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  2. Dr. Historic Low

    DRM free question

    "Using an account in the game is not DRM. DRM is limitation to a single platform. If you can install it in 1000 different places it is not DRM. Use might be restricted to those that bought it. This is simply a way to emulate electronically a proof of purchase. If you consider that DRM then everything you buy in a physical store is DRM as you receipt is the proof of purchase. Only 2 person has that proof, you and the company that sold you the goods." <<< Does what @Franck just said clear up any confusion? Or do you need video evidence?
  3. WickedStarfish

    MX Master vs Gaming for design work?

    it does, doesn't it haha, supprised it lasted this long to be honest, luckily it uses the same plug as my G933 otherwise i would have had to search for a charging cable (as i built the G933 charger into my desk so i can charge it when not using)

    Gtx 1650 or gtx 1050ti

    Ye if I wanted to I could get a vaga 56 but I will bottle neck seeming I have a amd fx 6 core 6300 so I will just get a rx 570
  5. AmpedUpDad

    Goliath v3.1 [Updates]

    That's freaking gorgeous.
  6. VegetableStu

    A 'help me' Sub-forum or something along that line

    consider it's the first time they're encountering this ._. this is literally a teaching job. not where I meant to go with this ._. but my point being there will always be new people and there will always be newcomer questions and the need for validation to ensure they will be doing fine on their own for the subsequent few times.
  7. BruceHugo

    MX Master vs Gaming for design work?

    Haha, wow, your mouse has great comedic timing
  8. Dr. Historic Low

    Performance issues with HDR

    Going into Nvidia GeForce Experience would have been a way later troubleshooting step to look into for this issue. Glad you steered into it's direction early and got your performance back.
  9. Brink2Three

    is it okay to bend fibre like this?

    in the install world, that's called a service loop. It's primarily there to make moving equipment or recabling easier. Pretty common for ISPs to do that when running new cable.
  10. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION FOR THIS? # In real world scenarios, 99% of the world uses QD1 commands. Windows means that the games read a lot of files, and those iops are to be seen in every ssd not QD64 QD128 since 1% will work in such scenarios. Let's see the QD1 performance one of the "nicest" nvme in the market. Its 970evo In QD1 we see that it gives 12,054 iops to qd2 24,616 and qd4 48,146. The first is the most important and a little below the second. Let's look at a cheap ssd of the mx500 who plays at the ninth price of the 970 evo in QD1. As we see in QD1 the difference with the 970evo of double value is 57 units that are nothing. In QD2 it is minimal and in QD4 a little too. We care about QD1, however. Let's see the 860evo The 860evo as we see is much lower than the mx500 in the scenarios we are interested in. 3000 units difference to QD1 5500 units in QD2 and 6500 in QD4. Whenever you understand that the 860evo is much lower than a mx500 at a lower price. Samsung marketing keeps good. And finally the better nvme at this time playing at a price of 20% below the 970evo and simply escaping from anything we've seen so far in performance SX8200 Pro Look at differences with the 970evo. 6000iops in QD1 that are really huge differences. In QD2 13000 iops also huge and in QD4 22000 different units. As we see the two samsung that are considered top of most, they play much less than cheaper ssd / nvme. The mx500 touches the 970evo in the scenarios that interest most and the 8200pro just plays a balloon alone. I hope to help the above in the correct ssd / nvme market and not to make us company.
  11. Ok so lets go for color then. I have an IPS Panel right now and have no Problem gaming so I think I am ok with the response times.
  12. Slottr

    is it okay to bend fibre like this?

    Yeah that'll be fine- just try to stay away from anything tighter than a 70 or 80° angle It starts to cause some loss of signal 'cause light is weird
  13. Now that's good fellowship. Right on.
  14. jstudrawa

    is it okay to bend fibre like this?

    This. I had fibre laid across my driveway for a month before AT&T buried it under. Drove over it multiple times a day. It's not fragile.
  15. Sychic

    Yeet [Completed]

    Never had a problem, just thought it was kinda weird to compare NVlink to SLI. Completely agree with your other statements.
  16. the Corsair AZ AX1600i is the top from all the psus in the market?

    Gtx 1650 or gtx 1050ti

    Ok then
  18. BruceHugo

    MX Master vs Gaming for design work?

    That is something to google, it seems to, generally, be ill-advised, from what I've read.
  19. WickedStarfish

    MX Master vs Gaming for design work?

    I finally got the message 3 seconds ago ahhahaha
  20. TheSebamed

    Problem with old AM2+ Build

    Yes, identical memory sticks of 4. Pins were fine. he did get to test the CPU on a different motherboard and yep. the CPU is damaged. it couldn't even boot with the different am2+ mobo.
  21. Krebsmensch

    Image issues with acer monitor

    I did an oopsie and messed up some settings on the monitor. I set it back to default and now it works fine.
  22. @smart PSU people who I don't want to spam with tags Any issues running two separate systems off of one PSU? Obviously they only have a single Motherboard 24pin connector... I have seem those PSU splitters like this one by Phantex http://www.phanteks.com/PH-PWSPR.html but I'm not sure how much of an issue something like that might be.
  23. Iknorite. Actually have a 100+ comment wall post going that folks are watching/making requests on - as long as I own the title, can "find" the title for free lol, or whatnot Ill test it out and report back results. Let me know if you want tagged in the thread We are finishing up testing stock 2133mhz vs stock 3200mhz once that's complete (probably in a couple weeks) I am going to work with one of the forum members on tightening my timings on the 3200mhz and then redo the tests comparing 3200mhz stock timings (I have the good stuff...did one of those reports and apparently I have the bees knees memory for OCing and tightening - go V-Color Skywalker brand lol) vs 3200mhz tightened up.
  24. GoldenLag

    Gtx 1650 or gtx 1050ti

    You can pair it with an RX570 just fine. Id look at getting a new CPU rather shortly though. Perhaps when Ryzen 5 3600 hits the market.
  25. BleachedFur

    Is a 120mm aio sufficient to cool an rx580?

    For the RX580, I doubt it. a 140mm would definitely be better. A 120mm on a 1070 or 1080 would be fine, but AyyyMD users will begrudgingly confirm that the RX580 is a hot card to handle. If you are adamant about it, get the Cooler Master Nepton 120XL. It has a thick 120mm radiator and kept my old 1080 at below 60c at all times.
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