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  2. AdmiralMeowmix

    Deciding between headphones

    Well amazon got the H6's back in stock! I was looking around more and saw people recommended the MSR7's due to their clarity but since I listen to a wide range of muysic people seem to say the H6 is much better and more 'fun' for that over those that reveal all the little things that are better suited for classical or instramental mained musics.
  3. Jurrunio

    CPU Thermal Throttling

    preferably, but if something else has also gone wrong then temps will still be higher than expected
  4. games like gta5 and cod
  5. r2724r16

    Which one should i choose?

    Instead of linking that tier list, why not explain which PSU is better than the other? If you're not heavily invested into PSUs, then don't answer these sort of questions on the forum. Your opinion (or the forum's PSU tier list) means nothing if you can't back it up with proof. Thanks!
  6. Drak3

    Show off your latest purchase!

    That stock looks like it belongs on an airsoft gun.
  7. KyrusDLT

    CPU Thermal Throttling

    Should I change the cooler?
  8. SansVarnic

    cheap gaming laptop for friend?

    Budget, and type of games he wants to play? Cuz I can link $150 laptop that will play basic games. Also this way you will get more relevant replies.
  9. brob

    Rate my pc build

    Other than the psu its a reasonably good build. I would suggest something like Corsair - RMx (2018) 550 W or SeaSonic - FOCUS Plus Gold 550 W instead. Both are withing a few £ of the CXM.
  10. AAJoe

    Any gaming headset recommendations?

    Philips SHP9500 + ModMic + Y adapter. Should land you around the same price as the G933. Alternatively the Superlux 668 or Evo, though I'd replace the earpads with brainwavz. Note: I work for ModMic and am totally biased Second Note: The ModMic Wireless is not compatible with xbox, but the 4 and 5 are as long as you have a Y adapter for the controller.
  11. SansVarnic

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Stock photo, my phone camera isn't focusing... lol, but this is virtually identical. DPMS Oracle 5.56.
  12. please leave a link to a good cheap gaming laptop
  13. There's only one and a half weeks left in May.


    When is this Windows 10 May Update supposed to release?

  14. KyrusDLT

    CPU Thermal Throttling

    All the push pins are set up correctly. The voltage is 1.1V.
  15. AluminiumTech

    Paint is getting an update!

    Have you seen Paint 3D? That's essentially what Paint 3D is but I and many others prefer using the older paint or just straight up anything other than Paint 3D lol.
  16. I regularly go lan-parties. anything wireless becomes a messy pile of s**t there. Way too many sources on 2.4ghz, headphones, mouses, keyboards, the sorry piece of WiFi under all that, the neightbours using same wireless item and getting their input and vv and whatnot. I don't think "lightspeed" will work much at those shitty conditions.
  17. brob

    Help me make a 9900k rig

    What case do you have? What psu? Is the gift card specific to a particular merchant? If so, which one? Is the $1,200 USD? Is it for all the parts you do not already have? Must peripherals be included in the budget amount?
  18. My new impact sockets arrived today! Woot Woot! Proto 15pc set (10-24mm)
  19. I bet its possible with Voicemeeter and a virtual audio cable. Here's how I *think* it would work. Step 1: Install both Voicemeeter Banana and VB Audio Cable (or just virtual audio cable). Step 2: Set discord to output to VB Audio Cable (not your headphones) Step 3: Set the input on Voicemeeter to be the audio cable and set it to mono. Step 4: Set the output of voicemeeter to be your headphones. Step 5: Set up Voicemeeter to run on system start (its in the top right menu that's really hard to see). Good luck I have no idea if this will work but I think it should.
  20. Firewrath9

    CPU Thermal Throttling

    whats voltage? are all the push pins all the way down?
  21. Real_PhillBert

    Show off your latest purchase!

    A Proto 3/4" Spline Combo Wrench for my dad's fathers day gift: And a Proto 15pc Metric impact socket set (10-24mm) for me, to replace my Krutch set that flexes way too much:
  22. Firewrath9

    Help me make a 9900k rig

    w/ a 9600k, and 1400$, you can fit a 2070. Across the board, 9600k + 2070 will get better FPS than 9700k/2060.
  23. SansVarnic

    Help me make a 9900k rig

    -= Moved to New Builds and Planning =-
  24. SansVarnic

    How much of a improvement will I be seeing?

    -= Moved to Graphics Cards =- Please be mindful of where you post.
  25. xg32

    Help me make a 9900k rig

    i mean he was trying for a 9900k, i'm just saying 9700k is more practical, it'll be tight with a 9700k/2060 either way, use an old ssd, ebay windows 10 etc.
  26. Firewrath9

    what best gpu for monitor 60hz 1080hd

    RX 570/580/1660, the more you can afford. I'd recc 570, or 1660, 580 is too close in price to either of them no gaming, iGPU is fine.
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