competitive in the games.I want to make fun montages from recording games to share with friends and maybe get a little following. I am disabled and with some of my back problems my hands do not always want to work 100% perfect so its hard for me to be competitive. I mostly just play for fun and these are the current games i am playing. fortnite , sea of thieves, satisfactory, diablo 3, waiting for a good mmo to, and division 2. Future games im looking at would be like borderlands 3, maybe getting back into overwatch again, mmo like lost ark or a good sandbox mmo that comes out. I gave this info because this is the question i had. I have 1080p 144hz monitor and my 2nd monitor that does not have vesa mount is 1080p 60hz. I just got a dual monitor stand because i planed on upgrading and moving my corrent 144hz monitor to be my 2nd monitor. My 144hz monitor is Asus VG248QE and what i am planing on doing is making my new main display either 1080p 240hz or 1440p 144 - 165 hz ( matters on what monitor i settle on. ) . My question is should i go for the 240hz 1080p or 1440p 144hz? I do like my 24 inch screen and i sit about 3 ft away when at my desk. I have to lean back in my chair some to take pressure off my back i can not sit up strait. If i go 1440p 144hz the few monitors i found in my price range at max 400$ i see mixed reviews on the few i have been looking at. My list right now is Dell s2719DGF Acer XF270HU ( worried because i am use to 1ms TN panel and this one is 4ms and heard that there is a difference 144hz on tn vs IPS as tn is still faster. ) VIOTEK GFT27DB (2019 TN panel version ) Mbest SM270QHD165 ( a korean no name that has some good reviews but colors not best and affraid to get because would like a decent warranty. ) I have done a lot of research and it is possible i overlooked some but these are what i have come up with so far over the past few weeks of reading and watching reviews. I really want to keep 1ms and 144hz at least with being able to play most games at 100fps or higher and for the few that drop in the 80s make sure i have freesync since i have never had that before either. My cpu holds back my gpu a lot in several games but i know that will get a big boost with the 3700x i am getting. I hope all these made sense as my head is a little fuzzy atm and ty for anyone that can give me any advice. let me know if i need to clarify anything up.
  20. rice guru

    coolermaster 751 not detected by windows?

    the 751 is only through aux. so its possible he has other audio sources and he just has to pick it specifically by clicking the sound icon at the bottom right of his screen and manually picking it.
  21. Valkyrie Lenneth

    Stuttering is the WORST thing ever !

    6- Disable HPET (on windows) this means by default its enabled on ur bios and u disabled it in windows ( which is default setting for windows aswell ) that should have made absolutely no difference default setting = windows disabled and bios enabled , which is crap it should be either bios enabled + windows enabled , or bios disabled + windows disabled enabling it could fix it, or disabling it in windows + bios aswell can solve it its most likely a hpet timing problem ( due to having bad timing such as the default setting )
  22. Doctor_Nova

    Mobo bios dead? Crosshair VI Hero

    My computer has worked for about 2 years prior to this. It was compatible.
  23. Hello guys, I just opened my laptop to replace thermal paste and GPU VRMs and VRAMs had a very thick thermal putty instead of thermal pads. I have tried 0.5mm pads and those were too thick, the GPU is ALMOST making contact, probably a 0.3mm pad would do but i can't find that. I have a hard time finding a putty that could do the trick so i was wondering if someone had some putty recommendations OR if it would be possible to use a thicker paste instead? I guess the separation is between 0.1mm to 0.4mm or something like that. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. On topic: I have zero problems with this, assuming disclosure is clear. Hell, I'd jump all over being paid $50k an hour to play a game I probably wanted to play anyway. Even if I didn't love the game? Hell yes, I'd still play it. as long as it wasn't garbage. Being paid to play a game is 100% totally okay, so long as your audience knows that you're getting paid.
  25. Valkyrie Lenneth

    144hz moitors fealing super weird and strange AOC

    unless ur camera is 120hz/fps aswell this wouldnt even be seen in real, images (blur/double imaging) could jjust be coz of the camera... its normal for any monitor to do that tho, higher hz and lower responsetimes make it less , but its never 100% removed unless u go crt 200hz or somthing
  26. I'm actually FOR this. It doesn't include an individual's race. It does include income and demographic data. As a white dude who lived out of his car for the sake of affording tuition, I'm sick of the assumption that how you look is all that matters. The main concern I do have is that it might hollow out the middle class - donors's kids still get in, poor kids get in, the middle class gets shanked. It could also be gamed but the net of that might be better economic integration.
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