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  2. Princess Luna

    What controls GPU fan speed ?

    Why would you ever go as far as modding a vBIOS to control the fan when MSi Afterburner exists?
  3. GrockleTD

    I cant use my GPU

    Restart your pc, making sure to have the monitor connected to the GPU before doing so. Sometimes if it’s not connected on startup it won’t display until after, especially on older platforms
  4. of course they are performance for graphics aa msaa txaa rt etc are for better graphics its a graphics card right so to say fps is only thing to matter is subjective because many want just better graphics not more frames
  5. Well...my old laptop's motherboard just fried, n i know my lcd panel on it still in working condition. And i dont wanna waste it,so im planning to covert it into a monitor. Is there anything i need to know before starting this project?
  6. Princess Luna

    550W with 2080 super

    You're completely fine if it's a high quality unit such as the RMx. FYI my i9 9900 + 2080 Ti runs off a 550W as well, I use just a tad over 400W on the heaviest loads. PSU losing wattage through time is not really something you should concern with when you have a RMx.
  7. I use a third party cooler with a 120mm fan at low rpm. On my old GTX 970, I could change fan speed by modding the GPU bios. But you can't do that on my RTX 2060, and the idle fan speed are to high to my liking. It spins at 500rpm in bios and things like memtest86 and even in windows before I install the drivers, but after the drivers has been installed the card idles at 1000rpm as soon as i enter windows. Temp. is under 40c. Is it the Nvidia drivers that ramps the fan up to 1000rpm or is it the cards bios that does this, maybe because of a change in resolution or mode ?
  8. Yeah, that is the worst part of building PC's. On paper, everything is perfect, but in reality, something is off for no reason.
  9. TechyBen

    Windows 10 problem Disk usage is 100%

    Possibly checking for updates/drivers/file indexing. Virus scanners? You can check resource monitor and see what is checking the HDD.
  10. Have been using the HP SPECTRE X360 15-df0008tx for about 9 months now, am pretty satisfied with it, just for the fact that I never used the pen, other than to show off.
  11. Princess Luna

    Which 450W PSU to keep?

    This one is the superior alternative.
  12. Yeah I figured posting this at this time wasn't great, but needed to do something to not be overly "impulsive" and rip everything out and craigslist it. Yep, tried different install on a fresh 120gb ssd from the 960 pro dimm.2 it was originally on, no luck. I'm really....reeeeeally hoping it's not a motherboard or the cpu. Strange it'd be so slow and gradual like this. One thing I've found out, is if you have a monoblock for the cpu, when you delided it and reapply the ihs, apparantley it can seal too high or too low so the contact at the monoblock plate to the ihs, or to the vrms is off. I don't know if this would cause the random freezing, but it would likely rationalize the weird temps. Rockitcool has a completely copper, and flat, replacement ihs that I think I'm going to try, as well as check what size thermal pads go to the vrms on the monoblock. If they're 1mm, maybe go to 0.5mm, and see if it helps with better contact overall. Dear lord do I hate random, 0.1% stupid ass problems that never, ever fail to find me. I'm like a fucking goldilocks with this shit.
  13. vascobrissos14

    I cant use my GPU

    If you have a dedicated GPU, you can't plug external monitors to the onboard outputs. Plug your monitor to the GPU. Check if the GPU is well seated in the motherboard slot. Check if the BIOS has any option to enable/disable PCIe slots or GPU or something related to PCIe.
  14. MyGetthoRig


    Hello, I have aproblem with my gpu, HD7870. This thing happened when I wanted to open AMD Overlay in my GTA V when the game starts.. I pressed Ctrl + Shift + O to open the overlay...after I pressed it, my screen went blanked...nothing was responding. Then I shutdown my pc and turn it on again... here is my pc spec. Xeon X3470 Gigabyte P55-GD80 HD7870 16GB DDR3 These were my attempt in troubleshooting, 1) Reset BIOS - Problem Persisted 2) Using other gpu to test the PCIE x16 - nothing wrong with the slot 3) reseating GPU and 6pin cable - Problem Persisted. 4) troubleshooting RAM - problem persisted The motherboard's LED panel shows "2A", which meant waiting signal from VGA to be loaded on to RAM. When I use different GPU, it boots to windows. I could not boot into bios. This GPU was working fine until I tried to open AMD overlay. Please help me..... Ps. I REGRET USING AMD OVERLAY
  15. So hes trying to get China to come to the table. Trump and Xi Jinping really need to work out a deal.
  16. APasz

    what is floatplane?

