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  2. Drak3

    Show off your latest purchase!

    These are my babies I've got more, but these two I built entirely.
  3. Dr. Historic Low

    FREE Sims Game on Origin for a limited time May 21st

    It happens. No worries. If you already have The Sims 4 in your Origin account, there's no telling when and where you got it from if you don't remember purchasing it.
  4. Can someone tell me how to take the front part of the case of a hp pavilion 510-p026. I am trying to move the entire computer to another case so that I can put an RX 580 card on it. I got one but I can't figure out how to get the front of the case off.
  5. Arika S

    Show off your latest purchase!

    already lost the 10mm socket just by locking at this picture
  6. oh and while its installing, can you send me a link to the laptop please
  7. ARikozuM

    FREE Sims Game on Origin for a limited time May 21st

    Sorry about that. It was Theme Hospital that I was thinking of. It was free on Feb 2015 and then free again last year. Sims 2000 was free on April 2015 and it doesn't say where I got Sims 4 from.
  8. TrigrH

    [PC] Borderlands 2 Help

    Borderlands 2 solo is quite easy, let me give you some key points of information: Level is everything, if the enemies are more then 2 levels higher than you, you're fucked. Do side quests to get your level above the enemy if your are struggling. Focus lower capacity and faster charging shields, so you can use cover to regen at mitigate damage. Keep swapping to more and more powerful weapons. If all the above fails, send me your sav file and I can change the class and skills so you don't need to make a new character.
  9. yes please, installing gta will be a big help. thanks
  10. Nykaitcha

    Problems with new build

    Folks, just a follow up on my predicament for those on a similar situation: after a lot of frustration and countless hours testing everything possible I realized that my cpu was capped at 800mhz on boot, even though the bios was configured correctly. I know now that I should have noticed this much earlier but... whatever. This seems to be a problem with a device called BD ProcHot from the motherboard, which regulates the cpu to throttle down when overheating is detected. Obviously, my brand new setup was not overheating and it seems to be a problem with the sensor that detects overheat from my Z390 UD. This can be circumvented with a software called ThrottleStop (apparently used by enthusiasts to overclock their computers). In ThrottleStop there is an option to disable BD ProcHot and therefore enable your cpu to achieve its proper frequency. I don't encourage people to live on that by no means, since ProcHot is a safety measure to our precious CPU, but it can at least allow me to use my computer to full potential while I wait for my vendor to change my mobo. Cheers!
  11. SansVarnic

    Show off your latest purchase!

    This model is similar to the m4 I had. There is a difference but im happy with it, a decent entry level ar.
  12. I'm looking to buy a new mechanical keyboard, I'm not very particular with my keyboards, the only switches I have used are outemu blues, and I saw this keyboard from a recommended video on youtube, and wanted to have some of you guys' opinions! https://www.amazon.com/DREVO-BladeMaster-Bluetooth-Mechanical-Programable/dp/B07M5DGDHL This is the keyboard, it's $139.99, and I just want to know if the price tag is worth it. Also, if you have any other recommendations for me, it would be greatly appreciated! I'm not looking to push $140 though, and I don't really have a keyswitch preference, other than being tactile. I play games competitively if that helps at all.
  13. WickedStarfish

    cheap gaming laptop for friend?

    would you like me to install GTA? Also pressing the reply button will give the person a notification which will let them get back to you quicker
  14. Soo, the team will race for Red Bull since it's sponsored by them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    When I was introduced to the team...

    Team boss: "Welcome to the team, what's your name again?"
    Me: "Umm, Dimas.... Nice to meet you guys xD"

    Team boss: "Ohhh yeah it's Dimassss. Welcome! So have you got your shirt yet?"

    Me: "Well, I've got some Red Bull attires, I should be fine."

    Team boss: "Greatt! Alright, we're going to have a training on Wednesday, please come!"

    Me: "Sure, it's going be a lot of fun!"


    When I got home...


    Me: "Sh*t, where's my stuff? I swear it's around here...."


    Basically my attires look like this lol, but I lost them somehow. F*ckkkk

    Image result for red bull racing jacket

    Image result for red bull racing jacket



  15. hello_there_123

    Rate my pc build

    First one is ok, second one has a ton of issues with ripple on high end cards, noise, only 1 peg connector causing voltage drops so i cannot recommend it.
  16. mikeybal

    Problems with graphics card

    May I ask how to flash the firmware?
  17. Arika S

    Paint is getting an update!

    i would rather a setting that allowed you to change the style. give me back
  18. WickedStarfish

    cheap gaming laptop for friend?

    The asus FX503 was along the cheapest when i got mine (although this was at one store and in Au) it all depends on the budget and location my laptop cost like - $1200 AU which is close to $825 US (Quite good price at the time) and has a i5 and 3gb 1060, it would easily play COD but unsure about GTA, i can install it if you would like but it will take a while as its a big game
  19. Drak3

    Show off your latest purchase!

    TL:DR I like AR15s Alot. Alot alot.
  20. Dr. Historic Low

    FREE Sims Game on Origin for a limited time May 21st

    Well which is it? And when was it? And when did it take place the 3 times that you mentioned? I was able to find that it was available on a 48-hour trial as part of the old "Origin Game Time" back on January 22nd-23rd of 2015. But after that, it was not yours to keep for free forever. I was also able to find out that The Sims 3 was available on a 7-day trial as part of "Origin Access" back on July 13th-20th of 2016. But just as before, it was not yours to keep for free forever after that. Also, The Sims 3 was free to download on Origin back in 2015 if you already bought the base game.
  21. SansVarnic

    Show off your latest purchase!

    no i haven't. have a tl/dr?
  22. can you please send me the link to the $150 laptop

  23. Right. What i'm looking for is a portable WIFI signal BOOSTER. Something battery powered that takes the signals it finds and enhances them. Not a router Not an LTE or CDMA booster. Bust a battery powered wifi signal booster. Doesn't need to last very long. Even an hour and a half is more then enough. 

    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      I feel like it would be possible to do that with an rPI and a battery of some kind...


      Also thanks for reminding me that I followed you, I had honestly forgotten.

  24. SansVarnic

    cheap gaming laptop for friend?

    youll be looking to spend a minimum of about 900-1100 USD to start. I'd recommend something in the 1300-1500 USD to achieve decent cooling and performance though. Honestly I've stepped away from laptops a bit so Ill let others give you a better idea of what to look for in gaming. I don't play COD or GTA5 so I don't know what their req. are ... apologies.
  25. YouSirAreADudeSir

    Is there an error my VGA?

    Ok. What version of Windows are you running?
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