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  2. -rascal-

    [OVERHEAT ISSUE] Gigabyte RX VEGA 64

    You own a reference design/cooler RX Vega 64...they are known to run warm. You are not going to get as good temperatures compared to....Gigabyte Gaming Vega 64...or a STriX Vega 64. Try undervolting the GPU, and setting up a custom fan curve/profile. That SHOULD help manage the temperatures a bit. Also, have chassis / case are you using? How is the overall case airflow?
  3. Slottr

    Bottlenecking hell

    Do you have any idea on any specifics? You should definitely be looking at other chips like the 2700. Pairing a 9900k with a mid tier graphics card for that use makes no sense
  4. XenosTech

    [Rumour?] Huawei P30 Pro "fakes" moon photos automatically?

    Now this I can see as a valid concern more so than everyone screaming "It'S OwnED BY THe ChIneSE GOvErnMEnt"
  5. City planner on slow speed with easy difficulty like Cities Skyline, Banished. Forza Horizon 3/4
  6. They're mainly engravers more than anything else due to how lightweight they are. If you want a hobby CNC for soft metals and wood and don't mind a kit build you can get one of the open builds machines and customize to your liking. They are still extrusion based builds for the ease of modularity and assembly but can provide acceptable repeatability and accuracy. https://openbuildspartstore.com/
  7. Darkbomber

    Bottlenecking hell

    YouTube or streaming
  8. Srijan Verma

    Is my motherboard faulty?

    Please dont create multiple posts for the same, issue, you can ask it in the same thread you made earlier
  9. Rickie cheong

    What to do with a new laptop?

    Thats my main problem here, i have 8 gigabytes worth of ram but 4gb of it is already being consumed by background processes. I have seen videos where they say to just uninstall everything that came with it.
  10. xAcid9

    GTX 1070 or Vega 56

    Vega 56 over 1070 anyday, unless price different is huge.
  11. Jarsky

    Forwarding Asterisk

    Does it work if you use the external IP? Is it just when you try to use the ddns that it fails?
  12. _Hustler_One_

    CPU Cooler Performance Tier List

    https://proclockers.com/reviews/computer-cases/cougar-qbx-mini-itx-chassis-review?nopaging=1 My question is answered. Thanks for sharing me the post from other forum.
  13. floofer

    [Discussion] Will Facebook still exist in 2025?

    Yes, it’s too big to fail now.
  14. AYDANN6ix9ine

    Is my motherboard faulty?

    So I had a build not be able to power up after just cleaning out some fans. I tried everything but was kind of stumped. I thought it might have been the front panel connectors of my case causing the issue. I rearranged them correctly but still nothing happened. Then, I tried following an exact guide to jump a mobo without a power button but the board did not power on (ASUS PRIME B450M-A/CSM). So I came to the conclusion that the board might be faulty and can't boot or power on. It's kind of weird because the LED shines on the board so it might just be an issue with the Front_Panel connectors and the board's ability to power then boot. I'm fairly confident that my MOBO has an issue but I just wanna ask if this is the likely situation. Thanks!
  15. dizmo

    [Rumour?] Huawei P30 Pro "fakes" moon photos automatically?

    To be fair though, that's not exactly why governments and such are concerned about Huawei. It's not that. It's that every Chinese corporation has to cooperate with the government when requested; whether they're privately owned, or owned by the government.

    RGB Fans + Motherboard.

    Hello. I am looking into buying a motherboard with 6 fans (RGB). The current case I have is an InWin 101. In summary, I am looking for a good/great motherboard with good/great RGB fans. - My budget is not so limited. - Hopefully not too loud? I also do not understand how one "4 RGB fan splitter" on a motherboard can change or manage 6 fans? Thanks for the help.
  17. Jtalk4456

    Making a Desk Drawer Case - Part 1

    I'm currently working on a part 2 to this, so stay tuned. I'll tag you
  18. -rascal-

    gigabyte 1080 gaming G1 high temperature

    @Jurrunio is suggesting that you set-up a custom fan curve/profile for the fans on your GTX 1080.
  19. WhiteDragon8080

    CPU over heating

    it is currently wildly and I mean wildly moving from as low as 58C to the hottest core at 78C
  20. ReggieGRS

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    I know he did a pc building myths but would be nice a pc myths overall, i'm sure would help tons of people
  21. The89Lunder

    GPU//CPU Spikes + BSOD + Crashing durin loadin

    Seems like there is something hiding... Do you have the option to have Task manager open when the graphics card spikes to 100%? the tab "Processes" might give off a clue if there is a piece of software causing this problem. One more thing you could try, is to create a new user on your computer, and see if it happens here as well.
  22. Yeah slightly different concepts, but for sure drawer PC's such as that are very feasible, especially if it's a deep drawer such as that. Main thing is designing in the proper airflow and setting up external IO ports either on the desktop or separately for accessing the PC.
  23. Donut417

    What to do with a new laptop?

    Windows Defender is the built in Anti Virus, if you dont have a 3rd party one installed then I would not suggest shutting that down. When ever I get a new machine I reinstall Windows to kill off all the bloatware that the manufacture decided to install. Or else you can uninstall it all manually. Besides that I just use the machine. Im sure there is a site somewhere where someone will specify what services and shit can be turned off, though I tend to leave that alone. If your running out of RAM then I suggest upgrading it if possible, other wise your probably fine.
  24. Hackentosher

    Anyone used the 3018 mini CNC router from banggood

    There might be a reddit or Facebook group community surrounding it similar to the CR-10 community.
  25. Hi P

    C++ | Can't understand Polymorphism

    Oh I see, SoloLearn didn't explain any of that, it was just a brief code example, nothing related to games, thank you!
  26. Preparing for the upgrade - if only Asus support would be as good as ASRock one - i have to validate my new CPUs on single socket board... Anyways - Xeon Platinum 8268, Cinebench R20 - 10471, Cinebench R15 - 4492. When Asus will make new BIOS for C621 SAGE i will be able to post dual CPU score with this beauty. And will be able to O/C the s... out of them. ASRock - you ROCK, Asus - you s^H don't.
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