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  2. Even if it's a brand new PSU? (Cooler Master MWE BRONZE 450W 80Plus Bronze PSU MEPS Approved 86/88/85 , Low Noise, 3 Year warranty) I do have an old dusty 425w Enermax Tomahawk PSU, but I do not know if its safe to use because it is so dusty..
  3. bowrilla

    [Rumour?] Huawei P30 Pro "fakes" moon photos automatically?

    Which is also true for US companies. If requested they have to comply. Nothing new, nothing Chinese-specific.
  4. Hi! A little while ago, I bought a really cheap PC (for 15$) to make it "gameable" The thing is that the case that the system is in is pretty ugly, it is not convenient for me and I'm unable to find any information concerning this case, a ProFEX (The logo is P-FX), if anyone knows about this brand, please inform me :). So, I want to change my case. I noticed the Deepcool FRAME, which is pretty cheap and can fit (in theory) my whole system in it. My system is: M-Board: Intel DQ35JO (or JOE), which is a M-ATX GPU: NVidia GeForce GT 710 CPU Cooler: Intel Stock Cooler (I'm looking forward to buy a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO/LED) HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM SSD: Patriot Burst 120GB I noticed that this case has USB 3.0 ports, but my m-board doesn't handle that. Do you think that can be possible for me? RedEdain
  5. Origami Cactus

    Game "not booting"

    Euro truck 2 is under 5€ on sale, surely that is cheap enough? Also you have this unknown piece of software on your computer, that asks " allow it to change some files on my HDD", and you accepted that? wth
  6. thunderwolf7478

    what to pair with 2070 for 3440x1440

    Also my mb almost definitely will not support ryzen 3. Rog strix b350-f gaming
  7. Doubt its your GPU. If it was the GPU, your monitor would just blank out and not cause the computer to reboot. My suspicion falls on your Power supply or connectors. Re-seat all your power connectors to your motherboard. If it continues, I believe your Power supply is degraded and performing properly.
  8. Arika S

    Will this system bottleneck?

    out of curiosity, what do you think is the bottleneck in the system you listed? I'm starting to think people don't actually know what it is and have only heard about it.
  9. Nicnac

    Space X Crew Dragon Explodes

    funny, cause the water landing probably caused this failure
  10. Im not sure if it's fixed but yea thats what it was when I played
  11. AndrewB121

    what to pair with 2070 for 3440x1440

    Ah ok, that's surprising. In that case you could try to find a cheap 1600x if you are planning to get ryzen 3000.
  12. wait smal dynamic is uncompressed ?
  13. Donut417

    What to do with a new laptop?

    I have 16 gigs of ram and 30-40% is generally in use at any given time. Starting with Windows Vista MS had Windows cache frequently use items in Ram. Basically what I’m say is W10 will use available RAM to cache things. The more ram available the more it will use. When you should start getting worried is when your at 80-90% usage. If push comes to shove upgrade the RAM.
  14. Arika S

    Space X Crew Dragon Explodes

    maybe he's finally learnt his lesson and not posting anything until it's been reviewed by a few people to make sure it doesn't land him in hot water
  15. Ok, I just tried both configs of the 2x4gb, no matter what, the crashes are happening and it was at the same time (whenever I click start search in CS:GO - So i'm assuming its whenever it tries to put even a small load on my GPU, how would I go about assessing if this is a busted PCIe slot if I only have one slot?)
  16. i play mostly single player games , large dynamic range gives better quality experieance ?
  17. jonrosalia

    Game "not booting"

    get a steam account and be normal they have refund systems or get games from game stop and return them within the 2 week window if you don't like them. that's our help piracy is not acceptable.
  18. thunderwolf7478

    what to pair with 2070 for 3440x1440

    Its 40fps on low in 1440, or 90 in 720 ultrawide. With a rx 580** dont have the 2070 yet. The cpu is at about 60%.
  19. Nicnac

    Space X Crew Dragon Explodes

    Elon hasn't commented yet which he is usually quick to do after such events which doesn't seem to be a good sign. A good video by Scott Manley: Orange smoke means a bunch of Dinitrogen Tetroxide probably along with some Hydrazine... Nasty stuff. We don't even know what state the capsule is in currently. Rumours say it's in pieces but this has not been confirmed. The Draco Thrusters -one of which was probably causing this- are in a separate, armored compartment within the capsule to protect occupants. Source How far is this gonna push back the possibility of US astronauts to launch on US rockets again? Boeing has also had issues with their launch abort systems recently.
  20. Origami Cactus

    i Lost my phone but settings are off

    Try to login with the same account that you used to login to your phone. How full was the battery? Maybe your phone has already died. But i would look in the car, it is probably there, under the seat. Also have your phone on vibrate, not silent.
  21. InsaneFire10YT

    Windows 2000 Installer doesn't recognize USB mouse/keyboard

    its a 2.0 port, that lenovo doesnt have usb 3.0
  22. Do you still have the boot media you used for installation? If you do, great. If you don't, create it again. Since this happened after the failed remapping attempt, let's undo those changes. Boot off of that media again, but this time select "Try Ubuntu". Once it's booted, open a terminal. Then, run "lsblk" (without the quotes) to see a list of all of the drives and partitions accessible from the computer. /dev/sda will most likely be your internal drive (look at the size of the drives and see and see which one matches your internal drive). Of course, this is assuming that the only drives connected are the drive with the Ubuntu installation and the LiveUSB (I'm not sure how it works with a LiveDVD, but it doesn't really matter either way). If you have more than one internal or external drive (or both), then choose the one that looks like the right one. Next, type "sudo mount /dev/sd[correct drive letter][correct partition number] /mnt && cd /mnt". This will mount the partition in the /mnt folder, which will now be the temporary root of the partition (basically, it will be like / for when you are booted, which is the root of the partition, as there are no other folder to move back to, only folders to enter), and then change the working directory to /mnt, that is move you into /mnt. This is technically running two commands in one line by using "&&" to append commands to the same line. If mounting the partition fails for whatever reason (if it's not the right partition for example), it will not run the command after the one that failed (that's how appending commands works). Next, if you received no errors, list the files and folders in /mnt with "ls -a /mnt". This is to verify that it's the right partition. If you see something similar to ". .. bin boot dev etc home lib lib32 lib64 lost+found media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv swapfile sys tmp usr var", then you're good to go. Now, run "chroot /mnt". This is so that you do not have to append "/mnt" to whatever commands you used to edit whatever you edited regarding xkb. Now, reverse whatever changes you made regarding xkb. Afterwards, restart the computer without the live media and see if it does the trick. If it doesn't, then try to provide further details regarding the boot process and the system prior to those customizations. I hope this guide was not too confusing. I wish you good luck and feel free to ask for any clarification you would like!
  23. AndrewB121

    what to pair with 2070 for 3440x1440

    I would continue using that until the new ryzen cpus come out. It may bottleneck a bit but I don't think it will be too bad. Unless you really don't want to wait, in which case either try to find a deal on a 1600 to last until ryzen 3000 or go for a 2600x/2700x.
  24. Aljaz

    Games closes to desktop randomly

    Ryzen 1700x stock clocks just dropped voltage from stock (1,4) to 1,3 GPU sapphire rx 570 4gb b450m MB 16gb ram kingston fury 2666mhz psu cooler master masterwatt 450w water cooled cpu ( Cooler Master ML240 RGB 2 SSD 1 HDD
  25. LukeSavenije

    what to pair with 2070 for 3440x1440

    you could also wait a while and get a 3rd gen?
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