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  2. It is a Ryzen 5 1600 with a Gigabyte B450M DS3H mobo
  3. AluminiumTech

    Red flags when buying 2nd hand GPU???

    Even if a GPU has been mined on, so long as it's not been stressed too hard then it should be fine. Just make sure to run VRAM stress tests and also GPU stress tests like the ones in 3DMark. Not talking about 3DMark's benchmarks.
  4. jstudrawa

    upgrade or full replace

    At least wait for the AMD announcements next week or so, then you'll have more info on upgrading. It may make more sense to sell the system as a whole and build a new one, at that point. What kind of budget would you be working with?
  5. Where's the increased bandwidth? In case of any confusion, I was talking specifically about M.2. Both the M.2 sockets (one CPU, one chipset) are indicated in that chart as 32GB/s. That's the same as 3.0 x4 hence my question, are the M.2 running at 3.0? The alternative is 4.0 x2 but that makes no sense for most existing devices.
  6. " they just aren't as prestigious as my 1070" -actual quote from OP if you decipher his literal burgers post what you actually get is "what is appropriate and best for my price range" and since his price range is "a GTX 1070 is prestigious", answer accordingly do not let the butthurt flow thru you because the title is clickbait and lured you into this thread only to find a delusional OP behind the wheel of this car.
  7. Schwarzie

    X570 Taichi spotted!

    Hopefully there will be some boards with a propper cooling solution for the Chipset instead of microfans with 10k rpm that die after six month. I had my A8N-SLI 3 times RMAed and i will definitely never buy a board with small fans on it ever again.
  8. GrockleTD

    Motherboard Tier List

    At any rate, it isn’t on this list but this is the non ultimate Taichi, still worth it though?
  9. rice guru

    Any gaming headset recommendations?

    Cooler master mh752 better thab the clouds but the hyper x clouds are also pretty good and I don't like gaming headsets and prefer to spend more for a headphone and mic
  10. Your name in flickr reminds me of a greek name.Is anyone in your family greek.
  11. GrockleTD

    Motherboard Tier List

    You have yet to prove what is wrong with ASRock, moreover, it would of cost you 0 dollars to not intrude upon the conversation with your aorus fanboy garbage. Nobody brought up either aorus or gigabyte, the comparison was between similarly priced ASRock and Asus boards
  12. I've lost 3 friends in as many weeks to heart attacks. Can I get a reset button on May so I can start this damned month over?

  13. Hey all so I might purchase a new GPU second hand and what are some steps to test if the GPU is good to go and hasnt been mined on?
  14. Princess Luna

    Best Place To Live if money didnt matter

    Yes it's a great country in cultural and education value and you can see it by the great infrastructure it possess, I'd definitely live there before considering northern European countries for the more easy going people without as much apparent stress. However you gotta be into cold for it and I always say "cold is only good for tourism not for living". If I were to choose an European country to live, it'd Portugal for sure, it has one of the most warm and easy going people, when I lived on UK one of the things that gave me most depression aside the constant "grey/lack of colour" you see everywhere was how much every one seemed snob while at the same time ignorant, I have a latin more "red" skin, neither white or black, and even so I'd get racist commentaries from natural British folk. Portugal also rivals Italy in good beach locations but in my humble opinion has better food and more welcoming people while having access to all the goodies of modern society. Yes and no, if you lived on a very secluded country like Micronesia then yeah I can see this being an issue but New Zealand is a fully developed country and with 40millions on your back account you'd not have any issues getting the things you want. The country also is safe and has beautiful environment. I'm naturally from Hamburg therefore I understand your frustration with Germany better than most, I haven't been to the motherland in years as I really dislike it there as well for multiple reasons, nowadays I live in Brazil and despite being considered a "lower end" country just the fact it has bright vivid colours everywhere already makes it a better living experience... From all my travels across South America I'd say Uruguay is what reaches the European standard the closest, it is a small really beautiful and organized country with liberal laws, like even weed is legal and everything just works thanks high education standards, it's a bit on the colder side during winters but it can still be very warm during summers and also has great beaches.
  15. rice guru

    Looking for closed back headphones under $190

    Honestly for me and metal I like having a lot of bass and nice high cause it make drums very agressive but if you want mids definitely go for the k553 mk2. It's currently the audiophile recommendation for this budget closed back wise. I prefer the 770s myself cause I listen to tool for metal and that's really it and having anice solid low end makes the bass guitar awesome to listen to. Check out the v Moda cross-fades those are pretty decent and the ath m60x.
  16. Blze001

    SSD Performance Cold, Warm, Hot?

    To be fair, the issue with that was the SSD was getting "surface of sun" hot because someone had the bright idea to stick 70 LEDs on the thing. Kind of an extreme case. That said, like all computer components, the cooler you can keep things the happier they are.
  17. _d0nut

    Pair of AMD Navi GPU's to be shown at Computex

    Yeah, just saying that they specified July 7. AMD themselves said Q3 though
  18. Have had my eye on the 9th Gen Touring Sedans. Just waiting on the right one to pop up
  19. PopsicleHustler

    PSU with power monitoring

    Asus ROG Thor got OLED screen that shows wattage.
  20. porina

    PSU with power monitoring

    Is that good? I'm not familiar with the OEMs of PSUs or their topologies.
  21. SigmaDire

    Motherboard Tier List

    "The X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WIFI has one of the best VRM thermals I have seen in a while with a 105W TDP CPU, and it's mainly due to the power stages being used with the effective heat sink. That heat sink allows the motherboard to cool down its VRMs with ease. Anything under 60C is great, 60-80C is acceptable, and anything above 80C is a bit worrisome (if at stock)."Read more: https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/8605/gigabyte-x470-aorus-gaming-7-wifi-motherboard-review/index10.html nice open ended dig there, but you forget ASUS and MSI also have non shit warranties so try again
  22. Oalei

    upgrade or full replace

    Maybe wait for like 2 months for zen 2?
  23. ckinfos


    https://unitconvert.io/#try-it unit convertion api. it is not free as it state but you can do programming gets and posts for it for under 1000 hits it says.
  24. GrockleTD

    Motherboard Tier List

    Ok, so repeat that but in a logical format
  25. Oalei

    Help with i5 3570k build

    Can you list it in details about your components or just take a photo of it
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