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  2. emosun

    DVD dual boot - or at least I hope so

    no , the bios isn't going to mount an iso file , it needs to be burned the dual layer dvd acts as one large dvd with the dvd player essentially not knowing where the two layers are , it doesn't actually act as two dvds in one
  3. fasauceome

    AMD RX 570 with a new gen CPU

    Depends on the games, although going from the core 2 era to something like Zen 2 would likely be quite the leap
  4. Oalei

    AMD RX 570 with a new gen CPU

    Depends on CPU and games, but if you have 6c it would not drop that often, But there is nothing wrong with 4/8 tbh. Can get a 60-80 medium settings depends on games again.
  5. Yes it will just be firmware, the GPU die is no different but the likelihood it'll get enabled later is very low. None of the cards went through the PCIe 4.0 spec certification (cost saving) and they don't actually need a PCIe 4.0 interface. The bandwidth would go utilized and motherboards are not going to forgo x16 slots because PCIe 4.0 exists and nothing needs that bandwidth (yet). Every gaming graphics card on the market today is PCIe 3.0 with x16 connectors so every motherboard with PCIe 4.0 support will have x16 slots to keep compatibility physically and electrically with these cards. There is no big change coming with how lanes are allocated on motherboards from the CPU. It's a do nothing feature for gaming systems, in regards to graphics cards. Chipsets and other I/O is another story, highly useful there.
  6. I haven't yet lost my internet connection while using the PC. It seems to only happen after waking the PC back up or completely booting.
  7. Update: tried my asus mb At first it was working fine, suddenly only the cpu opt fan would show fan speed and temps were -1 c Yes it would boot but when something clearly isn't working i didn't want to use it. Mouted a 120mm in the top at low rpm just about 360 rpm (exhaust), lowered core speed til 3.7ghz and vcore 1.200-1.250 ish Temps is peaking at 93c on the SYSTIN and Mainboard after 23 min of prime 95 small fft, cpu 71c (stable), all on a hot day with the msi x370 carbon pro mb, i just need to adjust fan speed and vcore, core speed
  8. LukeSavenije

    PSU for a gaming rig

    yep it's a pretty common issue on the cxm (confirmed to me by @jonnyGURU) and pretty much double forward in general
  9. If you really think Ryzen is going to hit 6ghz on a High end 8 core chip you must be living in a fantasy. And Turtle has never said 8 cores is Max atleast not from my understanding, But why even continue discussing that matter when his dad doesnt want AMD. Would it be a better choice to wait for Zen 2? Yes definitely! But does it matter ? No. Turtle has already tried to explain it to his dad, so why try explain it to someone who already knows?. @Turtle Rig Just follow the other guys advice I know that type of Intel fan your dad is and theres simply just no discussing with them. Just make sure to get the correct cooling if you get the 9900k, that cpu runs hot
  10. Kisai

    YouTube Copyright Strikes Again

    If you think that's bad. Japanese recording groups go after MIDI's, Sheet Music and MML (basically midi transcribed to text, so games like Mabinogi and Archeage can play them.) The thing that really screws creators is how these algorithms works. All it takes is you to make use of a free, public-domain, or CC licenced work repeatedly, for years, and then some music group will make a cover of it and then claim it on youtube, thus claiming everything that sounds like it. And in case you think that's stupid. I had "cover" bands claim music that they had no rights to, which were midi's played through the MT-32, that yes, were essentially a cover of the same music. Meanwhile the actual copyright holder? Nada. Nintendo is pretty mean though: Copyrighted content: THE WORLD OF MOTHER (EXTENDED VERSION) Claimed by: Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. Blocked countries: Japan LP Nintendo games at your own risk of being demonetized by Sony.
  11. Hi, I have the GL12CP as well, I found this thread searching for any issues with a 2nd HDD. I've already been burnt by the "4 DIMM slots" deception by Best Buy (there ARE 4, but you can only use 2 at a time because of the crippled intel H.310 chipset) so I wanted to know first before spending good money for something useless. According to ASUS the "CP" only supports 4 SATA ports (CX and CM have 5, intel Z390/Z370 chipset); one is the SSD (since CP doesn't support PCIe it's an M2 SATA model), one is the 1TB HDD, one is the Optical drive and the last one (presumably) is the swappable bay. So it looks like that's what the problem is. Apparently the missing SATA port is located under the graphics card, but the chipset is not supporting it, so I'd have to consider to not use the hot-swapable bay?
  12. Christiaan21-03