    A floatplane is a type of seaplane that has floats instead of wheels. This allows the plane to land on a river, lake, or sea. Some types of floatplanes are able to also land on land. Since WW2 and the advent of helicopters, military floatplanes have quickly fallen out of favour. In recent decades floatplanes have also seen a steady decrease in civilian use, however many planes have aftermarket modification kits to allow waterlanding.
  17. Radioactive Snowman

    Replacement for Iphone SE or something else

    New suitcase if you travel a lot? Away make some nice ones for about 250 with built in battery packs
  18. My grandpa upgraded his ASUS U30JC to a new laptop and gave me the old one he used. He upgraded because there were times where the laptop just went crazy and couldn't be used to work for a whole day. But the next day, everything worked relatively well. The laptop had Windows 7 and I installed Windows 10. Everything went well and the laptop was actually running pretty good. When installing programs and such, I felt the heat coming out and checked the temps with HWMonitor and with the CPU at 100%, it was hitting 90º or more (celsius) and still maintaining clocks above the base clock. After I installed the GPU Drivers, I tried to open GeForce experience and it had artifacts all over the place. I could hardly read what was written. I just kinda ignored it and tried to use ThrottleStop and XTU to undervolt the CPU. All without luck since "The platform isn't supported". After all of this, I installed Epic and Origin and when launching Epic, I got all the artifacts I got before and after a bit, the PC froze and blue screened. I then tried rebooting but it didn't even log into windows. Just crashed at the beginning. I went to sleep thinking it was just hot and in the morning, it would be good to use. Nope. Same problems. I tried to Safe Boot it and it kinda worked and I uninstalled a part of the Drivers but the problems were still there. I didn't touch it anymore since I had to go to work. Now that I'm on my break, I remembered to search "This laptops overheating issue" and found this. https://vinafix.com/threads/asus-u30jc-fix-cpu-overheating.3318/ What do you all think I should do? Is this an overheating problem? Driver compatibility problem? OS compatibility? I really want to fix the laptop and put it to use. PS: The laptop currently has the most recent BIOS (217) Thanks
  19. emosun

    I cant use my GPU

    does the machine work without the gpu , list the rest of the system
  20. 1984_C10

    concerning upcoming pihole video guide

    Even uBlock Origin can manage Youtube ads, it would be easy with a PiHole.
  21. I have an android phone, I've had windows (8 and 10) phone, I have windows 10 on my pc. This is what I think. Let me know what you think. 1. Looks better. WIndows notifications system looks more aesthetically pleasing. From colors, blurred see through look, to the shape and size of a notification and it's parts. Just looks nicer. 2. Any notification can be X or swipped away in Windows but not in android. (you may be able to block pretty much any app in android but you can do that in windows as well. If you don't want to block an app in android but just swip it away some of the apps you can't). 3. Easier to understand how the notification works. This partly goes to aesthetics as in how they design certain parts to make the use of a notification be easier to understand how the notification works. Here is what I mean. If a notification in Windows can expand because it is interactive such as a messaging app, there is a little bar with an arrow pointing down at the bottom of the notification indicating it can do something. Click it and it moves down, drag it down and it does the same thing. It's a better way to help people understand the notification can do something. On android, there is also an arrow and you can technically drag the notification down to expand it to be interactive but...because there isn't a specific area to drag down you end up just scrolling the notification area as a whole often. I also found that the arrow doesn't always show up when that notification is interactive like with messenger, but if you press where the arrow should be it does activate (very few times but it has happened to me with android). Also, the arrow is in a spot next to the name of the app that sent the notification but it's not as clear because of where it is that it's something that can be pressed (i think at least). 4. Speaking of how the notification works, functionality. I believe windows 10 and the latest android notification systems are pretty much equally as functional. Let me know if I am wrong. IDK everything. 5. Customization. Windows 10 notification system color can be changed. Creates a more fun and nicer feel to the look. I think Android's are just white rn. Also, i know windows 10 will hide notifications now when you are in full screen mode on an app such as when watching a video or playing a game if that feature is turned on. I dont think android can do that. Otherwise, you can equally say what the apps can and cant notify you on if anything at all on both systems. I can't think of anything else atm. Let me know if you want me to clarify any of my points. I prefer the latest WIndows 10 notification system over Android's latest notification system.
  22. porina

    Win10 odd display lag

    Finally got around to messing around with the system today. Resource monitor is really sluggish, so whatever is the problem, it is triggering it big time. I also turned on "show kernel times" in task manager, and that gave another clue. Kernel time is almost all the time. Looking at DPC latency also gave a high result, so I'm thinking it might be pointing towards a bad driver install. I have already reinstalled the GPU driver without change, so time to work through the rest...
  23. cluelessgenius

    concerning upcoming pihole video guide

    ugh rough. all traffic through the pi? that sounds bad. maybe if i could only put the tv through the pi and everything else can stay.
  24. I have the Ryzen High Perf. power plan and set sleep to never and monitor turn off to 10m. After 10m everything goes fucky when idling - I have to hold down power button and turn back on. Screens all go black but my keyboard/mouse LEDs are still on indicating power is fine. Any idea?
  25. Well euros, but we are going to Japan in October for 2 weeks, so vacation is also kinda covered.
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