    Games have became boring lately

    Ah yea oke.... I might be thinking back to a similair discussions i was part of adressing the same point these last two weeks. Rage 2 got demolished, best read ever was a guy from australia who bought some superdeluxe package for 130 aussie dollars and was soo mad that rage 2 was over in literally under 20 hours not to mention games such as Anthem... I'm guessing all attention atm is goin into preparing games for the new console release next year. That said Total War seems to be degrading too, not sure what Three Kingdoms will bring but i imagine a lot of whiners, correct or not. Games such as Nioh and bloodborn and alikes seem to be the place where its at at the moment. Later on this year Slitherine will release all kinds of new wargames but yea i'm drifting off here. So fps ..... first what comes to mind are the wolvenstein games, they should be oke right? Doom's launch was also pretty oke ... so yay for ID Bethesda and whatever studio i'm forgetting. Didn't far cry 5 rule too? I do have one question. Are the new games really that lame or could fatigue from the genre be at play too here? ( ofcourse if you happily p[lay the older titles i guess that answer is more then clear )
  13. Qaziush

    Issue with old ram stick

    So i should stick with single instead of duo?
  14. Had the same issue with my computer. It goes through a switch and then back to my router, sometimes it will just disconnect from the internet. I assumed it was just something that the switch was doing, but seeing as someone else experienced it I guess its windows update as it seemed to start after I restarted my pc a few days ago
  15. Oalei

    PSU for a gaming rig

    How about yours is it whining?
  16. Turtle Rig

    AMD RX 570 with a new gen CPU

    Right now my buds is using a Core 2 Quad no OCed along with a RX 570 I bought for him. He immiediely said its so fast and so smooth compared to his old 760 GTX. My question is how much more FPS will he gain when he upgrades his CPU to a 2018 CPU. He play at 1080p and lets say he gets 60fps constant, with no real drops.
  17. They are adapters that you plug into your electrical sockets and use your homes electrical wiring to serve as an ethernet connection. I hope the adapters are still good, they're only about 2 months old. I can try directly plugging the PC into the router and turning off/booting 10 times or so and see if I still have connectivity issues.
  18. HanZie82

    PSU with Good Airflow (Top Mount)

    The PSU would have no problem if there was like 40C ambient air coming over it, as long as the fan runs it would be safe. But what i meant is when you get a fairly good/new high power (650Watt or more) that the fan can STOP when its not on high load (or when temps are low enough ofcourse). So effectively no fan at all. Just a thing to keep in mind.
  19. Thank you all for the quick feedback and suggestions. I’m going to do a fresh install this evening then I’ll let you all know.
  20. I'm sure there could be away around that. like not giving google play assess to the IMEI or what not. I know I block google play and most other apps from the data/phone side of my phone so that is not to eat up my 500mb of data I get a month. But I'm not 100% how one could spoof or block an app form seeing the IMEI. I do not do android dev work anymore.
  21. sohail14

    g502 hero is worth it ?

    upgrade from Dragonwar ELE-G9
  22. The MI60 which is what the Radeon VII is based off is PCIe Gen 4.0 https://www.amd.com/en/products/professional-graphics/instinct-mi60
  23. RocketJump

    Keep OC or wait for delid?

    It's pretty warm now but we got cold winters here in Canada and it was only a little lower. This is why I'm convinced that I lost the TIM lottery. There's a few other posts I've come across on other boards where people encountered the same kinds of temps with lower voltages. Luck of the draw I guess. I decided to just keep it stock since to me it's not worth the extra temps even for a modest 4.7GHz OC. If I ever decided to de lid, then I'll ramp up the clocks. Sucks that I spent extra on hardware only to keep it stock but w/e.
  24. ASDChillGaming

    Gaming PC/Laptop

    I did say is a PC that I found but sure Amazon PC
  25. LukeSavenije

    PSU for a gaming rig

  26. NinJake

    BT speaker

    Personally I'd get the Sony, there's no easy way to tell what is better without first hand experience. I don't know how the Sony sounds but the JBL have unprotected drivers on the sides which could potentially get punctured... defeating the purpose of a portable speaker in my opinion.
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